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The Power of Prayer

*** What to pray for?
Many well intended Christians, victims of a failed Evangelization, and faced with a collapsing a failed socio-economical system want to know  what to pray for. At the end of the year 2008 we answered that question in full.

*** Enough of Marches! Enough of Petitions! Enough Politicking! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY
No, we will not just pray "to end abortion". We will continue to pray and promote the prayers for the conversion of all those who promote abortion and child sexual abuse as well as for the Divine Illumination of the lawmakers. Only then those evils will be curtailed.

*** How to Pray More Effectively
How to defer to the Perfect Will of God in prayer - how to console Jesus and the Virgin Mary

*** Why are our prayers not answered? What can we do about it?
Establish a "connection" with God and keep the lines of communication flowing

*** What Can I, as an Individual Do, as The End of Times Unfolds
An example of how to have a great positive impact on the world!

*** Book of the Prophet Isaiah - Chapter 1
God tells His People why their prayers and offered sacrifices are not heard -or- Why after millions of Holy Masses and Rosaries the world continues to sink into a cesspool

The Will of God

*** First Book of Kings (22:1-38)
God Allows Confusion - following is a perfect example of said Divine behavior - although many others could be found in the Old and New Testaments.

*** The Will Of God - How Do We Know What It Is?
Answers this frequently asked question and provides an explanation of how God guides His Children.

*** The Will of God - How to Discern It
To be able to discern the Will of God so that we defer to It, is much simpler than it appears or simpler than we have been led to believe.

*** Understanding The Ways of God
See God at work in a real-life situation encountered by one of His Children.

Divine Justice

 *** Divine Justice in Action
An "attention getter" example.

*** Understanding the Wrath of God
An example of how far mankind has fallen - idolatry over statues of stone.

Divine Mercy

*** Divine Mercy - The Greatest Attribute of God
The more we need His Mercy the more He wants to grant it to us.

*** Understanding the Divine Designs of The Mercy of God
We must pray and offer acts of reparation to the Most High because, although all prophecies pertaining the End of Theses Times will be fulfilled, the severity of such events remain in the hands of man.  It is the Will of God that we attempt to convey to the faithful a greater insight of  Divine Logic so that it may serve as great consolation at the time when it may seem that all is lost.

*** The Mercy of God - Another Way of Understanding It
Written by Miguel de Portugal after having seen/experienced the Mercy and Love of God in action--an experience which allows him to know with certainty that All is indeed Well even as the world continues to sink in, what appears to be, as bottomless abyss.

The Meaning of Suffering

*** Why Me, Lord?
When we insist in "our way", then we better be ready to endure the consequences.

*** Redemptive Suffering - Why Do Some of God's Children Must Suffer?
Jesus gave us the answer. A discussion of the two constructive purposes of suffering. - Originally issued to the general public: Spring 1999

*** Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me - Our Journey in "Time"
An explanation of the real meaning of "take up your cross" and the real meaning of "follow me."  - Originally issued to the general public: August 1992

*** Suffering: Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption 
An explanation of the spiritual mechanism set in motion when individuals offer their suffering in reparation, as recommended by the Virgin Mary at Fatima.

About Faith

 *** The Catholic Faith and The Roman Catholic Church Administration
Reconciling our position regarding both.

*** Do Not Despair! Don't Ever Give Up! 
God does not judge man based on his level of sanctity...but on how hard that individual has truly tried to sanctify himself.

*** Do Not Despair - Never Give Up - Part II 
The struggling Faithful must understand that as spiritual progress is made - that is, as we get closer to God (the true Light) - we can more easily see the imperfections of our souls; imperfections that we did not see before.

*** Don't Lose Faith - Do Not Worry Unnecessarily! 
How the New Age "steering committee", as well as other "birds of the same feather" plant doubts to try to manipulate, knowingly OR unknowingly, peoples' perception of the coming events with the objective of undermining their faith and assuming control of their minds.

*** How the Faith Survives Intact -  Despite Errors by Church Administrations 
Let us look at some of the details of how God's awesome power is made manifest to protect the Faith.

*** Roman Catholics Want Changes Within the Church - Which Are The Changes Acceptable to God? 
Going on record as to what changes are possible in the Roman Catholic Church and which ones will not be accepted by God - even if man makes them

*** The Proper Foundations of Our Faith 
We must have Faith in God above all. Religion is only the means--the tool--for humans to reach God.

*** The War Against Faith 
How to spiritually arm yourself against the latest scientific proofs and findings that attempt to destroy your faith.


*** The Product of Fanatical Orthodoxy is Heresy 
A concrete illustration from the Spanish Inquisition of why and how fanaticism backfires, especially in matters of faith.

*** Idolatry and The Mortal Danger of Fanaticism 
Simple and concise definitions, with warnings and timely examples.

*** The Jews Did Not Crucify Jesus - The Temple Fanatics Did!
An illustration of the dangers of fanaticism, how to identify its signs and recommendations on how to counteract it. - Originally issued the ecclesiastic community: December 8, 1997

*** Fanaticism Is Not Part Of The Legacy of Jesus Christ.
A discussion of fanaticism. - Originally issued to the general public: Summer 1999

*** A Psychiatric Case Study on Religious Fanaticism
A Clinical Case Study of a "monk" requesting castration. It clearly illustrates the radical faith-related mentality and logic that must be avoided at all times, regardless of the faith we may profess. - Originally issued to the general public: Spring 2000

Sexual Abuse of Children, Abortion

*** Child Sexual Abuse by a Member of the Clergy May Be a Greater Sin Than Abortion 
Clarifying some Roman Catholic Church teachings regarding abortion versus child sexual abuse

*** Sexual Abuse of Children - Its Psychosomatic Consequences 
Child sexual abuse is a pervasive problem in the United States that affects individuals of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. The short-term and long-term effects of sexual abuse have been well documented and highlight the need for effective psychological interventions.

*** Sexual Abuse of Children - Its Psychosomatic Consequences - Part 2 
A boy who's abused sexually may be more likely to grow up to be a man who takes dangerous sexual risks.

*** What About Pregnancy Interruption? It Is Never, Ever Too Late - Even After The Fact!
A discussion of how the interruption of a pregnancy impacts us individually and our society as a whole and how, by the Mercy of God, we may start anew.  - Originally issued to the general public: August 1997

*** The Real Problem Is Not Abortion - It Is The Lack Of Proper Spiritual Formation
A discussion on why abortion is a spiritual problem and who is responsible for this problem - Originally issued to the general public: Fall 1997

*** Child Sexual Abuse vs Abortion - Which Is The Greatest Transgression
A discussion of why child sexual abuse is a greater transgression than abortion. Jesus Christ said so! - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastical audience: November 1996

*** The War Against Faith - Part II
The true objective of the sexual abuse scandal in the church is the destruction of the Faith - do not allow it to happen!


*** satan's Plan - Part 2 
satan's Coup d'Etat - or - How well he has covered all the bases: The evil assigned to homosexuality is derived from the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah [Genesis Chs. 18 and 19] - specifically the act of sodomy.

*** On Homosexuality - Understanding the Real Issues and Their Repercussions
A discussion of homosexuality in an effort to place it in its proper perspective. - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastical audience: Spring 1996

Interpreting the Scriptures

*** Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? It is Both - It Just Depends on the Circumstances - Part I
Apparent errors in the Holy Scriptures and other religious texts are not really errors…Can you identify these?

*** Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? It is Both - It Just Depends on the Circumstances - Part II
A discussion of the origins of the New Testament

*** Creation Vs. Evolution - Part I
Or Evolution vs. Creation - it is neither - it is really Man vs. Man…just like satan likes it!

*** Creation Vs. Evolution - Part 2
Creation or Evolution? - It is both!  Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? - It is both!  It is a matter of understanding the Holy Scriptures in and with the Light of the Holy Spirit of God!

*** The Selection by God of the Elect
May those who have Eyes to See this and Ears to Hear it, rejoice! For those who cannot do so, we must pray.  (Amongst the blind and deaf there are still a few of the Elect who have not "awaken from their slumber." The faster they respond, the less they will have to suffer.)

*** Gospel Background
A concise but clear history about by whom, where, when and under what conditions the Four Gospels were written

*** Jesus Speaks Plainly - Politically Incorrect but Divinely Correct
There is no doubt that His Tenderness and Mercy know no limits, but Christians need to understand that  His Teachings and Warnings should be taken very seriously - just as they were delivered.

*** The Beginning of the Worldwide Discord
We are highlighting the historical junctures where man made the wrong choices, bringing misery upon himself.

*** The Evolution of The Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible
The purpose of this document is to trace the Evolution of the Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible - the Only Authentic and Official Version of the Bible Accepted by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Petrine Ministry

*** The Kingdom of Heaven and Its Keys
What Are They and Who Holds Them?

*** The True Petrine Ministry
The "Rock" upon whom the Catholic Church was founded was clearly and unequivocally established by the Word of God as manifested in the Holy Scriptures.

Sacrament of the Eucharist

*** Eternal Sacrifice
The Holy Sacrifice of Mass allows man to access Jesus' Sacrifice at Calvary for the remission of sins.

*** Withholding of Holy Communion - A Crime Against God
We have received much correspondence regarding the legalistic approach of the Roman Church regarding the issue of withholding communion from certain individuals. In this document, miguel de Portugal publicly pronounce himself, in the Name of God, about this heart wrenching situation.

*** Transubstantiation - The Changing of the Bread and Wine Into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Is It Being Done Properly Today?
A discussion of the deviations from the current teachings of the Magisterium of the Church during the consecration of the bread and wine.  - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastic audience: October 1996

Dangers to the Faith

*** About The New Atheism
Letter to the author of the cover article November 2006 WIRED Magazine: "THE NEW ATHEISM" - No Heaven. No Hell. Just Science. - Inside - The Crusade Against Religion

*** Divination and Miraculous Healings...And, What About God?
A precaution against bypassing God in search of physical healings or spiritual enlightenment

*** How Love is Replaced by Fear
A "fractured" version of one of Jesus' parables as presented by a Catholic priest for an audience of children.

*** satan's Plan - Part 3
satan's most common snare - or - the co-dependency syndrome.  How it begins, and how to break free.

*** satan's Plan - Part 4
An effort to assist the Faithful in not falling into another of satan's common snare: Thinking that one is carrying out the Will of God when one is not.

*** The New Age Sin of Denial
Denial is not only a psychological dysfunction, it is also a sin against the very core of Christianity - Jesus Christ

*** The Sin of Denial and Its Consequences - Explained
The Roman Catholic Catechism defines denial: "Feigned ignorance and hardness of heart."  This document illustrates the grave consequences - physical and spiritual - of being in the State of Denial.

*** More Disinformation Utilized to Water Down the Key Heavenly Messages
Another snare--a part of the prelude to the False Christ--prophecies and revelations of alleged visionaries.

*** We MUST NOT Adore Man
We MUST avoid falling prey of the very human tendency of seeking a man or an idol to adore.

*** What About Harry Potter? The Real Problem Is Not Harry Potter - The Problem Is The Lack Of Proper Spiritual Formation
A discussion of who is ultimately responsible for the poor spiritual formation of the faithful. - Originally issued to the general public: Summer 2000

*** What About Harry Potter? - Part II
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have resolutely approved the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

*** What the Holy Scriptures Say About Magic - Idols and Idolatry - Witchcraft - Divination - False Christians - Disordered Eucharistic Celebrations
The purpose of this document is to bring to the attention of the Faithful the very clear admonishments given by the Holy Scriptures against behavior which many Christians engage in without giving it a second thought.

*** So Many Visionaries, So Many Prophets! - Which Are The Authentic Ones
A simple way to determine if the message is from Heaven or from Hell. - Originally issued to the general public: August 12, 1998

*** No One Can Serve Mammon and God Simultaneously - A Theological Treatise Which Exposes a Great and Popular Doctrinal Fallacy
The reason for Our Heavenly Father's disciplinary actions: Past, present and future. Actions which He allows (not cause, but allow) to discipline the world in ever increasing frequency and severity. ~Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastical audience: September 14, 1995

*** Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Holy Popes warn the faithful about "Wolves dressed as members of the Hierarchy."  - Originally issued to general public: October 18, 2000

*** Religious Asceticism - The Serious Consequences of its Abuse : A Survey
An illustration of how the supernatural benefits, obtained by means of ascetic practices, can be, and are being utilized to secure material benefits; precisely denying the original intent of such practices. - Originally issued to the general public: November 10, 1995

Deception in the World

*** Appearances ARE Deceiving
Do not fall for one of the most deadly snares of satan: "The belief that the world is coming to and end."

*** The Myth of Overpopulation
In this 1993 letter from miguel de Portugal to key members of the world press, he showed how ridiculous was to blame the Catholic Faith for the overpopulation of the world. An overpopulation which, even if it did exist, could not be blamed on the practice of the Catholic Faith.

Clarification on Supernatural Truths

*** About Men And Angels
Men and Angels: their fundamental difference before their fall and how those who do not know Jesus will be saved.

*** About Sin
What constitutes Sin, how to avoid it and how to conquer our predisposition to it.

*** Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect
Exactly what does that mean and how is that possible for a mere mortal?

*** Eyes to See and Ears to Hear - Who Are Those Who Possess Them
The purpose of this document is to clarify to our many readers what is meant by: "May those who have Eyes, See; and those who have Ears, Hear."  or similar/equivalent statements that we frequently use.

*** Eyes to See and Ears to Hear - Who Are Those Who Possess Them - Part II
To further clarify to our many readers what Our Lord Jesus Christ  meant by: "May those who have Eyes, See; and those who have Ears, Hear."

*** How It Is Really Possible that Jesus Simultaneously Is God and Man?
Enter  the wonderful world of  The Integration of Body and Soul and Its Harmonious Functioning and rejoice with such revelation as you better understand the truly scientific reality of Jesus being simultaneously God AND Man.

*** On Reconciliation, Scandal and Other Matters
Shedding light on three fundamental issues of Catholicism and other Christian denominations: how the Sacrament of Reconciliation and its benefits; recourse to the Infallible Guidance by the Holy Spirit and how we can greatly benefit from it; and the meaning of "not to give/cause scandal" within a Church as well as why scandal should be avoided.

*** Spiritual Dysfunction - Its Identification, Treatment and Cure
A discussion of how to identify, treat and cure spiritual dysfunction. - Originally issued to the general public: Spring 1999

*** Mysteries Of God That Allow Us To Better Understand Heavenly Messages - What is Time and Eternity. The Existing Confusion About the Apocalypse
A discussion and clarification of certain mysteries that will give us a better grasp of the messages from Divine sources and how to understand them correctly. - Originally issued for an ecclesiastic audience: February 8, 1995

*** Miracles : Myth or Reality? - Which Is The Truth
A review of the individual components that have a direct relation to the ancient "man vs God "syndrome; that is, when man wants to be equal to God. - Originally issued for an ecclesiastical audience: May 8, 1994

*** The Spiritual World and How It Influences Our Behavior
Reasons why reincarnation appears to be real, yet, it does not exist. - Originally issued to the general public: September 1993

*** Mary, True Mother Of God
A logical and philosophical discussion of why Mary is the Mother of God. - Originally issued for an ecclesiastic audience: November 27, 1995

*** Divorce Among Catholics May Be Possible... Only If the Sacrament of Matrimony Was Faulty
A letter to Cardinal Ratzinger discussing divorce and the rightful teaching of the Church regarding the indissolubility of the Sacrament of matrimony and its only exception. - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastical audience: August 1998

*** Most Holy Trinity - Illumination of the Secret Concept
An explanation to assist in the understanding how there is one God, yet, there are three distinct Persons. - Originally issued to the general public: June 15, 1995

*** Secrets From The Sacred Scriptures Unfold As We Understand Their Relationship With Heavenly Messages - The Key Principle is: Coherence
A discussion of the Principle of Coherence and how it will be an assistance to easily discern the errors of translations, omission and/or outright fraud in its relation to Heavenly Messages and the Holy Scriptures. - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastic audience: March 30, 1996

*** Dynamics of Social Decay and The Restoration Mechanism
A diagram explaining "how and why" the world has decayed this far, socially, morally and politically. It also illustrates the automatic triggering mechanism, established by God, which will force its correction - Originally issued for a limited ecclesiastic audience: August 15, 1999

The Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ

*** The Warning  From St. Paul
Paul did not make a mistake. By minimizing people's attention on worldly matters and exhorting them to focus their attention on Godly matters, he knew their suffering would be minimized.

*** The Return Of Our Lord Jesus Christ - But When
Saint Paul tells us very clearly, through his Epistles, how to determine its proximity and identify it. - Originally issued to the general public: February 20, 1994

*** Catechism of the Catholic Church - The Church's Ultimate Trial
The teachings of the catechism concerning the events the Church must endure before Christ's Second Coming.  - Issued to the general public: 1999

*** The Second Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ : A Formula Proposed By St. Augustine - Its Relation To Marian Apparitions
A discussion of St. Augustine's formula to help discern the proximity of the Second Coming of Jesus and the bearing the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary have on it. - Originally issued to the general public: November 5, 1992

*** The Gates of the Nether World Will Not Prevail Against the Church
An impromptu invocation of Pope John Paul II and a discussion comparing it to the position of mankind in its journey to the complete fulfillment of the Eternal Promises. - Originally issued to the general public: Holy Week 1999

Failed Evangelization

*** What Went Wrong with Christianity?  What Can We Do Now?
Heaven has already given us the answers in the person of Jesus Christ, and through the various apparitions of His Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.

*** Do and Observe... Whatsoever They Tell You, But Do Not Follow Their Example. What This Means Today
A discussion of the persistent complaints from Heaven about the Church. Understanding why God will allow (not cause) the greatest persecution that Christianity has ever experienced with the clergy leading the victim's list. What is the faithful to do? - Originally issued to the general public: February 19, 2000

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