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Suggestions on What To Pray For

To Assist God in the Redemption of Mankind


The purpose of this document is to identify for our readership many of the situations that we should be praying for, so that we may be engaged in the Redemption of Mankind to the extent God intends us to be.


As we have said often - God Who is Omnipotent and the Cause of all does not need the assistance of man for anything except when He has chosen to need it. That is - He has empowered and entrusted His children to, through our prayers and sacrifices, assist Him in the redemption of mankind (1) while at the same time minimize the suffering His Elect must endure - now and in Purgatory - before reaching Eternal Bliss.

We have found out that the majority of Christians that we have come in contact with throughout our journey barely know how to pray properly and, in most cases, have no idea of the prayer requests God is expecting them to make. This is just another result of the failed Evangelization effort shared by all Christian religious institutions - not just Roman Catholic.


The following requests may be presented to God with a variety of vehicles, i.e. prayers and/or sacrifices. (2)

Phase I

Dear Lord, invoking the communion of saints, I offer the Merits associated with....:

.... (a) this decade of the Rosary... (3); or (b) this Mass...; or (c) this viacrucis...(4); or (d) this fasting; etc. .... in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.... (5)

(a) an act of reparation for the sins of those who are agonizing at this time and refuse to turn their souls over to you; sins for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before you can freely exercise Your Mercy upon their souls and draw them to you at this very last moment.

(b) an act of reparation for the sins of those who are about to die without warning; sins for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before you can freely exercise Your Mercy upon their souls and draw them to You at the time when their souls, unexpectedly, exhale their last breath.

(c) an act of reparation for the sins committed by our sisters who are now pregnant and are considering an abortion; sins for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before you can freely exercise Your Mercy upon their souls and draw them to conversion and to abandon any consideration to abort Your child which they now carry.

(d) an act of reparation for the sins committed by the members of the clergy and hierarchy; sins for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before you can freely exercise Your Mercy upon their souls and draw them to conversion and to the fulfillment of their religious vows and the calling to shepherd your flock.

(e) an act of reparation for the sins of my brothers and sisters who are in purgatory; sins for which Your Divine Justice justly demands reparation before you can freely exercise Your Mercy upon their souls and finally draw them to Eternal Life.

The same concept may be applied for a number of beneficiaries - from a single individual to group of individuals. Known or unknown (by name and/or face) to you.

Explaining the Concept

Notice that what we are doing is: (a) Claiming being part of the same mystical body ("invoking the communion of saints"); and, once that connection is established (b) Applying "the salve", in the form of the merits of our prayers and sacrifices, to the "wound" caused by the sin of another part of the mystical body we belong to.

Although the Mercy of God is indeed unfathomable, there are some sins a human may have committed that can actually block God from applying His Mercy upon the soul. What we are doing is opening "a small spiritual window" so that the sinner is moved to make a faint motion toward God. That is all He needs; like the famous pin hole in the dike wall than turns into a torrent of water, once we, through the minimum reparation required, open that pin hole between God and a soul, the torrents of His Mercy will flow and induce the soul to seek forgiveness.

The best way we can explain this theo-logic is as follows:

Consider ".... whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but to him that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven" [Luke 12:10]

The rejection of the Spirit of God causes "a breach in the channel through which the Mercy of God flows". It should be obvious that if one rejects the only One Who can forgive, it theo-logically follows that there can be no forgiveness.

Using a physical parallel to better convey the concept: If an individual rejects physical nourishment, life will not be possible for that individual and he/she will die.

If one rejects the soul of our soul - the Spirit of God - which was breathed into man at the time of Creation (6) there will be spiritual death.

Now then - being that we are all part of the same mystical body (the communion of saints), one part of the mystical body can, on behalf of another part of the mystical body, make, as it were, a temporary repair on the above mentioned breach so that God can "sprinkle some of His Mercy" upon the other soul in the hopes that said soul takes the opportunity to make a permanent repair of the breach so that through it torrents of much needed Mercy flow to it.

Therefore, what we are doing with that kind of prayer could be explained in human terms as providing a "temporary bridge" in the broken soul-God connection so that such individual who may be, for all practical purposes spiritually dead, "jump started" back to spiritual life.

A real life example

In this example the initial "repairs" secured many Divine Graces to the beneficiary; then, a horrible and irrevocable reversal took place as the result of a blasphemous rejection of God.

miguel was involved in a situation whereby an individual had received may spectacular Graces from God through the appropriate intercessions. One day, said individual blasphemed in such a grave manner that miguel knew that a major disaster was to befall upon the individual unless fast and extensive reparation would be undertaken. miguel was set to begin reparation but the response of God was immediate, brief, clear and cutting: "This time she will personally have to make the amends - no one else can do it on her behalf."

Then and there miguel knew that the situation was far more serious than he had originally thought. He would not inform her of said Divine requirement face to face to avoid her from getting into even more serious situation by responding, without thinking, with another blasphemy. He wrote to her a letter and gave it to her. From what occurred with her life, miguel concluded that she did nothing to make reparation.

Without revealing personal details about the individual, we can illustrate to the reader what happened to her: Imagine the all too famous story about Cinderella; now, reverse it completely - completely. That is what happened. Twenty plus years later.... when she is seen in public with her mother, who already over 80 years old - of the two, she looks like the mother, not the daughter.

Note: Based on what transpired and her steadfast refusal of God, she would be a certain candidate for Eternal damnation... BUT there is hope up to the time where she exhales her last breath since God may relent should she reverse her position.

Phase II

The following requests/invocations may be presented to God through a variety of vehicles, i.e. prayers and/or sacrifices - Always made in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.... (5)

(a) The Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God upon:

i. World leaders - financial, military, religious, political and educational - so that they are moved to act in accordance to the Will of God thus minimize the suffering of the Elect (remember - ONLY God knows who are the Elect (7)), while Divine Justice is dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled.

ii. Any individual you wish to be Illuminated by God.

iii. A conversation, meeting, gathering, even, yes, the patrons of a Disco so that the communications be guided by Him

iv. The members of law enforcement agencies who are engaged in finding missing/abused children so that, guided by the Holy Spirit, they could quickly find the children and protect them (as well as the abusers) from further spiritual harm.

v. Individuals who are in error - spiritual and/or physical. [However, do not tell God what to do with them - He knows what to do; the only thing He needs from us is the prayer of intercession. He DOES NOT need instructions as to what to do.]

(b) Divine guidance every day so that one's every word, thought and deed be conducted in accordance to the Will of God. Of course, such request may be made for the benefit of others too.

(c) Special Blessings to be bestowed upon each individual one deals with - directly or indirectly - throughout the course of the day for their conversion and salvation of their souls.

(d) That spiritual and material needs of the hungry and homeless of the world be met in accordance to the Will of God, AND for the conversion of those whose actions are responsible for the misery of these hungry and homeless individuals.

(e) Reparation for the offenses made to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(f) Reparation for the offenses to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(g) For the conversion of sinners or a sinner (by name) in particular [Keep in mind each one of us is, by definition, a sinner - the only One Who could ever cast the first stone is Mary [John 8:7] - the Immaculate One]. The "sinner" that we refer to in this invocation is the one who has not achieved any level of conversion

(h) Specifically for your enemies and persecutors - the more they may want to cause you harm, the more you must pray for them.

(i) For the forgiveness of those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love God.


Without a doubt we have overlooked dome intentions, however, the above is extensive enough to illustrate the methodology, as well as key areas of need.

The above is not just for special Holy days, or for the next Pilgrimage or for when one is at the border of despair. The above should be "our daily bread" if we really want Him to "...give us our daily bread and forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us...." etc.

There is no doubt that the rain and the sun shines upon the just and the unjust alike [Matthew 5:45] - but make no mistake, those who willfully and joyfully cooperate with Him in His Plan of Redemption have "VIP benefits".

However..... if whatever we do in response to God's call is with the intent of getting something in return, the "benefits are only vip quality". If it is done for love of God and thy neighbor the "benefits are really VIP quality". However, we should not try to fool God pretending that we are doing something for love when it really is for personal gain.

Trust us - God can see through us clearer than we can see through a perfectly transparent glass plate. We know that if we ask one hundred individuals if they believe that, one hundred and twenty! will say that they do, yet, probably only five really know it and can prove it through their behavior. The old "I know what you mean" syndrome.

(1) Our cooperation in the Redemption of Mankind
(2) Suggested Prayers [ Prayers and sacrifices - not self inflicted physical damage such as the use of cilice, self flagellation and similar behavior.]
(3) The Holy Rosary
(4) Via Crucis
(5) Amen, amen I say to you: if you ask the Father any thing in my name, he will give it you. [John 16:23]
(6) The Creation of Man in the Image of God.
(7) Who are The Elect

Published in honor of Mary's Expectation of the year 2008

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2008 - 2024 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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