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The Co-Dependency Syndrome

One of satan's Most Common Snares


The purpose of this document is to continue to illustrate to the Faithful the depth and breadth of the snares satan has set up for humanity. Our prayer is that the Faithful become more vigilant and less paranoid, more prayerful and less dependent on humans, thus, more dependent on God. When the potential victim understands better how the aggressor functions, defense becomes far easier and less traumatic.


Paraphrasing what we wrote on November 13, 2006, in our Points to Ponder (1) section:

The ultimate Joy is doing the Will of God (2), that is, "taking the horse to water", so to speak. Whether "the horse" drinks or not should not affect us as long we did all that was reasonably possible to encourage "the horse" to drink the water. If we allow "the horse" chosen option to affect us, then we are sliding into co-dependency; that is, our joy depends on another being and not solely in doing the Will of God.

The only co-dependency that is healthy - ideal - should be our relationship with God.

Now, we will fully explain how satan uses co-dependency to enslave both individuals engaged in such dysfunctional relationship (3) - even beyond the grave.

Thousands of liters of ink have flowed as men have made co-dependency a favorite subject for the Self-Help set. It sells - it really sells.... books and tranquilizers!

The question is: Do the innocent Faithful really understand the spiritual dimension of co-dependency?

Unless that spiritual dimension is fully understood, satan will continue to have a field day using one of his most favorite tools to ensnare, enslave and make humans quite miserable.


How to get in

In a nutshell: Co-dependency is a symbiotic relationship wherein one party subconsciously justifies its existence - its worth - by making another party, for all practical purposes, subconsciously totally dependent on them. While that void within the self loathing individual who longs "to feel needed" is being filled, the target becomes an almost neutralized individual, every day becoming more and more dependent on the "master" - the one who supplies all its false emotional and real physical needs.

Naturally, as the "slave" becomes more and more dependent on the "master", he/she becomes less and less dependent in God for the "Master", in essence, the "master" has taken the place of God.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Who is the one who is always trying to take the place of God? satan! Now you should be able to understand what kind of spirit is driving the "master" (4) , thus the destructiveness of such relationship.

Before going any further understand that: It is a human trait to desire to be wanted and appreciated - a trait inherited from God, Who created us in His Image. It is also a human trait to express our gratitude to those who may assist us from time to time; however, when such traits are commandeered by satan and twisted to suit his purpose, the suffering can be immense.

It is amazing to see a "real man" - that is - a man who fulfills his created for purpose of: father, husband, provider and protector turned into an emotional and spiritual eunuch at the hands of a "master" spouse.

It is amazing to see a whole culture, a culture wherein it appears that men have the upper hand, when, in reality, they have become no more than walking spermatozoan farms.

It is amazing to see brilliant women reduced to bumbling idiots when, somehow, they were convinced that the Sun, not the Earth but the Sun, orbits around her male "master".

It is amazing to see the wife and children of an alcoholic be totally "enslaved" to the "master" who has made them believe that it is their fault that he turned to alcohol.

How can that possibly happen? Quite simply!

satan wounds a soul - usually in its youth. Said soul becomes very insecure and self loathing and starts developing an uncanny sensitivity to determine what pleases his/her tormentor in an effort to appease him/her. From this effort, this individual - the future "master" - develops a brilliant manipulation technique that is practiced on all others around him/her; a technique that is practically unnoticed because it is enveloped in a servitude/submission sheath.

Little by little, that budding "master" engulfs those around him/her so that by manipulating them, they become co-dependent so that the "master" feels somewhat secure - a security that was stripped away when his/her soul was wounded in its youth. Of course, satan is now at the driver's seat of the budding "master" because in this manner he can harm, or at least try to harm, all those who come in contact with the "master" who by now has become, using medieval imagery, a spiritual vampire.

It is a Law of the spiritual domain that the more dependent we become of anything in the physical world - whether another individual or money - the less dependent we become of God. The less dependent we become of God, the further away we drift from Him and the more we will suffer in Time if said soul is destined for Heaven. (5)

Once the victim, the "slave", is under total control of the "master", he/she is kept there through guilt no matter how hard he/she may fight. What is truly brutal about this is that such control can be maintained even beyond death.

Being that satan is the puppeteer in this very sad and sinister "show", the "master" may even commit suicide in "desperation"; an action which will further "enslave" the victim, now fuly submerged in guilt, a guilt fueld by the memory of the deceased "master".

You may ask: What is the purpose of further enslaving the soul which was left in the world; after all, the "master" is already gone and cannot benefit from such enslavement?

The answer is also quite simple: In the ultimate analysis, both the "master" and the "slave" are victims; victims of the puppeteer who is satan. He just drove someone to despair and to suicide and now he will continue to make the life of the one left miserable through overwhelming guilt.

How to get out

The moment one detects that such interaction is developing, stop it!

Such technique has been the favorite one of satan to try to derail and control miguel de Portugal. (6) Through the Grace of God, and the faith that only He can grant, satan's best laid plans can be blocked.

Many years ago, at two different times, miguel refused the continued assistance of the only benefactor of that particular time - with nothing to fall back on except God (7) - when the benefactor tried to use the assistance to manipulate the work God had called m de P to do.

In less extreme conditions, other benefactors have been turned away or cut off after their intentions (not known to them) became evident to m de P.

How to detect them

The "master" on the prowl can easily be detected just as one would detect an invisible but concrete man - by his footprints!

The "master" is totally blind to his/her dysfunction and the "slave" feels comfortable being totally dependent on said "master", even though, once in a while, he/she feels entrapped, yet psychologically unable to break the dysfunctional bond.

Textbook cases

The method (the "footprint" of the "master's" behavior) is always the same and the relationship can be identified by observing the reaction of the "master" if he/she thinks that he/she is about to lose control of the "slave". One must remember - that the "slave", in the dysfunctional mind of the "master", is the only reason for living; the only (psychotic) balm that will make the "master" feel that he/she is worth something.

The moment the "master" senses that the "slave" is becoming independent as a result of, for example, establishing a sound and truly liberating relationship with God, the "master" turns against the one whom he/she deems responsible for the possible liberation of the "slave". The method used is to start turning the "slave" against the individual who is deemed responsible for such liberation - that is indeed the most effective and, of course, most destructive.

We have lived it at very close range - in our ministerial life as well as in the family life. It is so sad to see these individuals, "masters" and "slaves" alike, being manipulated by satan in such a predictable manner. One who is not of God and could see what we see, could "play them like a Symphonic Orchestra" and "milk them for all they are worth" for they could see every one of their "buttons" and exactly how they will respond as each one is "pushed".

Now, imagine, satan, with an even clearer view of his victim "buttons", and being the No. 1 enemy of God, can literally destroy lives, families, marriages and careers; thanks be to God, he cannot destroy a soul destined for Heaven.


The only answer to this most widespread problem is, as it always is, first, prayer; and second, not to become part of such dysfunctional tango - for, as the saying goes: "It takes two to tango."

(1) Relevant Points to Ponder Page
(2) Discerning the Will of God
(3) About Dysfunctional Relationships
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(5) About Eternal Destination
(6) Who is miguel de Portugal?
(7) miguel depended entirely on God to move someone to help him financially when needed, without miguel asking anyone directly, only asking God.

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En Español:  El Síndrome de Codependencia - Una de las trampas más utilizadas por satanás

Published on May 27th, 2007 - Pentecost Sunday

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