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The Problem of the Proliferation of Sodomy

How well satan has covered all the bases


The purpose of this document is to continue to illustrate to the Faithful the depth and breadth of the snares satan has set up for humanity. Our prayer is that the Faithful become more vigilant and less paranoid, more prayerful and less dependent on humans, thus, more dependent on God. When the potential victim understands better how the aggressor functions, defense becomes far easier and less traumatic.


Warning: We are going to deal with a very sensitive matter which involves human sexuality. We will strive to be as delicate and sensitive as is possible while at the same time addressing the issue.

In our document about homosexuality (1) we stated: "The true problems lie in:.... 2.- The promotion of the proliferation of homosexual lifestyle." We then wrote:

"But, Why?

Without ignoring the reasons and/or traumas (2) which has caused the homosexual behavior in a human being, which is compounded by the homophonic attitude, let us look at why it is not practical to promote a homosexual lifestyle where it does not already exist."

We proceeded to explain the superficial reason without going into its depths even though it had been revealed to m de P by God already. It was not until now that He insists that we divulge such information.


The evil assigned to homosexuality is derived from the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah [Genesis Chs. 18 and 19] – specifically the act of sodomy.

God's Creation is perfect in its laws with its checks and balances and for everything that we should not do there is a very concrete reason (e.g. "Thou shalt not kill"), just as for everything that we should do (e.g. "Love thy neighbor as thyself"). Just because man is not aware of the concrete reason behind it it does not make it any less important. (Ignorance is only a very temporary bliss which prepares the individual for a very lengthy period of suffering.)

One does not need to know how the force of gravity works to be seriously wounded in a fall. In the spiritual domain, the "reaction" to whatever "action" we take is usually as if it were in slow motion. This is yet another gift from God since it allows some time to discontinue whatever harmful behavior we are engaged in before the damage becomes too serious or even irreversible.

Think of it as a fall from a 10th floor of a building; a fall which in slow motion will take, say two months. These two months will give the victim of the fall the opportunity to take corrective action before he/she hits the pavement. If the right steps are taken, the fall will be stopped, or slowed down enough that the harm is minimal.

Back to Sodom and Gomorrah. One of the key problems we cited above regarding the homosexual issue was its proliferation. Now, read that as: The problem is the proliferation of sodomy.

As God showed m de P, the act of sodomy actually triggers a spiritual mechanism which degrades the soul in a most severe manner. We will not go into the mechanics of that degradation, although its clear explanation (when viewed with Divine Light) is part of another faith (none of the monotheistic faiths). It must suffice m de P's statement that its reality to him is as concrete as the reality of the force of gravity.

Notice that we have only spoken of "sodomy" without mentioning gender, and there is where satan really snared humanity.

First, he arranged for the homophobic waves of hate which, of course, harms immensely the one who hates as well as the one who is hated. As is customary, such homophobic waves of hate are well covered with false piety and holiness which ensures that the object of the hate is driven away from God – thus, away from true help.

Next, he arranged the fight between the Faithful (who do not follow the teachings of Jesus on how to defeat evil) and those who promote abortions.

Next, he arranged a forced-to-be-a-virgin mentality amongst the younger generations. Notice that we qualified it as "forced" and not an inspired mentality.

In the meantime, he was spicing this soon to be soup-of-destruction with the forced mentality of the avoidance of any birth control methods. Notice that we qualified it as "forced" and not an inspired mentality.

The kill

For decades satan has been promoting the buttocks of a woman as "a most desirable" sexual object. From then, he proceeded to, through the proliferation of pornography, to entice men and women to engage in anal intercourse.

Then, he came with his "secrets ingredients" which would render the un-Evangelized populace of the "Christian" world at his feet:

satan has now convinced many that: "Not only sodomy between a man and a woman is good but it preserves her virginity and avoids the use of contraceptives." Thus the act has acquired an aura of: This must be the perfect answer!


In case the reader has not noticed, satan has succeeded in promoting, on an ever increasing spiral, universal sodomy.

Now satan has 100% of the population to work with – whether homosexual or heterosexual. Each and every one has become a viable target who is continually bombarded by the media with subliminal promotion of sodomy and, in the case of pornography, not so subliminal.


The spiritual degradation of the soul we spoke about knows no gender – it degrades male and female alike.

Let us pray (3)... and keep on praying (4). There IS NO other alternative anymore - the time is up! (5)

(1) Homosexuality in a Biblical Context
(2) Consequences of sexual abuse
(3) What can we do?
(4) What else can we do?
(5) It is about that time

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En Español:  El poder destructivo de la Sodomía - Sodomía y la destrucción del alma

Published on November 24, 2006

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