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These questions are of such universal and crucial importance at this time that we feel the urgent need to address them for the benefit of the Faithful at large.

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What exactly is the will of God?

How is the person who wants to live in tune with God able to know what His Will is?

What exactly is the will of God?

The will of God may be understood as His desire, wish and/or preference of how some event and/or situation should evolve for the benefit of all.

What has been confusing, up to now, is the not knowing that there are essentially two manifestations of the Will of God. We have defined these two manifestations as "Passive" and "Active" so that the concept may be understood in human terms.

Passive Will

The Passive Will of God manifests itself when God allows something, that is not His preference, to take place.

The faithful must remember that nothing takes place in the entire Universe unless God allows it. Even satan's action is subject to this condition – which is why we have repeatedly stated that satan has to serve God whether he wants it or not since God utilizes him to dispense Divine Justice. [1 Tim 1:20; Rev. 13:5-8 ]

If an individual is determined to do "this" or "that" which is not in accordance to the Active Will of God, He may allow it (Passive) so that the individual learns a lesson and returns to the right path – a path that will minimize the harm his soul is exposed to and which, ultimately, should be: Truly desiring to fulfill the Active Will of God with every breath we take.

The negative, but temporary, consequences of the Lesson allowed by God will increase in severity until finally, the individual responds in the way he should, ultimately for his benefit. This is what we frequently repeat:

"Pain is the megaphone which God uses for the deaf to hear."

In conclusion: Anything secured through the Passive Will of God will have a price.

Active Will

God has a specific plan for each individual who is born in Time. By fulfilling such plan, the life of that incarnated soul will be as happy and fulfilling as is possible —for that particular soul— while going through this world.

Each action that we take in accordance to the Active Will of God will be very constructive and draw the individual closer to what God intended him/her to be in this world. The net feeling/result will always be good because, if even whatever happened to be the Active Will of God involves suffering, the suffering will be accompanied by His indescribable and blissful consolation. (1)

Through such dynamic what is manifested is: To be a (willful) "slave" of God which affords humans total and safe freedom and essentially carefree joy. This is humanly impossible to understand but it can be experienced.

In conclusion: Anything secured through the Active Will of God will not have a price.

How is the person who wants to live in tune with God able to know what His Will is?

It is truly simple.

Firstly – Know that God can and does read our hearts; nothing is hidden from Him. Therefore, if in your heart you truly want to live in tune with God, ask Him and He will immediately set in motion all that is necessary so that your (and His!) desire becomes a reality. (A "burning desire" is not sufficient for God to act. He requires a conscious request to that effect.)

Secondly – Understand how God guides us, which also is, quite simple.

He guides us by means of Opening and Closing "Doors." The faithful must start moving in the direction inspired by God and should allow Him to "operate" the doors.

The Doors

As you journey with your heart aflame in desire to fulfill His Will, you will find some doors open; go through them! You will also find some closed doors, then, do not try to force them open because He may open them for you through His Passive Will, that is, with a price affixed to it.

A door that you went through yesterday, because it was open, may be closed today, therefore, do not try to go through it today even if it was fine with Him yesterday. The reverse could be true and your actions should be the same. Just "go with God's flow". Isn't that what Jesus taught?

Organized religion may have had, until today, its foot on your neck by having stripped you of the right to exercise the ultimate gift God gave humans – the Free Will. Do not allow it!

Guided/inspired discipline is very important and necessary, but imposed discipline with the underlying intent to manipulate a soul is not of God. Strive to love God more, and as your love for Him increases, a natural and healthy self imposed discipline will bloom from the very center of your soul which, in turn, will Glorify God. Your actions will then become regulated by Love and not by Fear.

Do you think that we are wrong in this? Think again! Do you believe in the Holy Spirit of God? Do you believe that the function of the Holy Spirit of God is to guide all of His children or to just a handful of men who will tell you what to do under the threat of the so-called excommunication? (2)

Of course, humans need assistance in the discerning of the spirits, but one thing is to be assisted and another is being told that: "What the Holy Spirit of God wants you to do is 'this' and 'that'." (3)

Brethren, if "they really knew what the Holy Spirit of God wanted" the world would not be at the edge of the abyss and Jesus would not have sent His Mother so many times since 1835. They should be ashamed of that, but instead, they transgress against God further by materially profiting from Her Holy warnings, warnings meant for them (4) who were enslaving humanity with the yoke of guilt.

If the faithful had been properly Evangelized and assisted in the discernment of spirits (as dear St. John Bosco taught his children (5)) the world would be a completely different and truly joyful place because... God is really Almighty and all is possible for Him but.... we must do things His way to open the doors of Paradise while still on Earth. (6)

Determining how close you are living with and in God

Quite simple too. You can determine your progress by how you feel when you run into a Closed Door as compared to when faced with an Opened Door. The goal should be to feel as joyful when faced with a Closed Door as one feels when faced with an Opened Door since, with either, we then sense the loving and protective presence of God.


We realize how simplistic the above may appear to the reader but, dear ones, Heavenly matters are truly simple (7) for those who have Ears to Hear but extremely complicated for the rest.

It is obvious that those who had been charged with the Evangelization (3) of the world concluded that it was better to keep the faithful in the dark than give them the Light. Perhaps they reasoned that in such manner the children of God could be manipulated better and, thus, protect them from themselves. Therefore, the most simple, joyful and freeing Messianic messages delivered by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Person were made as complex and incomprehensible as possible to keep God's children under the "protective" thumbs of the despotic version of organized religion.

Remember! The function of organized religion is to assist humanity in its journey to full union with God AND NOT to impede it as it has done for centuries. A behavior for which our Lord Jesus Christ also accused the Religious Leaders of His time.

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves. [Matthew 23:15]

To witness and fully understand how God intended His Evangelization to be carried out, read some of the original biographies of St. John Bosco. We promise you – your heart will sing with joy and your praises to God will resonate to the furthest corners of Heaven.

This is why we keep repeating: the Faith (8) is not —and has never been— the problem. The problem has always been the Administrators who seem to have patterned themselves after Mary Magdalene before her conversion.

(1) Mankind's Participation in its Own Redemption
(2) The True Petrine Ministry
(3) Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
(4) For Example
(5) The Trajectory of St. John Bosco
(6) Suffering? You Do Not Have To!
(7) The Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity
(8) The Foundations of Faith

The Will of God - How to Discern It

Part 1 - Active Will of God and Passive Will of God - The Doors

Part 2 - Discerning the Will Of God - The Key: To have a solid interactive relationship with God

Part 3 - The Will Of God - How to quantify Its Presence in Our Lives

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Published on March 11, 2004

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