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How it is really possible that Jesus simultaneously is God and Man

The integration of body and soul and its harmonious functioning is revealed


In the year 1996, in Guadalajara, México, Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church led a Conference for the Presidents of all the Episcopal Conferences of Latin America covering the current situation of the Faith and theology.

Even though it was a substantial conference, it felt short with the explanation of the hypostatic union, God-man, manifested in Jesus, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

Said theological gaps left by Cardinal Ratzinger allow the neo Theologians and pseudo Scientists to "scientifically" explain why Jesus not always was man and God. An old recycled heresy with the "chrome coating" of "scientific evidence" is easily assimilated by the under Evangelized Faithful who are seeking Light. With such "scientific proof" the Faithful, who by now possess very little Faith, will lose the little they have and fall into very grave errors.

[Besides such a lofty purpose.... it is really interesting to know how do the body and soul interact and the how they function in perfect harmony.]

With the intention of sharing these Lights with all the attendants of said Conference, as well as with Cardinal Ratzinger himself, miguel de Portugal prepared a document addressing the question at hand. The document, wholly in Spanish, was sent to each attendee via air mail on May 1997.

When we read, four years later, in the May 7, 2001, edition of Newsweek magazine: "Religion And The Brain In the new field of ‘neurotheology,’ scientists seek the biological basis of spirituality. Is God all in our heads?" it seemed appropriate that we explain to the world in general about The Integration of Body and Soul and Its Harmonious Functioning. (1)

As you will see, God IS God and man's "Science" cannot even explain itself.

Rest assured! God IS NOT the creation of man's brain. How are we going to create what we can't even begin to comprehend? That is real arrogance! ... and we know where arrogance comes from, don't we?

Therefore, dear sisters and brothers, enter the wonderful world of The Integration of Body and Soul and Its Harmonious Functioning and rejoice with such revelation as you better understand the truly scientific reality of Jesus being simultaneously God AND Man.

(1) What is a mystery to us is why it has taken five years, almost to the day, for us to translate and publish this document in English when we have done it with much less important documents. The Hand of God becomes quite evident when something so highly unusual and apparently illogical take place.

En Español:  Cómo es realmente posible que Jesucristo sea Dios y Hombre simultáneamente - Introducción

Original Revelation privately mailed to selected members of the Hierarchy on May 1997 • Published in Spanish in our Domains ( in May 2001

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