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The Assassination of President Kennedy

All is coming into Better Focus

Keeping in mind that John F. Kennedy was the first [and only] Roman Catholic man elected President of the United States of America [1960] and what has already been stated in SECTION 10 (1), consider that...

President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 1963, under yet to be clarified circumstances. His alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is in turn assassinated by another mystery man, Jack Ruby, who in turn died in jail from multiple brain tumors.

Could it be that the first and only Catholic President of the U.S. refused to be part of certain plans which may have been related to the long range plans of The Vatican's extreme right groups? (2)

Shortly after President Kennedy's assassination, Texan George H. Bush (3) begins his political ascent (elected to Congress from Texas in 1966) which eventually, yet, directly, led him to the White House.

Was George H. Bush being groomed to be part of the project which President Kennedy refused to be a part of and which cost his life and the life of his closest associate and confidante, his brother, Robert F. Kennedy?

From all appearances the only person to be benefited by the death of Kennedy was the Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. However, this does not mean that had any part in it.

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Texan, assumes the Presidency of The U.S. and is eventually elected on his own right.

Documents recently released (4) indicate that Fidel Castro communicated to the then President Johnson that he would endorse his election to the extent of tolerating inflammatory rhetoric and some hostile action.

Could it be possible that the first objectives of the assassination of President Kennedy was to place a Texan in the White House? Even Fidel Castro was willing to assist with Johnson's election. But why? SECTIONS 9 (5) and 10 (1) may hold part of the answer.

Was the Governor of Texas, George W. Bush, railroaded into the White House so that his father's collaborators may wrap up the establishment of the New World Order (6) since the original plans did not work just as expected? Remember that President Clinton blocked President George H. Bush reelection and managed to stay in office, against all odds, delaying the establishment of the New World Order by ten years to the chagrin of Mr. M. Gorbachev (7).

Was the Bush team, father and son, being used? (8)

As of the time of the reformatting of this document we have a third Bush, and a fourth Texan, angling for the Presidency of the U.S.

Does it all appear confusing to you? Review NOTE added on April 30, 2003, and all might make sense then.

NOTE Added on April 30, 2003: The reader may find confusing that, in one hand we talk about Former President Bush and his connections with Opus Dei as well as his excellent relations with Gorbachev, while, on the other hand, we speak of the control that Opus Dei has on the Vatican and on His Holiness John Paul II ....all the while the Vatican strongly opposed President Bush's invasion of Iraq.

All of that seems incoherent, does it not? The key to its coherence lies in the fact that there are several groups whose underlying agenda, motivated by a Messianic Complex, is to "Save the World". Naturally, each group will cooperate with the other to the extent it is beneficial to their plans; however, as times goes by and each individual "salvific" project progresses, current allies turn into bitter enemies.

In a letter written years ago by miguel de Portugal to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the official Vatican spokesman, he identified for, and pointed out to him the other Messianic Groups besides de Opus Dei. If the reader carefully reviews that letter, the apparently contradictory behavior that we have stated above will become very coherent and logic.

As we have stated before many times, coherence is the key to understand the events which are engulfing the world these days.

NOTE Added on December 7, 2003: A new book published about the Kennedy Years seem to contain "hard copy" information that corroborates our statement: "Could it be that the first and only Catholic President of the U.S. refused to be part of certain plans which may have been related to the long range plans of The Vatican's extreme right groups?"

NOTE Added on January 1, 2010: Since time disfigures the facts stored in our memory banks, you may see again the media reports of the Kennedy assassination as they occurred in this series of news clips courtesy of YouTube. [Video no longer available; Sept. 2021]

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