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Ecclesiastical Masonry / Introduction

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Ecclesiastical Secret Societies

Who are they? How to detect them?

No! They are not the traditional Masons


The secrecy shrouding the activities of brotherhoods and secret societies has dominated Drawing Room conversations for centuries. The mysterious has always drawn human curiosity as an irresistible magnet. Precisely because of that, many tales have been woven about secret societies. Many of the stories being composed of a mixture of truth and fiction. Others, actually, many, have been the product of one or another secret society itself as part of an effective misinformation campaign.

How can one truly identify an organization that functions as a secret society? In the same manner that you would look for an invisible, yet solid, man walking in a sandy beach. By seeking his footprints. But first, we want to clarify the concept of Ecclesiastical Masonry.

What is meant by "Ecclesiastical masonry"?

Many people interpret it as members of the clergy associated with traditionally established Masonic Lodges. That is not correct.

Ecclesiastical Masonry, as we define it, is any sect or cult like group within the Roman Catholic Church which works behind the scenes and under the cover of darkness. It may be of the extreme right or extreme left. Either group is not of God since they share a common governing method that is against the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ: To impose their views on the faithful through manipulation - even if coercion and/or force is needed.


A secret society has an agenda and the only way to detect it and follow its trail is by looking for its "footprints" as the agenda is fulfilled, one fulfilled agenda item (a "dot") at a time. Then it is a matter of a simple "dot-to-dot" image composition.

Whether the reader believes in the AntiChrist/FalseChrist and/or the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, or not, it does not matter in understanding the message that we are conveying by means of this document. Just "humor us" - but devour, not simply read, but devour the entire document and then, their invisible world will start to take its hideous form.

That you do not believe in "Conspiracies"? We must now humor you. Take a look at these essentially signed confessions (1) by key Heads of State and you will, not may, but will change your mind.

At is is said in the U.S.: "Wake up and smell the coffee...", to which we have added: "....before there is no coffee to smell!"

Now remember - humor us but... read on!


Let us ponder about the following....

Is the False Christ (2a) going to storm the Vatican by force and then hope to pass himself as the real Christ? Of course not! He must slither his way in under a safe cover.

The safest cover is that of False Piety generously doused with Diplomacy and Duplicity. (2b)

For the many Heavenly Messages to be true and coherent the ecclesiastical Masonry...

A.  Must already have tight control of the Vatican.

B.  Must appear to be amongst the most pious group within the Roman Catholic Church.

C.  Must be, in practice, independent of the rest of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.

D.  Must be very secretive about their organization.

E.  Must operate behind a multitude of apparently unconnected façades.

There appears to be only one group or organization within the Roman Catholic Church that seems to fulfill all those requirements. Upon prayerful examination of their "footprints" we must opine that The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei [hereinafter simply referred to as "Opus Dei"] (3) is such organization.

Before the readers wish to cheer us on or walk us to the scaffold, we invite each one of you to journey with us through the "field of footprints"; all of them amply documented. Then, you may draw your own conclusion.

A Warning: The journey will not be pleasant because it will shake the reader's security to the core. None of this business is pleasant; but neither are most medical interventions necessary to save lives.

A Consolation for Roman Catholics: Remember that H.H. John Paul II was not completely ignorant of any of this. Yet, for the sake of humanity, he tried to do the best he could (4a); actually, the best he was allowed to (4b).

An Extended Hand: To our brothers and sisters associated openly or through the multitude of façades Opus Dei operates, we extended our fraternal hand in the form of the letter (5a) addressed to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls (5b), the spokesman for the late John Paul II, and to the head of the local Opus Dei delegation in every country in which they are officially represented.

This Document is published in obedience to God Who, through the same words He used with Ezechiel, commanded miguel de Portugal to do so. (6)


As we journey through this field rich in footprints you will find out, among other matters, that:

(a)  Former President George Bush is the godfather of the New International Order.

(b)  There is a political connection between Opus Dei and the Promise Keepers.

(c)  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) seem to have been infiltrated by the Opus Dei affiliated members.

(d)  There are connections between said group and neo-nazi operators world wide.

(e)  His Holiness John Paul II was a victim of such group and not its willing mentor.

(f)  Their only objective is power at any price.

(g)  Mikhail Gorbachev (7a) fits within the entire framework - at least in the earlier stages (7b) of their "Save the World" activities.

(h)  The bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade may have been an act of sabotage against, and from within, the government of the United States of America.

(i)  The control the Opus Dei has over the US government is impressive.

(j)  Who Is Who in the Opus Dei on a global scale.

...and many more seemingly unrelated items which will bring you to a level of awareness that you never had nor thought possible.



It is important that you understand how this document is being presented. Please read on....

This entire work will be presented through the Index of Sections (8) composed of brief texts penned by miguel de Portugal. Excerpts of non-news publications as well as quotations from the news media: Internet news as well as traditionally printed news reports.

In the case of news publications, traditionally printed or from the Internet, honoring the Copyright Laws, you will be given the full reference of the original publication. If you wish to view it and have no access to it from your Library, please contact us and we will assist you in locating a copy of the original.


Mr. Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code (9) fame barely touched on the Opus Dei reality. Perhaps a better overview could be seen in The Godfather - Part III; a movie that miguel de Portugal viewed long after he was fully aware of the reality of the Opus Dei agenda.

Access to the


(1) Proven Conspiracies
(2a) The False Christ
(2b) Religious Asceticism - The Serious Consequences of Its Abuse
(3) What is the Opus Dei? Is it a Sect or a Cult?
(4a) In Defense of H.H. John Paul II
(4b) The Trajectory of H.H. John Paul II
(5a) Communication to Opus Dei Centers Worldwide.
(5b) Navarro-Valls according to Navarro-Valls
(6) Ezequiel 3: 17-22
(7a) Mikhail Gorbachev
(7b) The Saviors of the World are having a family squabble
(8) Sections
(9) Decoding the Da Vinci Code

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Note: Part of this document is reproduced in the article "Ecclesiastical Sects - Who are they?" as part of the Series of Footnotes to "The Real Purpose of the Castro Regime"

En Español:  Masonería Eclesiástica (Sociedades secretas dentro de la Iglesia), ¿Quiénes Son?

Originally published in this Domain on November 1999. Texas, U.S.A.

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