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The Possible Opus Dei – CIA Connection

Keeping in mind the mutual affinity of Opus Dei and Former President Bush (1), consider...

Point 1

A retired CIA Director, William E. Colby (1973-1976), appointed by Nixon, was a "rigid Catholic". His personality profile (2) fits the Opus Dei operative's pattern. He was a key CIA operative in Rome in the 1950's, an ideal place and time for Opus Dei recruiting.

Mr. Colby labored very hard to undermine the functioning of the CIA using the privileged position of being its Director. Only the agenda of an organization enemy of the United States, like the Opus Dei appears to be, would call for the manner in which he undermined the Agency.

Mr. Colby died in a canoeing accident under very suspicious circumstances after retirement and after he had abandoned the Roman Catholic Faith.

Could it be that, no longer trapped by the web of the Opus Dei, Mr. Colby had become a very serious liability for their long range plans? He certainly knew much.

Point 2

Before occupying the White House (1989-93), George Bush was: U.S.A Ambassador to the United Nations (1971-73); head of the U.S.A. liaison office in Beijing (1974-75); and, after William E. Colby, Director of the CIA (1976-77) .

The path of George Bush to the Presidency of the U.S.A was certainly unusual and meteoric. It was also a very useful path if he was part of the invisible hand which has a finger in every key country's government.

Point 3

After President Bush's unexpected electoral defeat, he has traveled:

(a) Eight times (as of April 1997) to the People's Republic of China. (3) Every time with a very logical and apparently valid reason; (A Falun Gong connection?)

(b) To Spain for conferences sponsored by the ruling Political Party and Educational Organizations (4) which have the powerful endorsement of the Opus Dei. [Mr. Bush enjoys a close relationship with the intellectual and political arms of Escriva's Opus Dei - the controlling group within The Vatican.]

(c) To Italy where he had a private audience with the Pope of which no details were released. (5)

(d) Thereafter he attended, with his good friend Mikhail Gorbachev, a conference in Milan on Strategies for Peace. (5)

Why is a former, non Catholic, American President having a private audience with H.H. John Paul II? An audience about which nothing was published.

The Vatican is essentially controlled by the Opus Dei members (5A) and H.H. John Paul II was not a free entity. He, in effect, could have been considered a prisoner of the Opus Dei web.

Is it also coincidental that Former President Bush continues to have close ties with Mikhail Gorbachev, a man who was considered a very close friend to the John Paul II's Vatican? A man who says publicly that his "...time has not come yet?" (6)

Does this "...time to come yet." had anything to do with the irregular election of Former President Bush's son for the USA 2000 Presidential Elections?

NOTE Added on April 30, 2003

The reader may find confusing that, in one hand we talk about Former President Bush and his connections with Opus Dei as well as his excellent relations with Gorbachev, while, on the other hand, we speak of the control that Opus Dei has on the Vatican and on His Holiness John Paul II ....all the while the Vatican strongly opposed President Bush's invasion of Iraq.

All of that seems incoherent, does it not? The key to its coherence lies in the fact that there are several groups whose underlying agenda, motivated by a Messianic Complex, is to "Save the World". Naturally, each group will cooperate with the other to the extent it is beneficial to their plans; however, as times goes by and each individual "salvific" project progresses, current allies turn into bitter enemies.

In a letter written years ago by miguel de Portugal to Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, the official Vatican spokesman, he identified for, and pointed out to him the other Messianic Groups besides de Opus Dei. If the reader carefully reviews that letter, the apparently contradictory behavior that we have stated above will become very coherent and logic.

As we have stated before many times, coherence is the key to understand the events which are engulfing the world these days.

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