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Ecclesiastical Masonry

Secret Societies within the Church


NOTE Added on August 8th, 2007

Following are just a few examples of the possible behind the scenes activities of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei presented to assist the disoriented Faithful in seeing the reality. If we were to publish what continues to surface in the press, we would not have time for anything else.

... [To continue reading this note, see at the end of the Index]

Introduction - Ecclesiastical Secret Societies - Who are they? How to detect them?

01 - What is the Opus Dei? [The Prelature of The Holy Cross and Opus Dei]

02 - "The Secret Army of the Pope" published by Portuguese VISÄO and French Le Nouvel Observateur - Key excerpts in English.

03 - "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" ["Varcare la soglia della speranza"] Who did really write that book which has been publicly attributed to Pope John Paul II? ...and with what objective?

04 - The connection between Opus Dei members and extreme right groups worldwide.

05 - The great doctrinal fallacy of The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei.

06 - The Promise Keepers and Opus Dei Connection.

07 - The Opus Dei and former President George Bush connection.

08 - Opus Dei labeled a Sect by a Belgian Parliamentary Commission.

09  - The Opus-CIA Connection

10 - Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Real?

11 - The Assassination of President Kennedy - Is There Yet Another Angle To It?

12 - Gorbachev, an intimate friend of The Vatican resolutely states through the French Le Nouvel Observateur and Portuguese Television that "My time has not come yet"

13 - The Bombing of the People's Republic of China Embassy in Belgrade - Is There Yet Another Angle To It?

14 - On Mind Control - Does This Play a Part on Opus Dei Plans?

15 - The Smoke of Satan - Are they part of this?

16 - Former President George Bush is the self-declared godfather of the New World Order (NWO) - Excerpts of the State of the Union Address - 1991

17 - The Soviet Union Former President Mikhail Gorbachev calls for a United Nations Central Soviet system to run the Global Economy - Excerpts from Gorbachev's address in New York during the UN Millenium Summit last September

18 - The Greening of America - What role did Mr. Gorbachev play in the recent U.S. Presidential Elections?

19 - The United States of America is betrayed by FBI Special Agent Robert Hanssen - a member of Opus Dei - Are there other angles to it?

20 - The Former Head of the Women's Section of the Opus Dei Speaks Up - It could not be any clearer.

21 - This document has been removed from our system.

22 - An Interview With the spokesman for H.H. John Paul II - Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls - A psychiatrist with a penchant for media manipulation.

23 - The Pot [The Opus Dei Vatican] Calling the Kettle [Russia] Black - It would be amusing if it were not such a serious a matter.

24 - Another Front of the Opus Dei? - If It Is - It Is Probably One of the Most Dangerous Ones

25 - The secret door of the Opus Dei to ideologically and politically penetrate the Russian Federation

26 - The control the Opus Dei has over the US government

27 - Who Is Who in the Opus Dei on a global scale

NOTE Added on August 8th, 2007

[... continuation]

This information was not the basis for Miguel de Portugal to evaluate the Opus Dei as many think Miguel does. Miguel was aware of the Opus Dei agenda even before he knew any of what we have indexed below.

Whatever examples Miguel utilizes to illustrate a revelation, any revelation, were not the source for the information revealed. They are only provided to assist the Thomas' of the world in opening their eyes and ears before it is too late for them. As with every revelation Miguel de Portugal presents through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation, his evaluation of the Opus Dei agenda is a "take it or leave it" proposition.

Miguel de Portugal does not ascribe to the principle which has maintained the Vatican standing so far - the outright violation of man's free will under the threat of eternal damnation. Anyone who insist in believing that God intended such behavior by those who were originally entrusted to bring the liberating Good News to humanity, deserve the consequences associated with it, therefore we suggest that he or she start praying in earnest.

Regarding the contents of the documents indexed: If you doubt any of the conspiracies alluded to in many of them, doubt no more - political and religious conspiracies seem to be "a way of life" for those who only "talk" God but do not obey God.

Ecclesiastical Masonry

Sects within the Roman Catholic Church


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En Español:  Masonería Eclesiástica (Sociedades Secretas dentro de la Iglesia) - Índice de Secciones

Originally published in this Domain on November 1999. Texas, U.S.A.

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