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Into Russia.... With love...?

This may be the hidden key link of the Opus Dei within Russia


As we have said - we can only claim credit for opening the hands and receiving the information which God places in them since it is even to the credit of the Holy Spirit of God that we understand the information given and what to do with it.

This particular "delivery" came in the form of an article from the Philippines boasting about Opus Dei.  Sooner or later pride and arrogance exposes the secrets - one by one, as called by the Plan of God.


In a Lifestyle article of the titled: "Purely Personal : Opus Dei recollection in Moscow(1) the "entry point" for the Opus Dei activities in Russia was identified - and its level could not have been any higher.

But first - as a memory refresher -  we wish to remind the reader of the resistance that the Vatican has encountered in its efforts to penetrate Russia with their "Evangelization" method.  A difficulty that they have also encountered with the People's Republic of China.

In Russia, the Vatican does not need to Evangelize  (2) - the Russian Orthodox Church is large and quite capable of bringing those who so desire to Christ, without having to pay fees to the Vatican nor expose Russia to the political meddling of the Vatican, and more specifically the Opus Dei, as they are so well known for. (3)

In the People's Republic of China there is a "state" Catholic Church which, as Jesus did within Imperial Rome, preach the Good News without governmental interference. The alleged problem lies in the fact that the state will not allow it to be totally connected and subservient to Rome to avoid their political meddling.

Being that these sovereign nations are not ignorant of the less-than-religious-activities of the Opus Dei,  they will not allow them a free hand in the respective countries. But, as the saying goes: "When there is a will, there is a way" and when there is possibility of gaining control of money and power, the Opus Dei will surely find "The Way".

Back to the Lifestyle article. In said article we read [underscoring by The M+G+R Foundation]:

As the personal prelature of Opus Dei prepares to celebrate its 25th year on Nov. 28, Mary Elizabeth Bilgera, cooperator in Moscow, Russia, reported that the first ladies’ recollection was held in that city in August.

Supernumerary Dr. Ma. Teresa of Spain and Gabi Santa Maria of Chile supervised the recollection. The wife of a Spanish ambassador, Dr. Teresa has been a supernumerary for 35 years.

Elizabeth is married to Roberto Bilgera, operations chief of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) in Moscow. The only Filipino participant, she became cooperator in 1993.

Therefore - two very key individuals of the Opus Dei in Moscow  are:

Mrs. Bilgera, cooperator  (4), wife of Roberto Bilgera, operations chief of the UNICEF in Moscow ; and

Dra. Ma. Teresa, a supernumerary  (4), who is the wife of the Spanish Ambassador to Russia

Rarely "birds of a feather do not fly together", therefore we can rightfully ask: How close and/or committed are the Ambassador of Spain to Russia and the Operations Chief of UNICEF in Moscow to the Opus Dei machinery and their less-than-holy activities?

Based on the well established record of the Opus Dei  (5) no one could blame the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch if they would escort those individuals out of the Russian Federation borders.

For those familiar with the protocol of the Diplomatic Corps - Imagine how easy it is for the Opus Dei masters to move information, etc. in and out of Russia via the "sacred" diplomatic pouches of Spain and the United Nations - information, etc. unseen to the custom and immigration authorities.


If the reader is interested in getting in touch with the nefarious Opus Dei reality - something we strongly recommend for the reader's own benefit, not ours - we suggest that he/she starts at the Introduction Document (6) . When the reader is finished, then he/she will understand why no man can rid the world of this cancer any more than no man can rid a cancer which has spread and invaded the key centers of a human body. This is why it will be God, allowing satan's action, Who will rid  (6) the world and the Church of such plague (8).


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Are There Sects within the Catholic Church? Of course there are! and of course the Opus Dei Vatican denies it.

Published on November 25th 2007 - Feast of Christ the King

Copyright  2007-2010 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved.

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