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The Making and Using of a "Patsy" or a "Fall Guy"


As the reader may see from the heading of the e-mail reproduced below, it was sent only to the Very Limited Circulation List of The M+G+R Foundation. However, after reviewing a Mr. Ken Welch's announcement dated March 25, 2006, claiming an impending nuclear attack in Houston, (1) we chose to release this e-mail on a worldwide scale for the specific purpose of trying to prevent the making of two new "Patsies" or "Fall Guys", President Bush and Dr. Condoleeza Rice.

As our readers know, we are not fond of the policies of the Bush Administration but, as the 9-11 events showed and, most recently, the US Port Administration scandal involving Dubai confirmed, Mr. Bush and Dr. Rice are mostly ignorant as to what is really happening in his Administration and her Department.(2)  

Subject:   Sharing a Response

Date:   Fri, 06 Jan 2006 18:05:26 +0000

From:  Webmaster - The M+G+R Foundation

To:  Very Limited Circulation
Re: Allegation: Cuba paid Oswald to kill Kennedy

XYZ wrote:
I don't know whether the story is true or false.  But the timing of its release is very interesting ... it is part of a  global pattern in which the two camps in the coming World War are being brought to increasing hate for each other.

News Article: AOL News - Cuba Paid Oswald to Kill Kennedy, New Film (3) Says

Quote from News Article:

"BERLIN (Jan. 4) - Cuba lay behind the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald and its agents provided the gunman with money and support, an award-winning German director says in a new documentary film. Wilfried Huismann spent three years researching "Rendezvous with Death," based on interviews with former Cuban secret agents, U.S.. officials and a Russian intelligence source, and on research in Mexican  security archives.

The film, shown to journalists in Berlin on Wednesday, says Oswald traveled to Mexico City by bus in September 1963, seven weeks before the Kennedy shooting, and met agents at the Cuban embassy there who paid him $6,500.

Oscar Marino, a former Cuban agent and a key source for the documentary, told Huismann that Oswald himself had volunteered for the assassination mission and Havana had exploited him.

"Oswald was a dissident. He hated his country... Oswald offered to kill Kennedy," Marino said in the film.

"He was so full of hate, he had the idea. We used him.... He was a tool."

signed by: XYZ

The M+G+R Foundation Comments:

Writing this  is very difficult for us but will do it for the sake of our "Guardian Angels" of the NSA since we want to keep reminding them that "all birds ARE NOT of the same feather" and some may carry a "deadly flu" which is not the Avian Flu...

Point blank: Castro did not pay anyone to kill Kennedy (4) and he knows it, in there lies the problem we want to address

Once again, the "brilliant strategists outsmart themselves" just like Maxwell Smart of "Get Smart" fame. This Huismann documentary film is the equivalent of the movie "Wag the Dog" wherein a spin doctor, working for the Presidential re-election campaign, must create a situation that will distract the public from the President's scandalous affairs. (5)

The Huismann documentary is designed to fan the anti Castro flames in the American's hearts so that the intervention of the Bush Administration in Cuba - in the midst of the upcoming worldwide mayhem - is accepted and rejoiced over. Without taking sides or judging political systems or leaders' honesty we pass on to judge the action: It is simply somewhere between inane, stupid and asinine - they have just tipped Castro what they are up to! Allow us to elaborate.

If Mr. Huismann would be producing a serious work, the first thing he would have done was to look into the finding of The Assassination Records Review Board - established by Clinton in 1992 and concluded in 1998 to review never seen records - now declassified - about the assassination of Kennedy.

That was another effort to decipher the "mystery" - Mystery? Please!

Review this, this,   this together with this and wake up to reality!

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.... 

Just lightly touching on some of  the concrete findings of the the Review Board we find  (official documents/interviews/etc.) confirmation that:

1. Oswald had successfully worked for the CIA and FBI before on legitimate espionage work.

2. In Oswald's "famed" trip to Mexico to allegedly secure Visas to Cuba and the Soviet Union... there is much footage from CIA hidden camera by the Soviet Embassy of a man who visited the Soviet Union Embassy frequently during those days and used Oswald's name every time.... Oops! The picture does not show Lee Harvey Oswald.... it shows another CIA operative.

3. The first man to interrogate Oswald was James Hosta, FBI agent in Dallas. Called by the Dallas police because he was very familiar with Oswald. In the interview of this man, which we saw on video, we learn that:

(a) Oswald was defiant and cocky (Remember how easily "he was found" and picked up. Only wearing a T-shirt saying "I did it" and parading himself before the Book Depository would have been an easier to find him.)

(b) Cockiness came to an abrupt end when Hosta asked Oswald about the trip to Mexico. He just wanted to know how Hosta knew about that. He just crashed. Considering all other possible  incriminating issues, knowing about the trip to Mexico would not have been such an incriminating  piece of evidence unless.... Oswald just realized that he had been set up and was going to be  used as the escape goat. Oh, yes, he may have been involved in the assassination plot but as "an  inside job" with the assurance that he'd be taken off the hook.

(c) Said interview was stopped by "superior" orders and Mr. Hosta was not allowed to talk to Oswald again nor release the results of the interview then.
(d) Of course - Oswald was indeed taken off the hook.... by Ruby - but that is another story....  [A creative group indeed: A "Patsy" taking out another "Patsy" who was soon to die of "natural" causes...]
Of course, there is far more evidence  that keeps Castro out of this. After all, there is public record that he offered Johnson assistance for his election by engaging in a "mock war of words" with him to strengthen his position as an anti-Communist in the US.

In any case, our point is not to solve a "Whodunit" - our point is to highlight to our secret services that it would have been simpler and cheaper to send Mr. Castro a formal announcement of an impending attack/invasion to Cuba than to produce Huismann's documentary. We pray to God that once they see how silly this whole Huismann thing was, they change their plans and avoid yet another entrapment.

NOTE: Would someone please tell Mr. Huismann that for next documentary he should check what the History Channel has aired already....  The above information and live interviews have been broadcast by the History Channel in English, Spanish and Portuguese..... It did not even cost us a cent - we just recorded it in an old cassette from the TV direct. So much for the research we are credited of conducting so that we have the information we do....

(1) Document evaluating Mr. Ken Welch's March 25, 2006, allegations
(2) In Defense of George Bush
(3) About Huismann's documentary
(4) Discussion about the Kennedy Assassination
(5) In the plot of this movie, Conrad Bream, the spin doctor, with the help of movie producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman), manages to convince the public, using media manipulation techniques, that America is at war with Albania. The headlines that result from this manipulation soon take precedent over the President's alleged tryst with a young girl.  Of course, the movie was released on  1/9/1998 - just in time to manipulate the public further and pressure Clinton out of office. Coincidence - of course not!  Preplanning - of course! Even poor Monica Lewinski was a "plant" without her knowing about it - just another unsuspecting "Patsy"

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