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The Real Roots of the One World Order

And Its Solid Germanic Foundation

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Gallons of ink have been spent by legitimate investigators as well as conspiracy theorists regarding the machinations of the Illuminati (1) and equivalent secretive groups - including the Opus Dei (2) cult. Just as with a plague, unless one knows and understands its origins and history: i.e. (a) type of virus/bacteria and mutants; (b) preferred habitat; (c) genetic profile and environment of the humans preferentially infected; and (d) transmission mechanism,  nothing can be done to stop the plague's development. It would be a complete waste of time and effort.

Most historical accounts are blatantly altered to suit current political or ecclesiastical trends. The cattle-like "intelligentsia" of the world cheer this on, strictly to be with the "in crowd", without even understanding what they are really cheering on.

The purpose of this document is precisely to identify (and help the reader to understand) the roots of the One World Order (3) and its mutants in the 20th and 21st centuries. After all - whether one likes it or not - everyone will be affected by this plague once it is established, albeit for a very brief time.


There was a monk - Joachim de Fiore (c.1135 - 1202) - born in the Kingdom of Sicily (now part of Italy) who seem to have been a self appointed or confused prophet. (4) Although many of  his pronouncements/works/prophecies would have normally been considered heresy by the Roman Catholic Church ("RCC" henceforth) somehow, they were not condemned. This should have been the first proverbial "red flag" warning.

In a nutshell:

Joachim de Fiore theorized the dawn of a new age, based on his interpretation of verses in the Book of Revelation, in which the Church would be unnecessary and infidels would unite with Christians. Members of the spiritual wing of the Franciscan order acclaimed him as a prophet.

According to Joachim, the Third Age would begin in the year 1260 based on the Book of Revelation (verses 11:3 and 12:6, which mention "one thousand two hundred and sixty days"). In that year, instead of the parousia (second Advent of Christ), a new Epoch of peace and concord would begin, thus making the hierarchy of the Church unnecessary.

The "Third Age" was to be the age of the Holy Spirit when mankind was to come in direct contact with God, reaching the total freedom preached by the Christian message. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love, would proceed from the Gospel of Christ, but transcend the letter of it. In this new Age the ecclesiastical organization would be replaced and the Order of the Just would rule the Church. This Order of the Just was later identified with the Franciscan order.

This concept also required a Rex Mundi - a Holy Emperor of the World - who would joyfully reign over the Jews, Christians and Muslims who accepted his rule.

Later on the concept was developed by Germanic Princes to recognize that the reign of the Rex Mundi would be limited to temporal affairs while, in the case of the Christian Faith, the Bishop of Rome would reign over the spiritual matters of the Christians of the new World Kingdom. The same arrangement would apply with the leaders of the other two monotheistic faiths.


Phase I

It can be said that the dream of a Rex Mundi was reignited when Frederick I (Barbarossa), the first of the Hohenstaufen family, was crowned Emperor on 1155. The line progressed as follows: Frederick I, Henry VI, Philip of Swabia and Frederick II. The direct line continued but soon ended  in 1268.

Frederick II was excommunicated both in 1227 and in 1239, and was declared a heretic in 1245. His "sin" was his desire to fulfill de Fiore's prophecy that a new Rex Mundi, rooted in the Germanic blood, would bring justice upon the corrupt clergy and the Roman Catholic Church Administrators - the "scandalous Babylon", he would call it. Frederick intended to restore the dignity of the Holy See so that it would exclusively tend to souls, as God had intended, while the new Rex Mundi would tend to the temporal affairs of the Empire.

Nothing new under the Sun, is there? As history has shown us it would be easier to extract a tooth from a non sedated tiger with one's bare hands than to try to take away from the Bishop of Rome his temporal powers, usurped through the lie of the Donation of Constantine (5) and enforced through emotional blackmail (using the well proven lie (6) they have perpetuated that there was no salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church).

Frederick II's daughter, Elisabeth of Hohenstaufen, married to Ferdinando III of Castile, bore the man who went on to become Alfonso X of Castile. With Alfonso, the dream of the Rex Mundi died.... temporarily.

Alfonso X lived from 1221 to 1284 and reigned in Castile, Leon and Galicia from  1252 to 1284. Cutting out the usual court intrigues, betrayals, affairs, etc. this is how Alfonso X picked up where his grandfather, Frederick II, had dropped the Rex Mundi dream.

(a) In 1217 Francis of Assisi, horrified of the fratricidal wars among the children of God regardless of the faith they professed, sought to meet with the Sultan of Cairo,  Al-Kamil, and in the Name of God end he carnage.
(b) The Sultan received Francis with honors, Francis left the peace-seeking meeting with the most generous concessions from the Sultan - up to and including delivering Jerusalem to the Christians.
(c) As to be expected - the Papal Nuncio refused to accept the Sultan's conditions for these concessions.
(d) This "Holy reality" shocked Francis in such a way that he decided to resurrect the forgotten political formula of Joachim de Fiore: One Rex Mundi so that the human suffering would be brought to an end.

It was during this time - that of the Fifth Crusade - that the first meeting of what was going to become the illuminati of the time took place at Damieta in the Nile Delta. Their objective was to implement Francis of Assisi's dream of humanity living in harmony and practicing the faith of their choice in peace.

In attendance were: Juan de Brienne, King of Jerusalem; Guillaume de Chartres, Master of the Temple; Garin de Montaigu, prior of the Knights Hopitalairs; Hermann von Salza, Master of the Teutonic Knights; Sultan Al-Kamil, nephew of the legendary Saladin; the pious Hugo de Genova; a Sufi mystic and, representing Frederick II, fray Gerard Mercanti and Wolfram von Eschenbach - the poet, crusader and author of the Parsifa. Excluded from this spectacular conclave was the Papal Nuncio.

Afterward, that meeting was held once a year on the first day of the summer solstice, inside the walls of a custom made mystical structure in Apulia, Italy: Castel del Monte (7).

Phase II

During the early part of his reign, Alfonso X gained a solid reputation across Europe for his wisdom, sobriety and fairness in his treatment and judgment of all. Without consulting him, the Master of the Teutonic Knights and other sympathizers felt that the
Hohenstaufen Alfonso had all the attributes of the man marked to be the awaited for Rex Mundi. Although Alfonso has been blamed for promoting himself as this Rex Mundi, the truth is that he had to be convinced that he indeed embodied this royal character - the fulfillment of de Fiore's prophecy.

The problem was that, once he was convinced, Alfonso essentially hocked his kingdom to bankroll the establishment of the prophesied Rex Mundi. He was well aware that he was up against the occupants of the Chair of Peter who had excommunicated Alfonso's grandfather, Frederick II, precisely for the Rex Mundi dream. (The new Rex Mundi version, proposed by Germanic Princes, recognized that the reign of the Rex Mundi would be limited to temporal affairs while, in the case of the Christian Faith, the Bishop of Rome would reign over the spiritual matters of the Christians of the new World Kingdom. The same arrangement would apply with the leaders of the other two faiths.)

That was not good enough for the Bishop of Rome. He would not settle for less than being the Supreme Ruler of all. Therefore, using the lies (8) that they had been promoting for centuries they succeeded in wearing Alfonso X out and, with that, the dream of a just Rex Mundi aided by a Holy Pope.

Phase III

As the reader may have recognized, that German inspired concept of a Rex Mundi with or without the aid of a Holy Pope has been resurfacing every so often since then. The most dramatic version of such dream was Adolph Hitler's Third Reich - down to the point of having their equivalent of the Castel del Monte as well as seeking occult knowledge and powers.

As William Shirer points out:

"The implication of the continuity of German history, culminating in Hitler's rule, was not lost on the multitude. The very expression 'the Third Reich' also served to strengthen this concept. The First Reich had been the medieval Holy Roman Empire; the Second Reich had been that which was formed by Bismarck in 1871 after Prussia's defeat of France." (William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Crest Books, 1962, p. 133)

"Hitler began planning his attack on the USSR in December 1940. The initial code name for the invasion was 'Otto'. On December 18, 1940, Hitler committed himself to attacking the Soviet Union, and gave the invasion the code name 'Barbarossa'." (ibid. pp. 1062-1063)

Let us remember that Barbarossa was the nickname given to Frederick I, the first of the Hohenstaufen family, from whom Alfonso X was a direct descendant via maternal lineage.

In a nutshell, Frederick I Barbarossa (1122 – 10 June 1190)....

...was elected King of Germany at Frankfurt on 4 March 1152 and crowned in Aachen on 9 March, crowned King of Italy in Pavia in 1155, and finally crowned Roman Emperor by Pope Adrian IV, on 18 June 1155, and two years later in 1157 the term "sacrum" (i.e. "holy") first appeared in a document in connection with his Empire. He was then also formally crowned King of Burgundy at Arles on 30 June 1178. The name Barbarossa came from the northern Italian cities he attempted to rule, and means "red beard" in Italian – a mark of both their fear and respect. (9)

At this point we should make the reader aware that Alfonso X was called the "Wise" or "Learned" because he had set up in Toledo, Spain, the greatest center in Europe for the study and research of occult knowledge and practices - not to mention alchemy. Therefore, in-between Holy Masses and amongst towering Cathedrals the practice of the occult and alchemy was alive and well under the watchful eye of its Royal Sponsor - Alfonso X.

"Cafeteria Catholicism" at its best.


As we stand in the 21st Century and look back through time - back to the time of Frederick I - and take note of: (a) the battles (10) being fought today behind the scenes  to see which version of the One World Order will triumph now; (b) the sympathy within the Opus Dei's ranks for Nazi Germany (11); and the full blooded German (an illegitimate occupant, we would add) occupant of the Chair of Peter, an ally of the Opus Dei cult, the world should take notice.

Consider that: (a) Of the seven Popes who could be legitimately considered Germans six (12) ruled between 996 and 1058 A.D. This was the period leading up to the first "Rex Mundi" - German Holy Roman Emperor - Frederick I Barbarossa (1122-1190).

As one would expect, given the obvious circumstances, the seventh German to (illegitimately) occupy the Chair of Peter is Joseph Alois Ratzinger.

Let us now stand back and look to those historical facts and see if we notice a pattern which will lead to the confirmation of what miguel de Portugal has announced for the immediate future.

(a) First we have a political leader who intended to be the supreme head of the world under a New World Order - a movement started with Frederick I (Barbarossa). This failed at the time of Frederick II.
(b) Second we have a man who would be the sole political leader of the New World Order while the Bishop of Rome would be the sole leader of the souls encompassed by said New World Order - Alfonso X. This met its end when Alfonso failed to secure his appointment and have it blessed by the Bishop of Rome.
(c) Third we have a succession of Bishops of Rome who attempted to be, through coercion and emotional blackmail (8), the ultimate leader of their version of a  New World Order. This met its end in the 18th and 19th centuries with massive anticlericalism launched by the French Revolution.
(d) Fourth we have Adolph Hitler who, utilizing occult powers/information (13), wanted to become the new Frederick I (Barbarossa). This too, met its end, since it certainly was not from God.

satan - the one who is really behind all of the above - has only one move left to fulfill his dream of a One/New World Order under the authoritarian hand/leadership of  a man totally manipulated by him - even if only for a brief time. That move, which would avoid the pitfalls that caused the prior attempts to fail would be the Manifestation of a Falsified Christ - a False Christ introduced via the Bishop of Rome. What Christian political entity/leader would not fall at his feet with total abandonment? In addition.... he will count upon full Vatican support to confound the ever-disoriented faithful while leading them into eternal damnation.

Unfortunately most are oblivious to what is truly taking place in the world arena - on the scene and behind the scenes. Even Cuba's Raul Castro was so disoriented as to deliver the Cuban people into the hands of the Opus Dei, which controls the Catholic Church in Cuba. Father, forgive him for he still  does not know what he is doing - we pray.

Brethren, this is as far as we can go in exposing what is truly taking place in the world arena - on the scene and behind the scenes. The only thing left is to allow it to play itself out. By then, it will be too late for most.... as God well knows. Sacred History will repeat itself - the majority did not sail to safety aboard Noah's Ark.


Let us continue to pray and make the information available to those who God Wills to see it. Outside of that, there is absolutely nothing else anyone can do.

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(12)  Gregory V (996-999), Clement II (1046-1047), Damasus II (1047-1048), Leo IX (1049-1054), Victor II (1055-1057) and Stephen IX (1057-1058)
(13) Hitler and the occult

Published on January 17th, 2011 - European Union

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