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The purpose of this document is to stimulate the thinking of the faithful, so that, with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God, a better awareness is achieved regarding What Time Is It? - Apocalyptically speaking.


God used a letter received to nudge miguel de Portugal to get this document out of the proverbial ink well.

Quoting from said letter:

Thank you for publishing Kirk's letter.  It confirms what I have suspected all along.  I wonder if it is possible for you to expound further on the mode of currency that will be instituted during the rebuilding process....   I know that the answer lies in complete trust in our Lord.  Still, I cannot imagine that we will be able to survive without His direct intervention at that time....

I don't want to be motivated by curiosity and I know that we must truly trust in Him for guidance at all times, yet if it is His Will to allow you to shed some light on this aspect of what is to come, I feel compelled to ask.

At the closing of April 2005, miguel came across an article in a European magazine which announced:

"Financial Institutions and Telephone Operators Offer New Services :  Soon we will not need to carry anything else but our mobile phone to draw money from our bank account and make purchases."

No, that was not a science fiction script - that was already in the advanced implemantation phase in Europe; banks are phasing out personnel as fast as possible and the ATM's are the primary means for paying for services in Portugal while in Spain and France, direct draft to ones bank account is the preferred method to pay for services and goods.


The contents of this document should not be taken as Prophecy - although we are not saying it is not. It should be taken as one would a one-on-one, very casual conversation between two old friends over a cup of coffee in any one of the thousands of Piazzas in Europe.

The stage and background of this virtual chat should also include the world events of the last few years. Events which, because of their magnitude, most humans are aware of.

It is said by some that we are at the edge of the End of These Times. However, in order to reach that state, the world was to first experience the final attempts to implement the New International Order with its New World Religion. However, if one takes a few current socio-political samples from the world may give the impression that it may be another 250 years before Illuminati (1) and associates (2), who some claim are behind the New International Order, succeed.

For example, in Spain alone the autonomic regions (state-like geographical areas composed of different cultural backgrounds) cannot even agree on how to work within a united Spanish nation - let alone how to work within the European Union;  yet, Spain approved the European Constitution while, at the same time, "Messr. European" - France - leaned toward voting "No" to the European Constitution before finally approving it. Does this make sense? Of course not!, at least not on the surface...

That is taking place while, the Peace Process of the Middle East continues to get nowhere; North Korea is always about to test a nuclear weapon and Iran has had its fill with those who wish to control their development  in the thermonuclear field.

Iraq is finally "free" - Now they are free blow up each other at will and abduct and execute innocent people without the interference of a dictator, while Afghanistan is also free to stone to death adulteress while the rest of the free world can watch it live on TV - free of charge, of course!

Pedophile priests protectors, the Bishops and Cardinals, continue to run free claiming ignorance; while the traditional Human Rights protector - the U.S. - has turned the world into the live set of the old western series "Gun Smoke"; and Africa drowns in its own blood (3) since they were "freed from the yoke" of their colonial "masters".... when they were the "slaves" to peace and harmony.

In other words, chaos reigns supreme yet it seems that the schedule to establish the New International Order (4) with its New World Religion (5) is slipping... or is it?

How in the world can this already-delayed schedule be achieved when the whole world is rapidly racing away from such united condition?


Given the fact that the Warning, Miracle and Sign announced at the time of the Garabandal (6) phenomena at San Sebastián de Garabandal, Spain, between 1961 and 1965 will not come to pass, the world is heading, without further ado, directly into the Chastisement (7), which was conditionally announced in Garabandal and Akita (8), and which we have independently confirmed several times since 1992.

We suggest that the guidelines on "What to do?" [Part 1 (9a) and Part 2 (9b)] that we published long ago be taken out from the "Hope (it doesn't happen) Chest" and followed.

The planners of the New International Order (4) with its New World Religion (5) continue busy at work trying to fix up all the holes, which seem to multily on a daily basis, in their centuries long project. So busy that they cannot see that they could not implement it even by force.


The last thing humanity needs to be concerned about today is the mode of currency that will be instituted during the rebuilding process. But if the reader needs a direct answer, it would be: The same mode of currecncy that was instituted right after the cataclysm we know as Noah's Flood.


Quoting from the initially mentioned letter:

"I know that the answer lies in complete trust in our Lord.  Still, I cannot imagine that we will be able to survive without His direct intervention at that time.... since we will be unable to buy items for our basic needs."

We respond:


May those who have Eyes, See and those who have Ears, Hear (10) and, as long as God Wills it,  we will be at the service of His children in the manner, and to the extent, He sees fit. For this, we sincerely and in true humility beg your prayerful assistance.

Let us pray.... (11)

(1) The Illuminati
(2) Illuminati associates
(3) Africa drowns in its own blood
(4) The New International Order
(5) The New World Religion
(6) Garabandal
(7) Chastisement
(8) Akita
(9) (a) Part 1  (b) Part 2
(10) Those who have Eyes, See and those who have Ears, Hear
(11) Let us pray...

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Originally Published on May 1, 2005 • Simplified on April 25th, 2014 - Feast of St. Mark • Made crystal clear on August 24th, 2019

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