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May 2020


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May 31st, 2020

Brainwashing techniques and examples, Mind control, Public Opinion, COVID-19 deception

From miguel de Portugal

 Today we placed the following post on our Board...

To those who were given to Jesus by the Father [John 6] - the Elect! - Attention!

As the world now faces the most massive and continuing brainwash exercise it has ever experienced in written history, a situation which will only increase until God brings into a halt, we encourage you to carefully review the mass brainwash techniques which we have exposed so that you do not fall into any of the phases of that painful trap.

Anatomy of a Campaign for the Intoxication of Public Opinion

Techniques used for Massive Brainwashing

Intoxication of Public Opinion Campaigns

On Mind Control - A Key Ingredient to World Control

Anatomy of an Instantaneous Brainwash Procedure

This may also help others in your family, social, religious and political circles to realize that you were not imagining things and that what we have been announcing is for real and that the COVID-19 deception is just the tip of the spear.

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May 27th, 2020

COVID-19 deception, One World Order, One Universal Religion, Apocalypse, Prayer, Rosary

From miguel de Portugal

Yesterday we placed the following post on our Board...

Now that the COVID-19 deception has been launched and the world is living situations they would not have ever believed possible, we strongly recommend to the Elect to carefully review again This Document, and all its attachments, transcripts, etc

It was published on January 26, 2019, when many people still thought that we were exaggerating the reality we were heading to.  Remember - we are not on commission nor selling "End of the World Supplies". We, on behalf of God, only want to minimize the suffering of the Elect before "civilization" hits the bottom of the abyss.

This may help others in your orbit to realize that you were not imagining things and that what we have been announcing is for real. If they "snap out of it" it will save them much, much pain - here and in a lengthy purgatorial stay.

Denialists will say: "No, God would not allow that upon us!" To which you may counter with: "Take a look at the chronology of the Apparitions of Fatima from February 1917 to September 1st, 1939, and think again!"

Then you can sit back and pray some more while holding your Rosary with well washed hands.

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May 20th, 2020

Pope Innocent IV, Papal bull ad extirpanda, Torture by the Inquisition as a tool for interrogation, Failed evangelization

From miguel de Portugal

  The following was brought to our attention last May 15th:

Pope Innocent IV papal bull ad exstirpanda

Ad extirpanda (named for its Latin incipit) was a papal bull promulgated on Wednesday, May 15, 1252
(*) by Pope Innocent IV which authorized in limited and defined circumstances the use of torture by the Inquisition a as a tool for interrogation.


The bull argued that as heretics are "murderers of souls as well as robbers of God’s sacraments and of the Christian faith ...", they are "to be coerced—as are thieves and bandits—into confessing their errors and accusing others, although one must stop short of danger to life or limb."  The following parameters were placed on the use of torture:

+  that it did not cause loss of life or limb
+  that it was used only once
+  that the Inquisitor deemed the evidence against the accused to be virtually certain.

The bull conceded to the State a portion of the property to be confiscated from convicted heretics. The State in return assumed the burden of carrying out the penalty. The relevant portion of the bull read: "When those adjudged guilty of heresy have been given up to the civil power by the bishop or his representative, or the Inquisition, the podestà or chief magistrate of the city shall take them at once, and shall, within five days at the most, execute the laws made against them." (1)
(*) Almost 200 years after the separation of the churches of the East (Orthodox) and West (Rome)

The above is a faith building reminder that the Evangelization failed because of man and not because of the teachings of Christianity.

Behavior such as that of Innocent (???) IV - which is a very small sample (3) of what has been done in the Holy Name of God - is the cornerstone of the failure.

How do you think Jesus and Mary feel about such institutional blasphemies?

Christianity cannot fail as its first 300+ years of expansion and John Bosco confirmed for 40 years. What failed was adulterated Christianity, just like adulterated Judaism failed.

Unfortunately, the Second Vatican Council is blamed for everything. It has become the scapegoat for 1600 years of institutional abuses.

Thanks be to God that, through a few selected souls, the pristine Catholic Faith reached us now - at the most critical time of human history. May God Be Praised!
(1) Source
(2) Full Text
(3) Many Others

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May 16th 2020

U.S. Senate Comittee, Homeland Security, COVID-19, Dr. Kory, Healing protocol with no vaccine, Effective treatment not responded by White House, Pushed back by NIH and CDC

From Mr. PACP @ US

I want to share the following link of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

This link contains several testimonies of highly qualified MDs that participated in Senate hearings dealing how policy should be driven for COVID-19 based on actual data. Almost all testimonies agree on the unsustaintability of prolonged one-size-fits-all quarantines, and one of them, Dr. Kory's testimony, highlights how grossly mistaken is the approach of the WHO, NIH and CDC to the pandemic (e.g. focusing on vaccines and antivirals).

Dr. Kory outlines a logical treatment based on data analysis by a highly sophisticated AI software used by highly skilled personnel, which has shown very high effectiveness provided good means and timely application. He also remarks that he has tried to share the protocol widely, having tried to made it known to the White House on three times without success. Here is his verbatim observation:

"Finally, we want it to be known that ith [sic] the support of several physician colleagues and members of the media, we have tried to share our protocol widely. In fact, we know that it reached the White House for review on at least two, and soon to be three, occasions — the first a month ago via a member of Jared Kushner’s COVID response team. We understand that it generated considerable interest until supposedly the N.I.H. and C.D.C. pushed back against it, instead seemingly favoring antiviral and vaccine therapy. Later, Dr. Paul Marik was interviewed by former Speaker Newt Gingrich on his weekly podcast, Mr. Gingrich asked me and Dr. Marik to write a document outlining the rationale behind the therapy so that he could bring it to the White House for review. Still no response. Now this week, the editor of the American Spectator, Emmett Tyrrell, after publishing an article about our group and our protocol, asked us to write a letter to President Trump. We hope it gets to him."

I hope this piece of information is useful. May God have mercy on His Elect!


Thank you very much for sharing this most valuable piece of information.

What you share is a professional and perfect example that those behind the COVID-19 plan for global control - Bill Gates (to hell), Fauci and others - have no interest in curing it - just use it as a means to manipulate and control the world population.
Incidentally, when it is said that the White House has the information it does not mean that Pres. Trump has any idea about it.  Knowing the size of his ego, if he knew of a sure cure for COVID-19 he would be the first to promote it with a Make America Healthy Again (MAHA) slogan printed on T-shirts and baseball caps.

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May 11th, 2020

Don Bosco, Plague of Cholera 1854, Turin, Don Bosco's preventive measures, Immunity by entrusting to God

From miguel de Portugal

A reminder that, with God all is possible and that all we have to fear is men pretending to be gods.

Extracted and adapted from an authoritative biography of Don Bosco (1)

[Note: Turin, Italy, was the city where Don Bosco had established the Oratory where he cared for children and young boys]

Year 1854. Don Bosco had predicted it. Since May, he had told the boys clearly that cholera would appear in Turin and that it would wreak havoc. He prepared them by saying:

- "Be calm, if you do everything I tell you, you will be free from this scourge. The first thing is to live in God's grace; furthermore, to wear around one's neck a medal of Mary Most Holy, which I will bless and give to each one, and to pray every day an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be with the Prayer of St. Louis and the aspiration: 'Deliver us from all evil, Lord'."

And when, indeed, on August 5 the plague finally reached Turin, Don Bosco encouraged them again:

He recommended to all sobriety, temperance, tranquility of spirit and courage, together with much trust in Mary Most Holy and a good confession and communion; assuring them that, if they remained free from sin, no one would be hurt by the scourge; but that otherwise, he did not dare to guarantee anyone's immunity.

In Turin, those attacked daily numbered from fifty to sixty. The worst hit was Valdocco, as the poorest and most unhygienic part of the city. Near the Oratorio there were several families not only decimated but even annihilated.

There were very few people who, even when well paid, were willing to serve the sicks of cholera who lacked private attention. So Don Bosco gathered his boys and expressed his wish that some of them would accompany him in that work of mercy. Up to fifty little boys volunteered as nurses and shared with Don Bosco, Mama Margherita and Don Alasonatti the difficult assistance to the sicks. After giving them some guidelines so that their services would be beneficial to the body and soul of the sicks, he encouraged them to undertake this pious enterprise:

- "Stay in God's grace, pray to Our Lady and I assure you that no student of the Oratory will be attacked by evil."

When it became known that the young people of the Oratory had devoted themselves to this noble work, the requests to be assisted by them multiplied in such a way that it was not possible for them to keep any schedule. Day and night, just like Don Bosco, they were on the move. Sometimes they had to eat in the houses of the sick. No one was left to die without the Sacraments. Many of them were brought up triumphant from the plague. They looked like nurses by profession.

When the fury of contagion ceased, the whole Oratory thanked the Lord for having been lovingly preserved from cholera. The promise that Don Bosco had made to the children with such confidence had been fulfilled and in such a way that surprised even the sceptics. The epidemic had surrounded the Oratory, had reached its door; but it seems that an invisible hand had ordered it to respect the lives of all its inhabitants; and there were about a hundred of them.

Protection of the city of Turin  (1)

The city of Turin, because of the good pious response of its citizens, was also protected, although only partially.

The authorities asked for the help of the clergy. The parish priests obeyed, as did the religious Camillians, Capuchins, Dominicans and Oblates of Mary who offered to assist those attacked by cholera. The municipality itself gave a splendid example of piety by ordering the celebration of a special religious function [Mass] on August 3, attended by [the town council] representing the city, along with an immense crowd of the faithful.

The Blessed Virgin did not fail to heed these pleas: the terrible illness, against all expectations, took less toll on Turin than on many other cities and towns in Europe, in Italy and even in the rest of Piedmont. Nevertheless, the number of people attacked daily [in Turin] was between fifty and sixty.

Don Bosco's preventive measures  (2)

Don Bosco's preventive actions were not limited to prayer, but he applied the maxim "do what you can humanly do, pray to God and He will take care of the rest".

Don Bosco did not neglect any means to prevent the plague from invading the Oratory. He made sure that the interior and exterior of the house were cleaned with the greatest care; he increased the number of bedrooms, so as to avoid crowding the beds; he improved the food; in a word, without regard to expense, he did everything humanly possible to preserve themselves from illness.

(1) "Vida de San Juan Bosco", by Juan B. Lemoyne and Rodolfo Fierro Torres (both Salesians), 1957, Sociedad Editora Ibérica, with "Nihil obstat" and "Imprimatur" of 1957
(2) "Vida del venerable P. Juan Bosco", by "a Salesian Priest", 1908, Sevilla, Escuelas Profesionales de Artes y Oficios

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May 8th, 2020

Cryptocurrency || World population in fear || One reason for the mentality of the Illuminati, Gates, Fauci, Rockefeller Foundation, Saving the world without God, Moses violating one of the Ten Commandments

From Mrs. LM @ US

Praise be God! The news about President Trump dumping the Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model is Wonderful news!!!!!!

On another, yet related, issue...

I received a new updated credit card agreement.  They have a change in the types of transactions.  It says:

"The section titled Types of Transactions has been revised to clarify that CRYPTOCURRENCY is considered Cash Equivalent treated as a Cash Advance etc......"

I stopped on my tracks and had to read it again. Well, I have no words....


Thank for sharing that valuable information which fully confirms that we are on the fast track version of their schedule, while God continues to keep His children informed.

Hours before we became aware of those wonderful news, someone sent to us the following prophetic cartoon-like image....

Of course, it will not be "murder hornets", but it will something that will keep the world population in fear!

From miguel de Portugal

If we want to begin to understand the mentality of the Illuminati-like individuals like Gates, Fauci, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc., etc. let us take a look at just one example of the many reasons they have to not believe in God and try to save the world their own way.

What can we expect when the religious leaders got the idea to murder anyone who did not believe as they did in spite of violating one of the Ten Commandments from Moses himself - the bearer of the Tablets with the Ten Commandments!

When Moses came down from  Mt. Sinai with the Tablets of the Law and found Aaron leading the Chosen People in the adoration of a golden calf, he called out:
26 .... If any man be on the Lord's side let him join with me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him: 27 And he said to them: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Put every man his sword upon his thigh: go, and return from gate to gate through the midst of the camp, and let every man kill his brother, and friend, and neighbour. 28 And the sons of Levi did according to the words of Moses, and there were slain that day about three and twenty thousand men. 29 And Moses said: You have consecrated your hands this day to the Lord, every man in his son and in his brother, that a blessing may be given to you. [Exodus 32:26-29]

What makes this situation so blasphemous is that God had just given Moses the Tablets with the Commandments written by His Own Finger, and, one of those Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." [Exodus 20:13 and Deut. 5:17]

A prohibition that God clearly had established before the Commandments were given to Moses, i.e., when He warned the world about the consequences that would result from killing Cain [Genesis 4:15] and fully demonstrated it by taking care of Egyptians Himself [Exodus Chs.  6 - 14] and not empowering the Hebrews to do it.

[We refer the reader to our documents on Biblical Literalism - Part I and Part II in order to better understand the above.]

With that kind of example perpetuated for millennia, coupled with a logically failed Evangelization effort by the promoters of the murderous Crusades, these people, wrong as they may be, feel the need to save the world.

Of course they are wrong about trying to save the world without God's participation, but right in the evaluation of the results of the activities by "men of God" - Jews and Christians alike, without leaving out Muslims!

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May 6th, 2020

Kentucky governor arresting Christians || The Holy Spirit of God, Human intelligence depends on Him

From Mrs. IW @ US
[excerpts of e-mail]

Upon reading your posting of my letter I realized that I had made a mistake in the intensity of writing my convictions. It was
Kentucky' governor, Andy Beshear, who went ballistic arresting Christians at Easter and not Tennessee's governor. Mea culpa!
It causes such a furor and fears when the states leadership talk of opening up some that I keep reminding people, who have succumb to the fear propaganda, that they, using their own conscience instead of the state's conscience, can still “shelter in place” (the soft and fuzzy term coined by our officials) if they so desire.

I also tell them that God is our ultimate caretaker and if they really trust in Him, He is actively caring for them.

Fear makes people so vulnerable.  Most are afraid of dying rather than being deprived of their “God given rights” to live.

Respectfully and with all God's Blessings,


Thank you for your follow letter up correcting the error and sharing your advice to those in fear.

As we always say: 'Let the one who has not committed an error cast the first stone' as we paraphrase John 8:7

From miguel de Portugal

In the last post I stated: As it can be seen again, humans, without having the Holy Spirit of God - thus Truth - in them, are indeed the most stupid (no insult, using the word as the most appropriate adjective) of the creatures of God.

Some visitors to our pages, who may not be familiar with me, may say: "Who is that miguel who feels qualified to pronounce such sweeping insult upon those who do not have the Holy Spirit of God in them?"

Our answer would then be:

"That miguel is the same stupid man who was granted a full scholarship - plus living expenses - for an unlimited time, to conduct research for the then Atomic Energy Commission at the University of California at Berkeley. He worked and studied within the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department - a Department which by the end of the year 2019 already counted with ten Nobel Prize winners amongst its alumni. miguel did not even know then what the Holy Spirit of God was - much less having It within him!"

As the saying goes: "It takes a former one to know one!"

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May 4th, 2020

Lock down, Governors in USA imposing very hard restrictions, Christians marked as in Nazi Germany || Second wave of COVID-19 || Understanding the ways of God will help reduce your suffering

From Mrs. IW @ US

Thank you so much for “your" information. As always it is much appreciated because it keeps our mind and our feet grounded in the real reality, while letting us know that people are really concerned and investigating this lock down.

The lock down of numerous states, including ours, is supposed to be partially lifted on May 4th. The serious restrictions and infringement of our rights is flagrantly being abused by some governors.

California has flattened their curve long enough to be open. They were originally predicted to be like New York's very high infection rate and death rate but that never materialized. The governor is becoming power crazy. He originally instructed his constituents to snitch on neighbors that disobeyed the lock down. Now with UV sunlight and warmer temperatures as a natural cure, he’s closing beaches even those complying with social distancing.

Kentucky' governor, Andy Beshear, went ballistic arresting Christians at Easter who had tried to have a drive-in service outdoors with a large screen of the service. He even went as far as making anyone who had attended this type of service wear a patch with a cloth cross in yellow on their clothing to warn others to avoid them.  Sounds so Nazi Germany.

Michigan governor was not allowing people who had a lake home as a 2nd home to drive there nor were they allowed to use their boats on the lake to fish. She was regulating that large box stores - like Walmart - could only sell certain items. Paint departments, plant departments and such, were relegated as not necessary.  All these lock downs are supplemented so that we may go grocery shopping and pharmacy for prescriptions.

New Jersey's governor was arresting people who were outside walking or exercising. He also made a fool of himself calling out a private family funeral gathering with slurs about the Jewish people not conforming.

All these governors and families are above the law when complying with the their own social restrictions.

Fear and hate are going to kill people much more than the virus.
Praying for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven is our comfort and knowing that we cannot bring our solution to this by any other means than offering all to God. It is our trusted battle weapon in these times.

Thank you always for Jesus’ personal words to us.


And Thank you! for such a comprehensive, yet concise, report for all to world to see what is also happening in the U.S. - The former "Land of the free and the brave".

If more Christians would realize, and act upon, the reality that: "Praying for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven is our comfort and knowing that we cannot bring our solution to this by any other means than offering all to God. It is our trusted battle weapon in these times." the effect of this nightmare upon the Elect would be greatly minimized

In closing, let us not forget the platinum lining on these otherwise ominous dark clouds as we identified recently and thank God for it.

From miguel de Portugal

In case "their" Plan A do not achieve their objectives, they keep rolling Plan "B" options. Yesterday we providentially (since we now avoid the news) came across  the following:

Prepare for the second wave of COVID-19

Many fear what the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson talked about a second wave upon returning to work on Monday. If the UK eases restrictions too quickly it would be "to throw away all the effort and sacrifice". And he is right to be concerned. Throughout history, epidemics have battered us in waves.

Most scientists in Europe think there will be a second wave of the novel coronavirus, most likely again in the latter half of this year. There is some evidence that the warmer summer could help dampen the spread of the virus, not least of all because people will spend more time outdoors. But if it does spike again later this year, combined with the seasonal winter flu, it could prove to be a very dangerous cocktail.

So you see, now that virus which (sarcasm on) seems to have come from Krypton, Superman's planet of birth, and that can produce any imaginable symptoms, that can lie dormant until the next ice age, can be killed and be resurrected, and on, and on, and on... (sarcasm off)
can now also be combined with other viruses to produce "a very dangerous cocktail".

As it can be seen again, humans, without having the Holy Spirit of God - thus Truth - in them, are indeed the most stupid (no insult, using the word as the most appropriate adjective) of the creatures of God.
(1) Euronews Reports

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May 1st 2020

Green Apocalypse instead of a Nucler Apocalypse, Global chaos caused by COVID-19

From miguel de Portugal

Obviously the news are bad wherever one turns to, but there is a platinum - not silver, but platinum - lining on those ominous dark clouds that now engulf humanity.

Remember our frequent encouragement to offer prayers and sacrifices so that the suffering in the world be minimized while Divine Justice was dispensed and Prophecy fulfilled?

Remember our pleading to God for a more Green Apocalypse instead of a Nuclear Apocalypse? If you do not remember it, just Click Here and you will see the times that issue comes up in our pages!

Well, instead of using a massive nuclear attack, God has allowed the COVID-19 deception to bring upon the world the global financial, social and religious chaos that was needed to push the Globalization effort forward, an effort which then will lead to the identification of the False Christ and finally to His Glorious return at the End of These Times.

So obviously our Good Lord heard all of us who sought that Grace through prayers and sacrifice.

Granted, we may have a "spot" of nuclear intervention to fulfill prophecy. For example:

After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. 2 With a mighty voice he shouted:

“‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! ’She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.

For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”
[Rev 18:1-3]


“When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry:

“‘Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!’ “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore... [Rev 18:9-11]

Of course, the city of New York fits the description like no other, although London historically occupies quite well the second place.

Now, if in God's Mercy He has replaced New York's prophetic fate with the September 11, 2001, events and He will settle for a minor nuclear conflagration somewhere else in the world, then we can truly rejoice!

So you see.... prayer and sacrifice work... so let's keep at it so the Apocalypse gets even "greener" while the suffering of the Elect continues to be reduced.

May God Be Praised Eternally!

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