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For many years miguel de Portugal, in the Name of God, has been quietly communicating with World Leaders regarding what is really taking place in the world; a world, said leaders thought was under their control.

The purpose of God was simple and straight forward: Delay as much as possible the most severe part of the tribulations.
Although the overall timetable of the events have been set from all Eternity, the timing of the signpost events on the road to the End of These Times, as well as their severity, remains flexible. A flexibility granted by the Mercy of God in response to man's cooperation with His designs.

Whether the reader believes on the positive effect these communications had on those who received it, or not, is outside the scope of our responsibilities. As our Lord said many times: "Let those who have ears, hear." The Light must come from God.


The linked to letter, the first of a series which reached over one hundred in number throughout the Administration of William Jefferson Clinton, is exactly as it was sent in June 1993 - just a few months after the Clinton Administration commenced and before miguel de Portugal knew the plans God had for him.

God came to call sinners and not the righteous; and a sinner, who has the humility of acknowledging his sins and who responds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God, has the ear of God.

Perhaps now the mysterious and impenetrable shield of William Jefferson Clinton, that shield that confirmed for him the title of "The Come Back Kid", will begin to be understood. God chose to use him to delay as much as possible the most severe part of the tribulations. President Clinton complied and God delayed it by ten years (1). That was the true legacy of the Clinton Administration and not the Lewinski scandal.


The reader should keep in mind that the letter was written and sent twenty-three years ago and many things announced then have already become a reality, while others are in the process of doing so on a global scale.

The footnotes were added later on to assist the general public in understanding some of the issues covered in it.

The Attachments which accompanied the original letter sent to Former President carter are not included, however, references are made to equivalent documents already appearing in the Domain of The M+G+R Foundation.

You may now access The Letter...

(1) The Ten Year Delay

Released to the general public for the first time on February 2001

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