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The Vatican vs Russia

A Brief, But Realistic, Review of the Situation


The bickering continues between the powers behind the Papal Throne and Russia. Of course, this is not more than a stage on the manifestation of Divine Justice for the disobedience of the Vatican authorities [1] since, should the instructions of Heaven associated with the events of Fátima had been followed, Russia would have been converted a long time ago, World War II would have been averted and the Soviet Union would not have spread its errors. [2]

Nonetheless, let us take a peek behind the scenes so that the faithful, as well as the administrators of the Opus Dei, understand what is really taking place.


We read in Catholic World News Service (CWNS) [December 13, 2002] that...

Russian government officials have referred to the Roman Catholic Church as a threat to national security, according to a report uncovered by the Keston News Service.

We further read that...

The draft explains that the Catholic Church poses a threat because Catholic evangelists are gaining "individual priests and representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church as converts to Catholicism."

We also read in CWNS [December 13, 2002] that...

Civilta Cattolica-- a magazine that is regarded as an accurate indicator of Vatican opinions, since articles are cleared in advance by the Secretariat of State-- charges that Russia political leaders are cooperating with the Russian Orthodox hierarchy in an effort to "decapitate" Catholic communities. The magazine refers to a "campaign of persecution" against the Catholic Church in Russia.

And furthermore...

Pointing out that a recent census shows only 16 percent of the Russian people as Orthodox believers, while 60 percent are atheists or agnostics, the Jesuit magazine ask the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church to reflect on their claims that Catholics are engaged in "proselytism" among the Orthodox faithful. Catholic evangelists, Civilta Cattolica points out, are making their inroads among Russians who are not affiliated with any church-- especially among young people and intellectuals, who feel no affinity for the Orthodox faith.

However, CWNS [December 6, 2002] reported earlier that....

Most of Russia's people believe in God or at least a supreme being, according to a nationwide poll. But only a minority reported an active prayer life.

Approximately 60 percent of the Russian people believe in God, according to the results of an opinion poll just published by the Romir Research Center. Another 21 percent of the Russians who answered the survey said that they believed in a "supreme force, spirit, intelligence" while just 16 percent said that they had no such belief.

Let us stop and ponder: One report claims that 60 % of the Russians are atheist while another claims that 60 % of the Russians believe in God.

Brothers and sisters, it all depends on the agenda of those in charge and has nothing to do with reality, a reality we pray that you are fully aware of.

But before jumping to any sweeping and possibly erroneous conclusion let us review a survey published by the Spanish daily El Pais on December 8, 2002, (p. 6).

In this survey, which only pertains to Spain - the birth place of Josemaría Escrivá, founder of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei and a country in which Opus Dei operatives have heavily infiltrated the highest levels of the Political and Intellectual sectors - we learn that...

46 % of self confessed Catholics almost never attend Mass

18 % attend Mass "almost" all Sundays

4.6 % claim to be atheists

1.6 % are members of other religions

According to "The Church in Spain 1950 - 2000" we see that...

In 1960 95% of Spaniards were Practicing Catholics

In 1993 only 52% were Practicing Catholics

A drop of 45.3 %!


Why would Russia allow an Opus Dei controlled Church to make inroads and proselytize the young and the intellectuals in their already Christian rooted society?

First - From a purely political perspective

Why allow in those who cannot even Evangelize Spain where its roots are firmly planted. It is perfectly logical for the Russian authorities not to trust their true motives.

Second - From a purely religious perspective

Why isn't the Vatican trying to make inroads where they should instead? Like in Asia, for example. It is perfectly logical for the Russian authorities to be suspicious of the "burning desire" of the Vatican to Evangelize an already Christian country.

Third - From a purely geopolitical perspective

The Kremlin and the Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church are fully aware and conversant with the Opus Dei agenda and modus operandi and will simply not open their doors to them. Russian authorities would be insane to allow them in.


It is not difficult to discern why the "Kettle" and the "Pot" are at odds.

The Opus Dei leadership must understand that the chances of hell freezing over are greater than their chance to penetrate and subvert Russia with their "theology" any time before the period of the Antichrist.

The Opus Dei will only achieve this after the period of the Antichrist... when the time of the ultimate snare is sprung on humanity: The manifestation of the False Christ.


[1] The manifestation of Divine Justice for the disobedience of the Vatican authorities.
[2] Should the instructions of Heaven associated with the events of Fátima had been followed, Russia would have been converted a long time ago, World War II would have been averted and the Soviet Union would not have spread its errors.

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