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Open Letter to Pope John Paul II

On February 22, 1997

On the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, Apostle

On February 22, 1997, on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, Apostle, miguel de Portugal issued the following Open Letter to Pope John Paul II, the Nominal Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter - with copies, via regular postal service, to an extensive list of recipients (1). The letter was published by The M+G+R Foundation on September 2000.

Pax vobis, My Dear Brother in Christ!

Acknowledging our respective responsibilities before the Throne of God and our abysmal limitations as fallen men, it is our desire to candidly review with you, while sharing it with the world at large (1), this document which has been prepared in the fraternal spirit Christ called us to live by.

If anyone is offended by the manner in which the message in here delivered is worded, then, beforehand, and with the utmost humility, miguel de Portugal extends his most sincere apologies for not having been able to convey the message with sufficient charity.


The most notable representatives of the Roman Catholic Church frequently make exhortations for World Peace and for an equitable distribution of the material resources of the world among the children of God, while chastising the world leaders for apparently endorsing institutional Hedonism and the Culture of Death.

Both are admirable positions and are strongly endorsed by miguel de Portugal.

This document, however, will address the State of the World in relation to the Responsibility entrusted by God to the Roman Catholic Church.


God sent His only Son to offer fallen mankind an opportunity for redemption. According to the Gospels, His Son was received well (2) by the mighty pagan Roman Empire, the outcast Samaritans, the hard core sinners and a very small handful of religious men. However, He was not well received by the Ruling Religious Hierarchy of the time (3) and they ultimately had Him crucified.

Said Hierarchy (3) claimed to represent God on Earth and to speak in His Name. They gave that impression by the rigidity with which they appeared to adhere to religious traditions and, thus, were recognized by the world as such.


The world is told (4) that Jesus Christ entrusted Peter, the other Apostles and their successors with the responsibility to effectively sow the 'seed', the Word of God, until the furthest confines of the Earth. The fulfillment of this Heavenly Charge was to bring mankind to a higher degree of spiritual health (5).

The role of the Roman Catholic Church Administration was then, as is now, to administer, by word and example, the Heavenly Treasure: The supernatural Sacraments and the Divine Word, delivered to us by God in the Person of Jesus Christ, as well as the later enhancements, continually being delivered to us by God, in the Person of the Holy Spirit (6).

If the plan of God was to be implemented, every new generation of temporal rulers and subjects would be of better spiritual stock and disposition in spite of their human frailties.


Acknowledging the atrocious sociopolitical condition of the world today, we must ask: "What went wrong with the implementation of the Divine Plan?"

*  Is evil stronger than God?

*  Are not the Sacraments dispensed through the Roman Catholic Church truly supernatural assistance for the journey through Time?

*  Are we going to blame God for the tragedies unleashed upon 18th Century France, and later on the world, by the application of the thinking generated during the French revolutionary period?

*  Are we going to blame God for the misery that Friedrich Nietzsche unleashed upon humanity?

*  Are we going to blame God for the failure, at the universal level, of the labors and sacrifices of so many holy priests and religious men and women who through centuries, and even today, tended the spiritual fields of the world and shepherded their flocks in an exemplary manner in spite of the impediments coming from a comfortably 'prudent' Hierarchy?

*  Are we going to blame God for the Holocaust of World War II?

*  Are we going to blame God for the Holocaust- Part II in ex-Yugoslavia, Rwanda, etc.?

*  Will the weeds gain over the wheat when the field is properly tended to?

*  Will the sheep be lost if the shepherd is fulfilling his duty?

*  Did Judas Iscariot have the ultimate responsibility for the Crucifixion of Our Lord?

*  Were the average Israelite citizens of the time truly responsible for His Crucifixion?

Who would dare answer "Yes" to any of the above questions?

We cannot blame God nor ultimately blame past and present world leaders for the Spiritual, Moral and Political conditions of the world today.

We must then ask: "Who has to accept the ultimate responsibility for the inferno this world has been turned into?"

Those who were charged to foster the bridging of Heaven and Earth. The Temporal Leaders who have controlled the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church was not the direct cause of the terrible events enumerated above, however, its Temporal Leaders must have to accept the ultimate responsibility and consequence for the violation of the trust invested upon them by God.

In the absence of Divine Graces man responds in accordance to his fallen nature. From that corrupt fountain head spring forth the likes of Hitler, Nietzsche, Zhirinovski, and others to lead the 'out-of-Grace' multitudes into perdition.

Jesus Christ did not entrust nor exhort Caesar to transform the world. He entrusted and exhorted the task to Peter, the other Apostles and their successors.

He also clearly gave all of us a serious and multi faceted warning when He said:

Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty deeds done in your midst had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have long ago have repented, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you. [Luke10:13-14]


Until the time when the controlling leaders of the Roman Catholic Church publicly acknowledge such responsibility, and manifest it in the manner of a heartfelt and public act of contrition of a worldwide scale, God Will not provide the necessary assistance to quickly remedy the problems plaguing the world today. [The NOTE added at the end of the letter addresses the partial fulfillment of this Heavenly demand.]

In the absence of such positive and sweeping action, the problems will grow exponentially and the fate of the physical components, animate and inanimate, of the Roman Catholic Church will be equivalent to that of the Temple of Jerusalem and associated hierarchy during the First Century A.D. and which was well illustrated by the Prophet Ezekiel (7).


Jonah (8) could not escape the charge given to him by God. Neither could miguel de Portugal even if he wanted to. He prays that you understand this and the seriousness of the message in here conveyed.

Let us keep each other in mutual prayer seeking that the Mercy of God, which we do not deserve but humbly accept, come to our rescue.

At Their service, thus at yours, I remain....

Originally signed by: miguel de Portugal
+by the Grace of God

(1) The full text of this document has been placed in the hands via regular mail of those who, for political, religious and/or social reasons should have knowledge of its contents as follows:
All NATO Ambassadors except the one from Spain.
Javier Solana, NATO Secretary General
U.S. Secretary of State M. Albright
Israel Ambassador to the U.S. - I. Rabinovich
L'STAMPA, Torino, Italy
L'EXPRESS, Paris, France
THE MIAMI HERALD, Miami, Florida
THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, Los Angeles, California
EL PAIS, Madrid, Spain
(2) For the purposes of this document it is not necessary to quote the numerous Biblical references which attest to these facts.
(3) The equivalent of the Roman Catholic Church Administrators of the last ca. 1600 years.
(4) The insistence by the Roman Catholic Church on the Supremacy and Primacy of the Successor of Peter, without a doubt, makes the statement to the world that the Church founded by Jesus Christ was indeed the Roman Catholic Church.
(5) Which would then be reflected in the Physical, Social and Political health of the world.
(6) The Tradition and Magisterium of the Church as inspired throughout the centuries by the Holy Spirit.
(7) The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel: Chapters 8 and 9
(8) The Book of the Prophet Jonah

NOTE Added on August 17, 2001 and Expanded on October 11, 2002

Blessedly, our beloved John Paul II, taking advantage of the events associated with the Jubilee 2000, has, as requested, publicly sought God's forgiveness for the many and grave transgressions of the Roman Catholic Church Leadership throughout the centuries.

Unfortunately, a key transgression was left out from this Institutional Sacrament of Reconciliation: Disobedience to the requests from God through the Virgin Mary. Requests made through the Apparitions of La Salette (b1) and Fátima (b2) as well as those through Kibeho (b3) and Akita (b4) - just to mention a few.

This disobedience, justified (b5) by many as Prudence and which has already caused humanity over 150 million lives, was the greatest sin of all: The refusal and rebuking of the last efforts from God, through His Most Holy Mother, to assist us in averting the consequences of all those transgressions of the past centuries.

Now, Christendom has been rocked by the scandal of the Canonization of Josemaría Escrivá (b6) - a man who, under the cover of piety, has perverted the Gospel to justify serving Mammon (b7) so long as is claimed that it is ultimately for the Glory of God; a direct challenge to the words of Jesus Christ through St. Matthew 6:24-34

The price that the Controlling Members of the Church will have to pay for all of this is staggering and its collection will not be delayed much longer...

Yesterday, the Congress of the United States of America signed the condemnation of the world by giving President Bush quasi unlimited war powers. This action will directly lead to the First Step of the Sequence of Events (b8) which will plunge the world into darkness, a darkness which will eventually be dissipated by the Glory of Second Coming of Jesus Christ (b9).

There is nothing else left to do but Pray (b10), and then, More Prayer (b11).

May God Bless America! (b12)

(b1) The Apparitions of Our Lady in 1846 at La Salette, France
(b2) The Apparitions of Our Lady in 1917 at Fátima, Portugal
(b3) The Apparitions of Our Lady in 1981/1989 at Kibeho, Rwanda
(b4) The Apparitions of Our Lady in 1973 at Akita, Japan
(b5) The disobedience, justified by many as Prudence
(b6) The scandal of the Canonization of Josemaría Escrivá
(b7) They have perverted the Gospel to justify serving Mammon
(b8) The general Sequence of Events leading to The End of These Times
(b9) The Glory of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
(b10) Nothing else left to do but Pray
(b11) And then, More Prayer
(b12) God Bless America

Released to the general faithful for the first time on September 2000

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2000 - 2024 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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