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For I came not to call the just, but sinners

Divine Encouragement and Inspiration - Renewed every other day

A breath of fresh air that gives you hope an the desire to keep on going.

Do Not Despair! Don't Ever Give Up!

God does not judge man based on his level of sanctity... but on how hard that individual has truly tried to sanctify himself.

Do Not Despair - Never Give Up! - Part II

The struggling Faithful must understand that as spiritual progress is made

Why Me, Lord?

When we insist in "our way", then we better be ready to endure the consequences.

Redemptive Suffering - Why Do Some of God's Children Must Suffer?

Jesus gave us the answer. A discussion of the two constructive purposes of suffering.

Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me - Our Journey in "Time"

An explanation of the real meaning of "take up your cross" and the real meaning of "follow me."

Divination and Miraculous Healings... And, What About God?

A precaution against bypassing God in search of physical healing or spiritual enlightenment

How Love Is Replaced by Fear When it Should Not

A "fractured" version of one of Jesus' parables as presented by a Catholic priest for an audience of children.

satan's Plan

satan's most common snare - or - the co-dependency syndrome. How it begins, and how to break free.

Why are our prayers seem not to be answered? What can we do about it?

Establish a "connection" with God and keep the lines of communication flowing

And many, many more messages of real encouragement are now at your disposal.


Published on October 23rd, 2018

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