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The Conspiracy Against Fátima and Other Global Conspiracies

Their Relationship

Note: This document was originally published on July 4th, 2000. Many events have taken place since then - events which now make this relationship easier to understand. We have simplified the original document considerably by introducing the references of the already confirmed events. May the Holy Spirit of God illuminate those who venture through these lines in search of the truth.

Original Purpose of Document

Although miguel de Portugal's writings on Fátima (1) and on global conspiracies (2) are extensive, the subtleties of their interconnection seem to escape most readers. Therefore, we have prepared this brief document in which we will attempt to present their interrelationship as clearly as possible.

This information will better help readers to understand the events, statements, and controversies associated with the revelation of the alleged Third Part of the Secret of Fátima. This document will also highlight the nature of other ecclesiastical deceptions yet to come.

Brief Introduction

One of the factors which is causing much confusion is that every Fátima advocate has his own personal agenda (or its own institutional agenda): human agendas which are quite different from the Divine agenda. Confusion is the hallmark of satan, while simplicity and clarity are the hallmark of Heaven. However, this clarity will be obvious only to those who have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear". (3)

Definition of the Conspiracies

We will address two conspiracies:

(1) The Secularization Conspiracy; and

(2) The Conspiracy Against Fátima.

This second conspiracy is a key satellite conspiracy for the installation of the Anti Christ, which has already taken place (4), and the eventual manifestation of the False Christ (5).

The Conspiracy Against Fátima could be better named as the Conspiracy Against Marian Apparitions. Both, the Conspiracy Against Marian Apparitions and the Secularization Conspiracy are integral parts of the one Global Conspiracy.

The Secularization Conspiracy

The Secularization Conspiracy has one objective: To remove God from the world stage. This will be done through two channels: (a) Provide a Placebo Religion, (6) like was done toward the end of the French Revolution (7) for those who just "must have a god"; and (b) Build a world without God while being tolerant of the Placebo Religion.

The Conspiracy Against Marian Apparitions

The Conspiracy Against Marian Apparitions is spearheaded by those within the Roman Catholic Church who are planning to exploit (8) the electrifying worldwide events which fulfill Scriptural and Marian prophecy. (These coming Apocalyptic events have already been announced to mankind by Heaven). The conspirators within the Church hope to use the effects of those events on the minds and souls of the innocent (in combination with the "gains" attained by the Secularization Conspiracy), as the driving reason why all should subject themselves to the Roman Catholic Church and to the men who administer it.

All of this would be best understood once the reader realizes that both conspiracies have one single point source; one single master: satan. He will use both conspiracies as he prepares the world for the falsification of the second Coming of Christ; that is, the manifestation of the False Christ (5).


As the reader may understand from watching the state of the world today, the social and psychological damage from the Secularization Conspiracy are necessary for an eventual "Marian" resurgence in reaction to this secularization. The sweeping force of this manipulated "revival", now led by Benedict XVI (11) and expanded by Francis, will consolidate the power of the organization through which the False Christ (5) will emerge. (Once the final sequence of events starts, all of this could happen very quickly. The time span might be measured in months, not years.)

Remember, satan is behind both conspiracies - on one hand assisting the traditional humanist forces within and outside the Church, while on the other hand grooming the Ecclesiastical Masonry (10) which will be the springboard he will use to try to present himself as the Christ.

The enslavement (11) of H.H. John Paul II by the forces of evil prowling through The Vatican became the only viable avenue left to them to achieve this end, since the enemies of God could not physically eliminate him (12) as they had originally planned to do in 1994-1995. (13)

Why will God allow this? Because, although Lucifer fell due to his refusal to serve God, he still has to serve God - unwillingly. God is the Uncreated Creator Who Is above all and has infinite power over all. Alleluia!

Although satan will appear to be in control, he will not be. He never has been and will never be. He will only be allowed (14) to inflict enough damage to humanity as God will deem necessary to dispense Divine Justice, however, as Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to the world: The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Faithful. (15)

Examples of how God dispenses Divine Justice abound in the Holy Scriptures from the very beginning. The Book of the Prophet Amos (16) could not present it any more clearly. The people of today may not wish to believe it, however, that attitude does not negate that it did happen, is happening and will happen again until Our Lord Jesus Christ returns in Glory in the manner the angels predicted in the Acts of the Apostles. (17)

miguel de Portugal (20)

(1) A Summary of the Fatima Events
(2) An Index of Conspiracies
(3) Who has eyes to see and ears to hear?
(4) The Anti Christ
(5) The False Christ
(6) Placebo Religion
(7) The French Revolution and the End of These Times
(8) The manipulation and use of revealed information
(9) The Anti Christ
(10) Ecclesiastical Masonry
(11) Enslavement of H.H. John Paul II
(12) The elimination of JP II
(13) A Papacy In Crisis
(14) The Book of Job
(15) The Gates of the Nether World Will Not Prevail Against the Church
(16) Amos 2:6-10, 13-16, 3:1-8; 4:11-12; 5:14-15 21-24; 7:10-17; 8:4-6, 9-12 Roman Missal Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time
(17) Acts of the Apostles 1:11
(18) miguel de Portugal resided in Fatima for an extended period. As a resident in a local home and a frequent visitor to many key places in the "Fátima of the Portuguese" and not the "Fátima of the tourist", he had access to much published and unpublished information which is little known outside the Portuguese borders. This information provided concrete confirmation for information he had received through supernatural means and which he uses for the benefit of the doubting Thomases of today.

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En Español:  La Conspiración de Fátima - Su Propósito

Document Prepared on July 4th, 2000 in honor of: (a) St. Elizabeth of Portugal; and (b) The courageous men who signed the Declaration of Independence, thus laying the groundwork for the birth of the United States of America.

Revised for clarity and update on March 25th, 2010 - Feast of The Annunciation

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