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Confirming the long ago connected dots


Juanita Castro Ruz, the sister who helped Fidel Castro the most in his effort to gain power in Cuba, has published her memoirs fifty years after the triumph of the Castro revolution. The book published on October 2009, with a Second Edition already published on November 2009, is titled "Fidel y Raul - Mis Hermanos - la historia secreta" (1) [translation: "Fidel and Raul - My Brothers - the secret history"].

This book has to be among the most accurate historical books published in one hundred years. Ms. Castro is as transparent as the finest Baccarat crystal and as innocent as a child - yet a woman of faith, great courage and conviction; one who, without saying or making an issue of it, lives the First Commandment regardless of the cost to her and exemplifies the definition Jesus gave of His Family: For whosoever shall do the will of God, he is my brother, and my sister, and mother. [Mark 3:35]

With the "Master Key" in here presented, one will find in this book "from the field" confirmation of all the dots that we have connected, through the Grace of God, regarding the intended purpose of the Castro Regime as related to the End of These Times; as well as the confirmation of other things that we wish were not true. Amazingly enough, from her text, it is obvious that she was and is oblivious to all of that.... as oblivious as Fidel Castro himself may have been and may still be!


The purpose of this document is to confirm to our readers, using a completely outside and independent source, what we have published regarding the apparent real purpose of the Castro regime. Many Conspiracy Theories sadly are not "Theories" but facts well hidden right before the public eye.

A corollary purpose is to confirm, once again, that all we have left to do is pray and share, far and wide, the information God grants us.


We will summarize the highlights of Ms. Castro's book in just a few lines; enough to set up the framework of what we will discuss. However, we encourage anyone who is fluent in Spanish to acquire the book and read it cover to cover.

Juanita was one of Fidel Castro's several sisters. She never married and, up to the time of the triumph of the Revolution, she lived in the family farm as the right hand of her father and mother. Of all of Castro's siblings, except for Raul, she is the one who worked the hardest so that the Revolution would triumph - whether it was raising funds, giving "pep talks", transmitting confidential information and other activities related to a revolutionary effort.

After the triumph of the Revolution on January 1st, 1959, it did not take long for Ms. Castro to see the direction the Revolution was taking: a direction which was against all she and her parents ever stood for. She quickly became the Cuban equivalent of Mark Schindler of the Schindler's List (2) fame.

Sometime after the April 1961 failed Bay of Pigs invasion - but a year before the alleged Cuban Missile Crisis (3) - the wife of the then Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba, Virginia Leitão da Cunha, made a proposal to Juanita: Become a CIA operative in Cuba.

After the appropriate meetings in Mexico City with her future "handler", Enrique, and, upon his acceptance of her conditions (*), she was "on board". Upon her return to Havana her "supplies" (*) were issued immediately.

(*) Notes

Her conditions: She will not accept any pay for her work for the CIA; she would not participate in any violent act; and she would not knowingly be an accessory to any murder or homicide.

Her supplies: Short wave radio and code book

Basically Juanita continued to do what she had been doing since she realized that his two brothers were going in a direction which was not consistent with their original promises to the Cuban people and her firm beliefs. She would help people to: avoid facing the firing squads; leave the country; salvage movable property; be released from temporary detainment; etc. In addition she provided the CIA - which was well established in Cuba - with inside information from the government inner sanctum since she still had many good friends in powerful positions, the number of which rapidly dwindled since they too saw that the Revolutionary program had ran amuck.

Shortly after their mother, Lina Ruz, died it became obvious that she had to leave Cuba lest she would have an "unfortunate accident". Although Fidel or Raul did not know of Juanita's involvement with the CIA, they knew well about all the other counterrevolutionary activities she was engaged in before (and after) the CIA engagement. Fidel, first, and Raul later had warned her several times that "she was asking for trouble".

On June 19, 1964, Juanita left for Mexico City - allegedly to visit her sister there and to "get away from it all" for a while. She knew it was a permanent move even though she had no idea what direction her life would take thereafter.

She immediately met with her CIA handler in Mexico City and the plan was set up to make a big splash in the media denouncing all that had gone wrong with the Revolution since January 1st, 1959. The CIA - always in the background - became her "media agents" and funded whatever expenses were associated with her travels around the world denouncing (with facts and figures) the Cuban Revolution. Who could do it better? She had practically been the "Godmother of the Revolution".

She eventually settled in Miami, Florida, from which she continued her CIA sponsored denounciations of Castro & Co. Eventually she was assigned another handler by the CIA but her "job description" was the same.

On January 20, 1969, Messrs. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger took office and the Washington new "buzz words", in relation with the USSR and Red China, became: Peaceful coexistence and Détente.

Shortly thereafter she received a call from her CIA handler which deeply concerned her since the tone and content was "outside the norm". He wanted her to meet with two individuals - as soon as next day - at her home. She balked at the idea of being visited in her own home by two total strangers abut whom she did not even know their code names (and never did). Since she had developed good rapport with her handler - Lew - she agreed to such an unusual meeting.

At the appointed time Lew and Agent A and Agent B arrived. The brief conversation which ensued has been translated by us below:

Agent A:

In the next few days there are going to be new changes in the foreign policy of the United States in relation to Cuba. I have been sent by my superiors in Washington, D.C., to let you know the future plans of the new administration of President Nixon in respect to Cuba.

The period of confrontation with the government presided by your brother is about to change.

Juanita (interrupts):

One moment!. You are no longer speaking of a communist government, but a government presided by my brother. Did I understand you correctly?

Agent A:

I understand your concern, Juanita, but allow me to continue. What the government of President Nixon wants to ask you now, and the reason for our being here, is a change in your attitude. The relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union is at stake. The Soviets have set some conditions to negotiate a world peace, and those are, among others, that we stop helping anti communist groups exiled in Miami who are trying to destabilize Cuba. The Russian consider that such activities are an aggression against them. Therefore, the current administration, which wants peace, requires the scarifies of many, especially yours, Juanita; that you make it with the same impact you did when you decided to desert to Mexico and publicly declare yourself against your brother's government.

The manner in which you must collaborate is simple, Juanita. We want you to start making public statements which are in complete opposition to what you have done until now. For example - you should now declare that communism is not threatening Latin America; that in some part of such declaration you say that the Cuban government is not exporting guerillas to any country, and that, in other separate statements, suggest that the relations between Cuba and the United States should improve since we are close neighbors.

Juanita (explodes):

Just a moment, gentlemen! Let's clarify all of this.

What you are trying to tell me is that what we have been doing all these years to defend the freedom of my country and in defense the democracy anywhere in the world, was wrong? That that was an error from our part? And that what you propose to me now is diametrically opposed to that and is the correct way?

Agent A:

I do not know if it is the correct way, Juanita, but that is what the government of President Nixon wants you to do.

Fast forwarding the meeting to its end.... Juanita did not tell them to go to hell non-stop because she is truly a Christian lady, but she showed them the door after telling them that she could not care less about any reprisals that they would take against her.

[Between the reader and us: Taking on certain elements within the CIA, for Juanita, would be far less dangerous than her taking on the Cuban Revolution, her two brothers and Che Guevara (whom she "had pegged", for the cold blooded murderer he really was, since their first encounter). You see, even certain elements within the CIA has to play-pretend by the established rules, whereas the Castro brothers plus Che Guevara made the rules! Little did certain elements within the CIA know that they were paving the way to blow the greatest covert operation yet - an operation that neither Lew, nor Agents A or B could have ever dreamt of. Read on and you will see for yourself.]


What can be read between the pertinent lines of Ms. Castro's Memoirs follows:

a. It was obvious that when she was contacted by the CIA in 1961 they were well established in Cuba as they must have been since "day one".

b. Certain elements within the CIA could not care less about a Schindler's List type of operation. They wanted real inside information - behind the bedroom door, so to speak. Information that only Juanita could provide; therefore the Schindler's List type of operation was just to encourage Juanita to cooperate to the fullest.

c. From a and b, above, it is obvious that there were practically no secrets for certain elements within the CIA from before the beginning of the Revolution until Juanita left the country in 1964 and that includes the period of the Bay of Pigs and the alleged Missile Crisis. (3)

c-1: Castro's regime was openly waiting for the Bay of Pigs invasion.... and certain elements within the CIA did not know about it? Were they drinking Cuba Libres and dancing Rhumba instead? Of course they did know!.... and wanted it to fail.

The last minute cancellation of the promised air cover obviously was not a "last minute" thought. Kennedy's advisors knew well that those men were doomed and that was just what they wanted. [The "they" term does not necessarily include President Kennedy or Robert Kennedy; as anyone with an IQ over 10 knows that "they" also got rid (4) of the troublesome Kennedys.]

c-2: The "Oh, surprise, surprise!" regarding the alleged Soviet Missile Crisis (3) ..... According to Ms. Castro's Memoirs - which confirms what we have known for a long time: It was not a big secret that the Soviets were up to "something" in three locations: Sagua la Grande; Guanajay and San Cristóbal. Any Cuban that you would ask about that "something" would tell you that the Russians were setting up missiles in those locations.

...and certain elements within the CIA did not know that from day one? What? ....more Cuba Libres and Rhumba dancing?

d. We see that the Nixon-Kissinger Administration wanted to appease the Soviets by not doing anything against Cuba and the spread of communism. Really?

If that was the case - and from the orders given to (and rebuked by) Ms. Castro - it appears to have been the case. Then, why didn't the Nixon-Kissinger team rescind the iron clad blockade? After all, the blockade was more anti-Cuba and anti-Castro than anything Ms. Castro could have said. Anyone could deny the veracity of the accusations of Ms. Castro, but no one could deny the reality of the embargo.

We know as a fundamental reality that if anything kept the Castro regime in power was the embargo since he could blame all his failures on the embargo, i.e. on the US, and people would not know any better.

The moment said embargo would have lifted, the Castro regime would not have lasted six months because people's eyes would have seen what was really keeping Cuba in total misery - the Castro Revolution - a half cooked and abysmal failure.

Therefore - it was, and is, to someone's advantage to keep Castro in power until the time has come to use him - just as Oswald (4) was used.

For the full "Program of Events to Come" visit How the Castro regime will be used as a patsy (5), unless our releasing of the informationon December 1, 2006, to those in a position to abort such mega-plot caused a dramatic change in plans.


Fellow Americans - We have been had! by those on our own payroll.

(1) Fidel y Raul - Mis Hermanos - la historia secreta
(2) Schindler's List
(3) The staged Missile Crisis - the best Off-Brodaway show yet!
(4) Oswald assassinated Kennedy and other fantasies.... Details in document accessed through link (5) below.
(5) Cover letter for series of documents linked through it

Published on December 1st, 2009 - European Union

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