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We have been Warned by The Virgin Mary - Are we going to listen?

A Book on Apparitions of the Virgin Mary



"Those Who Saw Her - The Apparitions of Mary" by Catherine M. Odell. Published by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., 200 Noll Plaza, Huntington, Indiana 46750. 1986. Introduction by John Joseph CARDINAL Carberry. ISBN: 0-87973-720-4

(2) & (2A) LA SALETTE

(2) "Sister Mary of the Cross, The Shepherdess of La Salette". Printed for: Mr. Fernand Corteville, President de l'Association des Enfants de Notre Dame De La Salette & Saint Louis Grignion De Montfort, Editor of L'Impartial, French Bulletin of the Association, 12 Avenue de Grain d'Or, 49600 Beaupreau, France. Printed, June 1981; Bound, 16 July, 1981.

(2A) "Temoignages Historiques Sur Melanie Calvat Bergere De La Salette". Cette Edition Published on September 15, 1991. Publisher and addresses are the same as on (2) above.

(3A), (3B) & (4) FATIMA

(3A) "Fatima In Lucia's Own Words", Sister Lucia's Memoirs. Edited by: Fr. L Kondor, SVD. Translated by: Dominican Nuns of Perpetual Rosary. Published by Postulation Centre, Fatima, Portugal. 1976. Printed with Ecclesiastical Permission (Impr.)

(3B) "Memorias da Irma Lucia". Edited by Fr. L. Kondor, SVD. Published by Vice-Postulacao, Fatima, Portugal. 6th Edition, March 1990. Printed with Ecclesiastical Permission (Imprimatur). [This is the original version in Portuguese].

(4) "Sol de Fatima", Issue No. 85, September-October 1982. The official magazine of the Spanish Blue Army. Direccion: P. Juan Molano. Address: Casa Juan XXIII, Orcasitas, Madrid-26, Spain.


(5) "Rosa Mystica Novena Booklet" by Franz Speckbacher, D-8261 Perach, West Germany. Published by Mediatrix-Verlag, Zischkin & Co. GmbH, A-3423 St. Andra-Wordern, Austria. First Edition, 1986. ISBN 385406 082 3

(5A) "Mary - Mystical Rose" by A. M. Weigl. Translation of the 5th Edition by Norman C. Reeves and Irmgard Muske. Published by Thadd. Laux, Pf. A.M. Weigl and St. Grignion-Verlag, Altotting. Printed with Ecclesiastical permission (Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur) on 12 February, 1974 and 9 September 1975.


"Garabandal, El Pueblo Habla" by Ramon Perez. Translated and expanded from the 3rd French Edition. Published by Ediciones Resiac, Montsurs, 1977 with the title: "Garabandal, Le Village Parle". Spanish Edition by Ramon Perez, Ctra. de Irun-Madrid, 09370 Gumiel De Izan (Burgos-Espana). Printed by Industrias Graficas Grupo Centro, S.A., 1991. ISBN 84-604-0778-0

"Diario de Conchita". Published by The Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of Garabandal, Inc., P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, N.Y. 11757, U.S.A. [Original version in Spanish].


1. Signed letter from the M.Rev. John Shojiro Ito, Rt. Bishop of the Diocese of Niigata, Japan, addressed to Fr. Albert Herbert, S.M., dated October 21, 1988, bearing numbers Higashi Ohatadori 1-656 and Niigata-shi Japan 951.

2. Program from The World Apostolate of Fatima issued for the visit of the M.Rev. John Shojiro Ito, Rt. Bishop of the Diocese of Niigata, Japan. Published by The 101 Foundation of Washington, New Jersey. July 3, 1988

3. "AKITA - The Tears and Message of Mary"by Teiji Yasuda, O.S.V. - English Version 1989 - Published by the 101 Foundation, Inc. of Asbury, New Jersey 08802-0151, U.S.A.


"An Appeal From Mary In Argentina - The Apparitions of San Nicolas" by Fr. Rene Laurentin. Published in 1990 by Faith Publishing Co., +++++ Box 237, Milford, Ohio 45150, U.S.A.. Translated by Juan Gonzalez Jr., PhD, from the original publication "Un Appel de Marie en Argentine". Published in September 1990 by O.E.I.L., Paris, France. ISBN: 0-9625975-5-4

(8) & (9) MEDJUGORJE

(8) "Is The Virgin Mary Appearing At Medjugorje ?" by Fr. Rene Laurentin/Ljudevit Rupcic. Translated by Francis Martin. Published by The Word Among Us, Inc., Box 3646, Washington, D.C. 20037, U.S.A., 1984.

(9) "Words From Heaven, Messages of Our Lady From Medjugorje" by Two Friends of Medjugorje. Published by St. James Publishing, Box 380244, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-0244, U.S.A.. Fifth Printing, 1991. ISBN: 1-878909-02-9


"Saint Catherine Laboure of The Miraculous Medal" by Fr. Joseph I. Dirvin, CM. Published in 1958 by Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, Inc. and in 1984 by TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., Box 424, Rockford, Illinois 61105, U.S.A.. Printed with Ecclesiatical Permission (Imprimi Potest, Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur). ISBN: 0-89555-242-6.


Diario De Noticias, December 30, 1992, Year: 129, No. 45207, pp. 10-11, International News Section. Lisbon, Portugal.


For direct quotations in English: The Douay Rheims Version of The Holy Bible; A.D. 1749-1752 with Imprimatur by James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, September 1, 1899.

For commentaries and other references: Translated to English from Spanish from The New Testament, translated from the earlier texts in Greek by and with commentaries by Mons. Dr. Juan Straubinger, Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Munster (Germany); May 12, 1969 with Imprimatur by Excmo. Sr. Fr. Felipe de Jesus Cueto, O..F.M., Bishop of Tlalnepantla.


Father E. Peter Royal, 1991, then Professor of Theology at Saint Thomas University, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.


"MYSTICISM - The Development of Humankind's Spiritual Consciousness" by Evelyn Underhill. First Published in 1911 by Methuen & Co., London. The Fourteenth Edition was published in 1942 by Methuen & Co., London and reprinted in 1995 by Bracken Books - Studio Editions Ltd., Princess House, 50 Eastcastle Street, London W1N 7AP, England ISBN: 1 85891 352 7.

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En Español:  Un Libro sobre las Apariciones de la Virgen María - Bibliografía

Rough draft completed during Easter Week in 1993 while in Fátima, Portugal • Overall Revision on May 2018

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