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April 2008

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The purpose of Points to Ponder About was to stimulate thinking that would draw the disoriented Faithful back to God and away from the hypocritical duplicity of some religious institutions which are destroying the little faith left on earth. (For a more detailed explanation, see Points to Ponder About - Purpose). What used to be posted in this section has been integrated in For Your Information and Reference.

Note: This 'Point to Ponder About' section was prepared in the years 2005-2009. Some linked documents external to this domain may have been removed from the Net, or moved to different locations, since then.

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Published on April 30th, 2008

Do you wonder... why Jesus stated: But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? [Luke 18:8]

Because He knew that: For if in the green wood they do these things, what shall be done in the dry? [Luke 23:31]

[Said after He warned the women of Jerusalem thusly: 28 But Jesus turning to them, said: Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over me; but weep for yourselves, and for your children. 29 For behold, the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that have not borne, and the paps that have not given suck. 30 Then shall they begin to say to the mountains: Fall upon us; and to the hills: Cover us.]

If you do not know why, we will tell you: He knew that the Evangelization would have failed since He was not going to return until: "...this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come." [Matthew 24:14]

The true coherence of the Holy Scriptures is simply stunning.

Published on April 27th, 2008 - Easter Sunday [Observed by Orthodox Catholic] and End of Pesach

Do you wonder... why if the Sacred Scriptures clearly state that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father: i.e. "...when the Paraclete cometh, whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me."? [John 15:26] Rome used the excuse that the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Son to break with the Church of East - the Orthodox Catholic?

For the same reason that the on-line Douay-Rheims Bible, which is the one we use most of the time to quote from and which was the official Roman Catholic Bible for centuries, carries the following commentary:

"Whom I will send"... This proves, against the modern Greeks, that the Holy Ghost proceedeth from the Son, as well as from the Father: otherwise he could not be sent by the Son.

Denial! for political purposes or vast theo-ignorance or a combination of both.

Soon after the break bewteen East and West Rome pillaged and plundered Constantinople and murdered the Catholics of the East because they would not totally submit to the Bishop of Rome.

Now, let us see how Dictionaries define those words:

"proceed form" as: to arise, originate, or result; and

"sent by" (a transitive verb) as: 1: to cause to go: as a: to propel or throw in a particular direction 2: to cause to happen 3: to dispatch by a means of communication 4: to direct, order, or request to go

Jesus IS the Word of God, the Father, made flesh. Creation came about for and through Jesus. God, the Father, through Genesis 1 and 2, kept "saying" and "commanding"; that is, through His Word - Jesus - God the Father executed the Creation.

So theo-logically the Holy Spirit Proceeded from the Father but was Sent by/through His Word, Jesus!

But it seems that is more exciting and profitable to: (a) pillage and plunder in the Name of God; (b) built huge palaces and monasteries and live better than royalty in the Name of God; and (c) enrich oneself beyond belief in the Name of God.... but trying to comprehend God to better obey Him? Oh, no! That's for those who live an "Alternate Reality"!

Published on April 25th, 2008 [Feast of St. Mark]

Do you wonder... how "they" are going to keep "toeing the Vatican Line" and upholding the forty-some-odd year old communication through San Sebastián de Garabandal that after Pope John XXIII there would only be three more Popes.... which would leave Benedict XVI out?

The usual way: Through spinning the information and outright lying. Let their own words give them away.

Published on April 21st, 2008

Do you still wonder.... about the sincerity of the contrition exhibited by Benedict XVI about the sexual abuses within theRoman Catholic Church during his visit to the US?

Do not wonder anymore. Below is a communication sent to our Main List:

May the Peace of God be upon you, dear brothers and sisters!

We have a unique and special request of you.

What makes this request "unique and special" is that I do not think that we have ever requested you - point blank - to make a concerted effort to share information with as many people as you could possibly do.

This extraordinary request matches the extraordinary circumstances: The visit of Benedict XVI to the US and the seemingly never ending stream of apologies and emotional words expressing great contrition for the sexual abuse within the US Catholic Church.

The Message

This effusive public display of contrition - as you must already know - was a carefully staged, and quite hollow, event. All of those words had been carefully written in Rome long before his arrival in the US. The script, so to speak, for a well planned and choreographed Mea Culpa mega-event.

Yesterday's New York Times (1) brought to mind the obscenity of such behavior. In the headline we read that: Vatican Hints at Changes in Church Laws on Abuse

Two brief quotes from the article are:

After three days in which Pope Benedict XVI has persistently addressed the scandal of child sexual abuse by priests, Cardinal William J. Levada said on Friday that the church was considering changes to the canon laws that govern how it handles such cases.


The comments by the cardinal (William J. Levada), who heads the Vatican office that rules on cases of sexual abuse that are forwarded to Rome by bishops throughout the world, were apparently spontaneous, and came in response to questions from three reporters as he left a luncheon in New York given by Time magazine.

Do you remember who Cardinal Levada is and what is his background?

ArchBishop Levada's 'Holy' Record

For those who are not familiar with US Law and customs - if what has been published by Levada in the main line press were not true, a simple phone call from the Archdiocese's attorneys would have the offensive and defaming statements removed immediately from the public domain. They have been on, some of them since the year 2002, and the remain available to one and all.


ArchBishop Levada Trajectory - Details

Archbishop William J. Levada is getting a big promotion, courtesy of Benedict XVI. Levada is moving from the Archdiocese of San Francisco to become the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) - Benedict's former position.

It was Benedict XVI who appointed Levada to the position he held as Cardinal Ratzinger - Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a position which, as you read above, has a major role in the handling of the complaints that reach Rome regarding clerical sexual abuse . Therefore, Ratzinger - Benedict XVI - was well aware of what was going on in the US Catholic Church and did nothing about it.

What we are seeing here is an outrageous mockery of the innocent Faithful of the US who are not aware of the truth behind the scenes - and another grave offense to God.

We ask you: Who, if not a satan-guided soul, would participate in such a sick charade?

Please get this information out as far as wide as you can. If people do not want to believe that this man is the AntiChrist - fine; at least they should be fully aware of how he is mocking the Faithful.

May God Bless your every effort in assisting those members of the Elect whose eyes and ears are still closed, and who, because of that, will suffer greatly unless they are opened with black and white irrefutable facts.

We can do so much - but the rest must be done by those who have already Seen and Heard.

miguel de Portugal

(1) Original Article (

Published on April 18th, 2008

Do you wonder.... if there really is such contrition about the sexual abuse situation in the US, as we are hearing about now on every US News channel, why these men (1) are still being trusted?


Considering that the human condition is Universal, why isn't the Roman Catholic Church implementing all the safeguards they claim to be implementing in the US in other countries, countries which we know are even more at risk?

(1) Who are these men? - They are about 2/3 of the US Hierarchy

Published on April 15th, 2008

Do you wonder.... if there is any relationship between pentagram-style architecture (1) and the pentagram used a a religious symbol? (2) When we consider who is the prince of this world (3) - the answer should be clear.

(1) Architectural Pentagram, i.e. The US Pentagon; Castel D'Angelo in Rome; etc.
(2) Religious Symbolism - Pentagram
(3) About the prince of this world....
John 12:31 Now is the judgment of the world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
John 14:30 I will not now speak many things with you. For the prince of this world cometh, and in me he hath not any thing.
John 16:11 And of judgment: because the prince of this world is already judged.

Published on April 13th, 2008

Do you wonder.... why fewer Catholics do not give the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass the importance it has? (1)

Wonder no more.... They do for the same reason that they are pleased with the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI. (2)

(1) News Report
(2) The leadership of The Anti Christ

Published on April 10th, 2008

Do you wonder.... why "the world" is clamoring about the 1951 PRC's forcibly occupation of Tibet and "collateral damages" while the same "world" chooses to ignore the forcibly occupation of Palestinian lands by the State of Israel as the result of the Six Day War? (1)

We must not forget that the non-stoppable (2) upheavals in the Palestine-Israeli area is NOT due to the original appropriation of Palestinian lands by the world powers to create the State of Israel. The continued violence and unmeasurable "collateral damage" - which far surpasses the PRC-Tibet issue - is the direct result of the land forcibly appropriated by the State of Israel in 1967. Even the radical Islamic fighters have stated this as the reason for the latest Intifada a number of times.

Comparing the leaders of today's State of Israel to the leaders of the State of Israel (the Temple Masters) at the time when Jesus walked amongst us - nothing has really changed.... and the Words of Jesus continue to apply....

Matthew 23: 25 Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness. 26 Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean.

Mark 7: 6 But he answering, said to them: Well did Isaias prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Luke 12: 56 You hypocrites, you know how to discern the face of the heaven and of the earth: but how is it that you do not discern this time?

Matthew 12: 7 And if you knew what this meaneth: I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: you would never have condemned the innocent.

Before some fanatical (2) hot-head accuse us of anti-Semitism.... Remember, it was through our hands that God made it known to the world that the Jews are exonerated from the crucifixion of Jesus (3) and placed the blame for His crucifixion squarely on whom it belonged: The rabid fanatical Temple Masters, i.e. the equivalent of some of today's rulers of the State of Israel.

...and we expect God to hear our prayers for peace (4) and be attentive to those silly minutes of silence (5) in honor of this or that? Before we ever have Peace of Earth, we must have Justice; and before we have Justice on Earth, the Will of the Father must " done on Earth as it is in Heaven..." (6), and before that happens we must reach Step No. 16. (7)

The situation could not be any clearer to anyone who does not indulge in the most consumed drug - Denial! (8)

(1) About the Six-Day War
(2) Fanaticism is not a rational behavior; it is more of a response that we would expect from a member of the animal kingdom and not from a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
(3) The Jews did not crucify Jesus, the Fanatics did!
(4) Why God seems deaf to our prayers?
(5) Minutes of Silence would be worth something if during such quiet time each of us would pray - in accordance to our faith - for the solution of whatever caused this brief period of recollection. Anything else is sheer silliness. What are we doing? Showing the evil doers how unhappy we are because of three actions? Please!
(6) Our Father, Who art in Heaven...
(7) The next to the last Step of the Sequence of Events Leading to the End of These Times
(8) Denial - The drug of the End of These Times

Published on April 6th, 2008

Do you wonder.... why if the original, and thus, rightful Apostles - not the descendants as Bishops are invested to be - had the following mentality:

And in those days, the number of the disciples increasing, there arose a murmuring of the Greeks against the Hebrews, for that their widows were neglected in the daily ministration. 2 Then the twelve calling together the multitude of the disciples, said: It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. .... But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. [Acts 6: 1-7]

We have had to endure for the last 1600 years the behavior of their descendants which, by comparison with the standards set, has been simply obscene?

And anyone wonders why the Evangelization was an astonishing failure? (1)

Again - the problem is not - and has never been - the core issues of the Faith (2), any more than "...the law, or the prophets..." were an issue when Jesus walked amongst us:

Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. [Matthew 5:17]

Yet, He did "mopped the floors" with the Temple Masters - the equivalent of the Vatican Masters of today. What you are witnessing now is just a mirror of that time, except for the Grand Finale which is reserved for the Sole Judge of Humanity - Jesus of Nazareth!

(1) What went wrong with Christianity?
(2) Our Position About the Catholic Faith

Published on March 31st, 2008

Do you wonder.... what avenue is being used more frequently now to demolish the remaining true Christian Faith?

"Enlightened" documentaries by "Experts in the Field" which are aired through the History Channel, Discovery, BBC World, sold directly by them and also given away or sold at reduced prices together with popular and not so popular publications - magazines and newspapers.

We acquired two DVD's from the History Channel with 200 minutes of their programming Banned From the Bible I and Banned From the Bible II

Suspecting what we eventually confirmed, we placed the order even before the programs aired and.... we were not disappointed.

After viewing those 200 minutes of "Expert Testimony" - we must sat that: One must have a very strong faith to prevent from reclassifying the Word of God as the intellectual product of those in power - or in the know - at the time. "At the time" being defined "today", "tomorrow" just as "2000 years ago". A level of faith that we seldom come across during our face-to-face interactions with individuals in the US and Europe; individuals who truly believe that they have strong faith..

We are not even talking relativism; we are referring to setting the stage for future archeological findings, i.e. the "findings" needed to suit the need-of-the-moment of the World Masters.

This is why we keep on harping on the coherence of the Holy Scriptures and keep recommending our readership to read and reread the documents that we have published regarding the supernatural component of the Holy Scriptures and their marvelous coherence. Unfortunately, after the novelty of the documents being issued the first time wears out, very seldom our list members ever refer go back to them.

Our only consolation is that we have done (and will continue to do) all that God Wills we do to reinforce the Faith on the Word of God, but, as with the proverbial horse, we can only lead to the water...

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