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What went wrong with the Roman Catholic Church?



We have read an article (1) in The Conservative Voice - News about "How the Spirit of the Age Affected the Catholic Church in the U.S. after Vatican II". As it turned out to be it was another attempt at Denial. Therefore, we have chosen to share it, and our comments, with our wide, and mostly level-headed and non-fanatic readership.

Two key quotes of said article follow. The opening paragraph and the closing paragraph. They "say it all".

The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, held from 1962 to 1965 at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, had as its objectives the renewal of the Catholic Church and to modernize its forms and institutions. Unfortunately, during and after the Council, the Zeitgeist – the German term for “spirit of the age” – was largely responsible for the decline in certain key aspects of the Catholic Church in the U.S. These aspects are the number of priests and religious, weekly church attendance by its members, and the state of Catholic marriage. The Zeitgeist also fostered the rise of dissident Catholic organizations and individuals who have often misrepresented the teachings of Vatican II in order to promote their own agendas.


In conclusion, it is all too apparent that the decline in key aspects of the Catholic Church in the U.S. were due, directly and indirectly, to the zeitgeist: specifically, the Cultural/Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, which had its roots in the Enlightenment. Essentially, the corrupt clergy and laity in the Church have been infected, to varying degrees, by the very worst elements of society. Of course, this is no way absolves their misbehavior and, in some cases, outright criminal activity. If anything, they should know better. Everything considered, however, it makes more sense to blame the crisis in the Church on the widespread cultural and moral decay instead of on Vatican II itself.


What they, and most "conservative" (2) Catholic groups, fail to see is that the "spirit of the age" manifested itself because the the Roman Catholic Church miserably failed in its Evangelization effort and God allowed it, just as he allowed satan to play havoc upon Job to test/prove his faith.

We know - not believe - but KNOW - the power of the Sacraments; we know - not believe - but KNOW - the power of the Faith in God - NOT IN MAN!

If the so called "spirit of the age" manifested itself it was because the Roman Church, by its deviant behavior during centuries upon centuries, "ran off" the Holy Spirit of God. (There is no vacuum in the spiritual domain any more than there is a vacuum in the physical world.) Utilizing satan - who must serve Him, God will trigger the events leading to the resurrection of the Glorified Church, thus replacing its current putrefied state.

Instead of making/mumbling excuses, what the "conservative" (2) Administration of the Church should have done, as well as every last "conservative" (2) apologist for such system, was to acknowledge the multitude of outrageous mistakes - first amongst them is blatantly ignoring the very urgent Messages of the Ever Virgin Mary, the One Who, instead of being converted into just another "Profit Center", should have been obeyed to the letter. We do not need "cute and catchy" Marian Slogans - Rome needed to heed Her advise!

Look at the world today. A complete moral and spiritual sewer. How dare anyone - make no mistake, Popes included - claim that they carried out the Evangelization as Jesus instructed them - infallibly at that!? For them to claim that is sheer blasphemy - Yes!, you read that right: miguel de Portugal accuses many (not all!) of them of blasphemy, duplicity and hypocrisy! - for, by their actions and words they are ascribing the evil one greater powers than God Almighty! Who is like unto God!

God even "planted" one in their midst to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that the formula that Jesus brought to us to Evangelize the world works, even under the most adverse circumstances.

That "plant" was John Bosco (founder of the Salesian Order) who, even in the anticlerical climate of 19th century Italy, while the Church was being stripped of its large Italian land holdings and secular power, succeeded in his Jesus-like Evangelization efforts with the active cooperation of those who were battling the Vatican powers then. Odd, isn't it? Not really - if one has the integrity to face the truth and reality of Rome's abysmal failure.

Just look at the mediatic and scandalous pre funeral of John Paul II. One would think God is just about to die... and that is precisely the card that Rome has played for centuries. The more Rome lost the faith, the more they had to deify their leaders - just like the Roman Empire and Egypt did - for when the real Faith dies, the Holy Spirit of God leaves and the spirit of evil comes to fill the void... then the creature pretends to take the place of God... in a subtle manner first until it finally evolves into the ultimate blasphemy - the full imposture of the False Christ. But do not take our word for it... meditate upon what Mary said in La Salette.


Did not Jesus say:

"Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in Me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these because I am going to the Father" [John 14:12]

So there you have it again, dearest sisters and brothers - either:

(a) Jesus did not tell us the truth; or

(b) The Sacred Scriptures are wrong; or

(c) The Roman Catholic Church indeed failed in their charge to Evangelize the world and continues to do what it knows best - cover up its own tracks.

The choice is yours, but be very careful and not make the same mistake Peter made. [Luke 22:34]

(1) Original article
(2) Conservative: Those who want to preserve the status quo for their benefit and personal gain - no matter how bad it may be. Other examples: The Masters and lackeys of the Temple of Jerusalem in Jesus' time.

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Document Published on March 7, 2005

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