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The Time Line of the Creation of Today's Human

From Its Beginning


The purpose of this document, a continuation of six earlier related documents [Biblical Literalism - Part I (1), Biblical Literalism - Part II (2) , Creation vs. Evolution - Part I (3) , Creation vs. Evolution - Part II (4), The Book of Enoch (5) and The Selection of the Elect (6)] is to:

(a) Provide those interested with an accurate and realistic Time Line of Creation of today's human and a clear description of the world as it will be after the global upheaval already underway (7);

(b) Dispel some persistent myths about ancient civilizations and about the theory of man-made global warming;

(c) Show that some fabled events in prehistory and ancient history - events which the modern mainstream intelligentsia dismisses as "myths" - actually occurred;

(d) Intelligently speculate why certain real events in the ancient world are - despite the accumulating evidence - still treated as "myths." (An accurate understanding of some of these alleged "myths" is essential now, since these "myths" may be related to the falsification of the true Second Coming of Jesus Christ);

We will do this in broad brush strokes - not trying to explain every detail nor attempting to clarify every mystery of antiquity. That would be presumptuous.


Professionals and enthusiasts who study, debate, and publish endlessly on these matters will find that they will never discover the complete answer to these ancient mysteries by applying scientific theory and advanced technology alone. Nor will a full answer be found in a strict, literal interpretation of any religion's Holy Texts. The truths about these mysteries will be evident only to those who are open to Divine revelations, and who also diligently pursue the truths revealed through valid scientific methods.

Through these pages, the alert reader will better comprehend the reality of God, as well as the great merits of science (which, coupled with Divine Illumination, can answer all the questions that man needs to have answered).

Through the six documents cited above, we:

(a) have begun lifting the veil from the real Creation Story: the symbolic Adam and Eve;

(b) have explained the coherence and mutual interaction between the Creation and Evolution theories;

(c) have shown the manner in which the Sacred Texts should be approached (intellectually and spiritually) to maximize our learning from them; and

(d) have shown the reality that not all that is labeled as heretical by the established religious institutions is indeed heretical; nor is all that is labeled as orthodox necessarily the proverbial Gospel Truth.

We recommend that all who read this document familiarize themselves with the prior six documents. Otherwise, some of the information in this seventh document may appear out of context and/or may be misunderstood.

To those who are non-believers or who take the Sacred Scriptures as mere fables, we suggest that the following information be processed with an open mind, then, its natural coherence will allow you to understand it regardless of your fundamental belief system.


There is a new science in the tool box of those who delve into mankind's past: Archeo-astronomy. By determining the position of the stars in the Universe in relation to our planet at any given time, a time-line can be established with relative accuracy. When that information is combined with the secrets revealed through the sciences of Archeology, Archeo-climatology and Archeo-genealogy, a very clear picture of humanity's past begins to emerge - a picture that is not always in agreement with the present-day scientific or religious consensus.

Revelations (and infused knowledge) from God confirm and amplify the picture of the past that science portray. All of this also provide a clear picture of what the world will be like after the already developing global upheaval (7). In addition, it also allows us to unmask – in advance – the deceptions and evil strategies associated with the falsification of the Second Coming of Christ.


Part I - The Real Genesis Time Line

First, let us review recent climatic data.....

A summary of the sequence of climatic events for the last 14,500 years

Information within brackets "[ ]" is added by The M+G+R Foundation

12,500 BC - Rapid [rapid = within a few years or decades] warming and moistening of climates in some areas. Rapid deglaciation begins.

11,500 BC - Nearly all areas with climates at least as warm and moist as today's

10,800 BC (+/- 200 years) - A climatic reversal - rapid onset of cool, dry climate in many areas. (This era is known as the Younger Dryas.)

[Important and confirmed research has demonstrated what caused the rapid onset of cool, dry climate. A meteor impact in the Quebec region of North America.]

9,500 BC (+/- 200 years) - Younger Dryas glacial period ends suddenly, and Earth goes back to warmth and moist climates (Holocene, or Stage 1)

[Sometime around 9,500 BC, the event that is Biblically know as Noah's Flood took place. For our purposes, as stated at the beginning of this document, it is not necessary to pinpoint the exact date of that global cataclysm although recent important research seems to have done it as well as having identified its nature - something similar to Gamma Ray Burst seems to have triggered massive meltdown of the glaciers.]

7,000 BC - 6,200 BC - Climates warmer and often moister than today's

[The Earth entered conditions warmer and moister than today; the Saharan and Arabian deserts almost completely disappeared under a vegetation cover, and in the northern latitudes forests grew slightly closer to the poles than they do at present.]

At about 6,200 BC - Sudden cool and dry phase in many areas

6,000-2,500 BC - Climates return to warmer and moister than today's

[3150 BC - According to traditional Egyptologists, Narmer (First Dynasty) started to rule in Ancient Egypt. Egypt was not desert-like then. The Sphinx plus anything else that may have survived the Flood were already built, and had been in place for thousands of years. That is, the "ancient" Egyptian did not start dressed with a loin cloth, wielding a club and uttering guttural sounds in lieu of speech.]

Since 2,500 BC - Climates were fairly similar to the present (except about 600 BC - when a relatively wet/cold event - of unknown duration - took place in many areas)

As we review astronomical and archeological data presented by a group of Archeological and Archeo-astronomical researchers (9), data which has been independently confirmed by us, and compare it with additional data regarding past ice ages in our planet (10), we find that events evolved in the following general lines....

The Proposed Real Genesis Time Line

Quoting from our earlier document on Creation (4).....

The parental line of all humans dates back 200,000 to 100,000 BC and started from Eastern Africa. A migration started and they moved all over the world.

Sometime along the journey, a time undefined just yet, God breathed His Spirit upon a select group of these humans. This event is symbolized by the creation of Adam and Eve in His image, as we read in the Book of Genesis. They became "in the image of God" and were given a Paradise like place somewhere in the Middle Eastern region. This group composed the First Cut of the Elect.

[Three Important Notes concerning this particular issue was added under the CONCLUSIONS heading on February 5, 2009, on August 29, 2010 and on August 26, 2012]

Their relatives, who were "not-in-the-image-of-God", were already advancing civilizations all over the world at the locations to which they had migrated from Africa starting from ca. 200,000 to 100,000 years BC .

The sons of God [Genesis 6] – the angels who joined Lucifer's rebellion and were cast down from Heaven with him [Revelation 12] - started breeding with women from the "Elect" group, those who had been living in Paradise; these were the daughters of man [Genesis 6] . The book of Enoch (5) informs us that these fallen angels brought to mankind much privileged knowledge which fueled man's technological advance - an advance that even today cannot be explained because we simply do not understand it.

Note: If the reader prefers to think of the "fallen angels" as "ancient astronauts" it will not affect the messages delivered by this document nor will the reality of a Supreme Creator - God. After all, someone had create the ancient astronauts.

The part of humanity (the daughters of man) which had been created in the image of God disobeyed Him by breeding with the sons of God [Genesis 6] . Therefore, they were expelled from Paradise. The first Exodus of a Chosen People of God started at this point: a passage from freedom to slavery (and as such, the opposite of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.)

[If we now stop for a moment and think what caused the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, according to the Biblical story the answer would be:

They ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge and it was Eve - the symbolic daughter of men [Genesis 6] - who started it.

Now think - the sons of God, the fallen angels - who are represented by the serpent who convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit - bred with the daughters of man (symbolized by Eve) and shared with mankind knowledge which God had not intended to be revealed to His human creation.]

Technology continued to advance to the point that by 10,500 BC ancient civilizations were able to produce structures like the Sphinx and many other similar monuments throughout the world. Archeo-astronomy and other modern archeological sciences have confirmed that the Sphinx and Bolivia's Tihuanaco observatory/temple, for example, were built to greet the Age of Leo which started around 10,500 BC – in other words, these sites were not built in the period 2500 BC or later, which is the date officially assigned to the building of these monuments. The exact layout of the Pyramids in the Giza plateau - allegedly designed for a specific time during the Age of Taurus (4,500 - 1,900 BC) - seem to have been established back then too.

Most present-day experts insist that these structures were built thousands of years later, a claim which does not hold up upon closer scrutiny. Said structures showed ancient civilizations' highly advanced knowledge of mathematics and allied sciences, astronomy and civil engineering.

As these ancient civilizations advanced technologically, they degenerated morally (just as humanity is doing now). Therefore, God chose to eradicate all humans from the planet except a group of the Paradise exiles who were still pure, since they had not interbred with the fallen angels. This global event is what we know as Noah's Flood.

The pre-Flood civilization reached its zenith worldwide around 10,500 BC, and was then drowned in the depths of the flood waters, sometime around 9,500 BC. We now remember this event symbolically, and tell stories of the lost "mythical" civilizations of pre-historic times. But these symbols point to the reality that the Bible describes in the story of Noah and the Flood.

After the Flood, civilization restarted "from zero." However, many secrets from the past civilization had survived the Flood, and were passed on through writings and through oral tradition. As the Book of Enoch (5) suggests, some of these secrets were transmitted openly; others were passed down in secret – and may still be hidden 12,000 years later. Many of the great structures of the ancient and highly advanced pre flood civilization eventually were occupied (and built upon) by the post-Flood remnants of humanity.

From 6,000 BC to 2,500 BC, the regions that we know as the Middle East and the Sahara desert were lush with vegetation. This area was a breeding ground for a new and advanced civilization, a civilization which we now call ancient Egypt.

As noted in the sequence of climatic events above, Narmer (First Dynasty) started to rule in Ancient Egypt around 3,150 BC

The survivors of the Flood were the "Second Cut" of God's Elect. From among them, God selected Abraham and made a "Third Cut" of the Elect: his Chosen People. The approximate date of this event (~1,950 BC) can be calculated from the fact that according to modern historical records, Joseph was in Egypt ~ 1,718 - 1,706 BC and Moses and Ramses II were ~ 1,493 - 1,492 BC. The Abrahamic period is the earliest period from the Old Testament that can be tied to recorded history. Any dating before then can only be achieved in the manner that we have shown in this and prior documents.

Chronologically this means that from the great Flood to the time of Joseph in Egypt about 8,800 to 7,800 years must have elapsed.

It is interesting to note that Arab chroniclers in the Middle Ages spoke of the Great Pyramid as "...a temple to the stars..." and frequently connected it to the Biblical Flood which they dated to ca. 10,300 BC (11).

Eventually, the tribe of Judah became the new Elect group. 20 And it came to pass when all Israel heard that Jeroboam was come again, that they gathered an assembly, and sent and called him, and made him king over all Israel, and there was none that followed the house of David but the tribe of Judah only. [1 Kings]

This is the "Fourth Cut" of the Elect - the tribe of Judah - now, the House of Israel.

Eventually Jesus comes into the scene since the Chosen People - the "Fourth Cut" of the Elect - still did not understand how God wanted them to live so that they could return to Paradise. Those who accept Jesus as the Messiah become the "Fifth Cut" of the Elect.

2,000 years later, the leaders of the new chosen people - those who accept Jesus as the Messiah - are not doing any better than the leaders of organized religion when Jesus walked amongst men.

In the meantime, humanity's technological advances are great and getting very close to where they were at the time the Flood came about. Mankind - including its religious leadership - is again in full defiance of God.

God is left with no choice and, once again, allows the destruction of most of humanity. This brings the surviving groups back to almost zero, in numbers and in level of technology (7) . They start rebuilding just as those, symbolized by the Noah story, had to do. This group composes the "Sixth Cut" of the Elect.

This time satan is locked up; the remnant can rebuild in accordance with God's plan, and without satan's interference. In about one thousand years, satan is briefly released so that he can once again tempt all who populate the Earth then.

However, ".... when the thousand years shall be finished, satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 8 And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city." [Rev 20]

This time, most of the living will choose Godly ways, and those who survive the last onslaught of satan's snares will become the final Elect group - the "Seventh Cut".

God will be finally glorified by all of humanity and God brings Creation to a close on or about the year 2832 AD.

Part II - About Global Warming

Referring to the summary of the sequence of climatic events for the last 14,500 years (10) shown as DETAILS - Part I, above, only two conclusions can be drawn:

(a) Climate swings are not greatly dependent on human activity: or

The pre-Flood advanced civilization was as bad as we are now regarding harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

In either case it does not matter to us now:

It is far too late to even bother recycling old newspapers, except for giving a good example to the young ones who will make it past the already developing global upheaval and cataclysm (7).

Part III - About the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ

The relationship between (a) what has been uncovered while confirming the real Creation Time Line and (b) the pending Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ has been addressed in separate documents (12).


God guided this work of assembling the history of the Creation of today's humans from independent (but mutually confirming) religious and secular sources.

This document - together with the information contained in the prior six documents already listed [(1) through (6)] - is as close as mankind will come to knowing (before crossing the veil) the History of Creation from the time God Created Man in His Image to Its End.

Post Original Publication NOTES

Note Added on February 5, 2009

Providentially, less than two weeks after concluding this Seventh Document, we came across the work done by Dr. Spencer Wells (13), an American geneticist and anthropologist, who, working with Dr. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (14), an Italian population geneticist born in Genoa, professor Emeritus of Stanford University, used techniques and theories of genetics and evolutionary biology to trace the geographical dispersal of early human migrations out of Africa. (13) Paraphrasing Dr. Wells' words:

About 50,000 years ago (48,000 BC) there was a quantum leap in the intelligence and power of deduction of a group of Homo Sapiens in Eastern mid-Africa who started the migratory wave north. These obviously "gifted" Homo Sapiens eventually became the ancestors of all surviving humans today. Somehow the rest of Homo Sapiens and the Homo Erectus were disappeared from the face of the Earth.

The only area of his work which did not dove tail with what has been given to us otherwise was his claim that a branch of this group entered the Americas ca. 11,000 BC. This would not have allowed the highly developed civilizations on Central and South America at the time of the Flood. Providentially we came across a page on Early Human Migrations (15) where we found out that "Controversial findings in Chile at Monte Verde may indicate a human presence in the Americas by up to 33,000 years ago (31,000 BC)." All else was the same.

We consider these two additional external sources as additional confirmation to the Time Line for Creation that we have proposed above.

Note Added on August 29, 2010

David M. Rohl (16), a British Egyptologist and former director of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS). Since the 1980s, has put forth several theories revising the chronology of Ancient Egypt and Israel to form a new chronology. He has also put forth other theories related to the Old Testament.

In his published work, Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation, he posits a location for the legendary Garden of Eden (in Iranian Azarbaijan, in the vicinity of Tabriz), (17) upon which the Genesis tradition was based.

Eric H. Cline, author of the book From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible, said about Rohl's suggestion for the location of Eden: "his suggestions have not caught on with the scholarly establishment. His argument is not helped by the fact that it depends upon speculations regarding the transmission of place-names for both the various rivers and nearby related areas from antiquity to the present. In the end, while Rohl’s suggestion is not out of the question, it seems no more probable than any other hypothesis."(17)

We have carefully followed the logic Mr. Rohl used in locating the Paradise spoken of in the Book of Genesis and it seems quite coherent with what we know otherwise. The reason that "his suggestions have not caught on with the scholarly establishment." is because the time frame he gives goes against the "established and accepted wisdom." This "accepted wisdom" is not sustainable, and we openly reject this self serving and erroneous "established and accepted wisdom."

Note Added on August 26, 2012

An article just published by "Nature" reports on the results of a study on the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family. (18) Summarizing:

They found decisive support for an Anatolian origin over a steppe origin. Both the inferred timing and root location of the Indo-European language trees fit with an agricultural expansion from Anatolia (19) beginning 8000 to 9500 years ago.

What is of great importance to us (and should be to them too) is the coherence of their conclusions with what we have presented as the True History of Creation.

We stated that: Somewhere around 9,500 BC, the event that is Biblically know as Noah's Flood took place. For our purposes it is not necessary to pinpoint the exact date of that global cataclysm.

It has been claimed that Noah's Ark - and what it represents - was found in Mt. Ararat (20) (21), in eastern Turkey. It logically follows that the repopulating of this area of the world took place starting from the area we now call Anatolia. (19)

There is a slight difference in the timing. We estimate that what we know as Noah's Flood took place somewhere around 9,500 BC while they place the beginning of the expansion between 6,000 and 7,500 BC. Considering the uncertainty of the calculations/estimations, the differential is nothing to be concerned about. The key point is that the Indo-European language had a common point of origin which precisely coincides with the area of the events we know as Noah's Flood.

(1) Biblical Literalism - Part I
(2) Biblical Literalism - Part II
(3) Creation vs Evolution - Part I
(4) Creation vs Evolution - Part II
(5) The Book of Enoch
(6) The Selection of the Elect
(7) In summary:
"We are facing a short, but very severe, time of trouble for the entire world. It will be more severe than the 1914-1945 period, but much shorter in duration and affecting every part of the world. This time, the US will not escape with little harm as it did in the two previous World Wars.
There will be major natural and man-made disasters - which have already commenced; the nuclear climax of World War III (which started on September 11, 2001) will take place, followed the attempt of establishing the One World Order, an attempt which will be "crowned" by a falsification of the Second Coming of Christ.
Only Divine intervention will pull us back from the edge of complete destruction."
(8) What can we do? This and this! Why now? Because it is that time!
(9) Keepers of Genesis by R. Bauval and Graham Hancock - Edition dated 1997 and other sources.
(10) A quick background to the last ice age and The Younger Dryas Period
(11) Pyramid Odyssey by William R. Fix, Mercury Media Inc., Urbanna, Va, Hardcover Edition 1978, pp 52-53. [The Copts apparently took the traditional date for the Biblical Flood as 10,000 BC]
(12) The Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ - Part I and Part II
(13) About Dr. Spencer Wells' work
(14) About Dr. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza
(15) Early human migrations - a detailed summary
(16) About David M. Rohl
(17) Maps of the area
(18) Origin of Indo European Languages
(19) Traditionally, Anatolia is considered to extend in the east to a line between the Gulf of Iskenderun and the Black Sea, approximately corresponding to the western two-thirds of the Asian part of Turkey.
(20) Mt. Ararat
(21) Noah's Ark in Mt. Ararat

Originally Published on January 25th, 2009 - The Conversion of St. Paul

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