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The Vatican and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's)

Addressing This Issue Now


The purpose of this document is to place in perspective the alleged existence of UFO's, The End of These Times, Marian Apparitions and God. As we have heard many times: The Truth will set you free. The problem has always been that no one has accurately defined "free" of what?"

The answer is: Free of fear! Fear is the enemy of God's children and satan's most effective tool.


On January 9, 2002 we wrote
: (1)

Now that the Raelian Sect and their clones have become front page news... should you meet one, please do ask of them, on our behalf, the following question: "If aliens, not God, created (cloned) humans, who created those aliens?"

On November 24, 2006 we wrote: (2)

Do you wonder if there are really interplanetary aliens and how would it impact on our notion of Creation and Jesus as our Savior? Wonder no more for...

...Being that God is the First Cause, to share His Goodness and Joy, He wanted to Create someone to share it with - thus you and I come into the picture with the Universe as the support system for our life form.

That you believe that there are other creatures equivalent to man in other parts of the Universe? That is not a a problem. If a proverbial "little green men with funny eyes, no hair and spindly fingers" does exist - he is also a creature of God created for the same purpose with the same Savior, Jesus Christ, manifested to them in a manner they can relate to Him as Savior.

Brethren - it is that simple. Man has complicated the relation between God and His creatures just to "cash in"...

The object of our concern, as we have expressed in different ways, is not Reality but Falsehood. We certainly have no fear or concern about the Second Coming of Christ; our concern lies squarely on the falsification of the Second Coming of Christ - the manifestation of the False Christ. (3)

We have also explained the Sequence of Events (4) that will take place up to the Second Coming of Christ. Part of that sequence calls for the New International Order (5) and the One Universal Religion. (6)

The explanation/revelation of how all of that tie together is our responsibility (7) , thus, we must inform those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear about it.


The following information reached our hands on February 1, 2008:

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

That very large "UFO" sighted by scores of people over Stephenville, Texas a few days ago was a *Cabal antigravity craft, Councillor For the Watchers informs me. A "dry run" rehearsal.


That Cabal-staged false "Star Wars" is planned to occur before the U.S. Presidential Election date of November 4.

Why such timing?

Because the Cabal are starting to see their power slip, and if (as seems the case) the political process seems headed towards placing a real progressive reformer in the White House who will challenge Cabal power structures, then the Cabal are prepared to launch their Final Solution: global sky wars by fake "invaders", as an excuse for Cabal-controlled governments to band together and declare Global Martial Law and total suspension of ordinary
citizen rights. der New World Order.

Since we know Adam (of Adam and Eve) better than we know Dr. Boylan, and he seems to be "talking the same language" that we do about the possible problem the coming US election results will pose to the World Masters, we decided to take a look behind Dr. Boylan's work.

We are not going to evaluate the validity of his work nor his qualifications to speak as he does. We do, however, publicly acknowledge that God used Dr. Boylan Home Page (8) to bring to our attention Monsignor Corrado Balducci.


Who is Monsignor Corrado Balducci? No, he is not a quaint Italian Sunday School teacher. He is, according to Wikipedia:

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, (born May 11, 1923 in Italy[1]), is a Roman Catholic theologian of the Vatican Curia,[2] a close friend of the pope,[3] long time exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome,[2] and he is a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.[2] He has written several books about the subliminal messages in rock and metal music, diabolic possessions, and extraterrestrials.[2] Monsignor Balducci often appears on Italian TV to talk about satanism, religion, and extraterrestrials.[4]

His Education: Monsignor Balducci graduated in 1954 from Pontificia Accademia Ecclesiastica, the Vatican training institute for priests who will be future papal ambassadors, or nuncios.[5]

About Extraterrestrials: Monsignor Balducci has said that extraterrestrial contact is real.[6][4][7][8][9]

In relation to the teachings of the Catholic Church, he has stressed that the extraterrestrial encounters "are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully."[3] He also said that the Vatican is closely following reported incidents of extraterrestrial encounters from its Nunciatures (embassies) in different countries.[3]

To access the references used to make such statements the reader may access the appropriate Wikipedia page. (9)

A "push over" Balducci is not, and anyone that may only have a vague idea of how the Vatican works know that Msgr. Balducci would not be allowed to make such statements, even if he were only addressing polar bears in Antarctica - unless he had the more-than-tacit approval of the Roman Curia.

Now - when we hear about the Opus Dei-laced-Vatican, a New International Order and Universal Religion and any kind of Global Staging the attention of The M+G+R Foundation is engaged.

To solidify the plot (that is: beyond its thickening) we learn that Msgr. Balducci and Michael Hesemann, UFO investigator, editor, informant for Prince Hans Adam of Lichenstein and out-of-the-closet Opus Dei Member are in good "professional terms". (10)

We could continue to "connect the dots" and draw a number of very disturbing pictures, however, this is not necessary to reach the only "one-size-fits-all", i.e., the Universal conclusions and recommendations.


Not to worry!

Keep your eyes and soul focused on God - He IS the only Creator and all of Creation is subject to Him - "little green men" included.

Make a comfortable home for the Holy Spirit of God in your heart - that is the equivalent of having a Radar Detector and a Global Positioner all rolled into one" instrument" that will allow you to safely discern what is truth from what is false - without fail.

Just because an expert - by world standards - tells you something, do not believe it if that "internal radar" - the Holy Spirit of God - is "flashing a red light and blowing a warning horn". No matter how glittering those world qualifications blind you with their "light".

For example, would you ask for marital advice to Dr. David Hager, (11) respected OB/GYN, member of Focus on the Family's Physician Resource Council, and a member of the FDA's Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs just because of his world qualifications? Think again! It seems that he is better qualified to be the Poster Boy for satan's favorite soul-demolishing technique. (12)

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(5) New International Order
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Published on February 2, 2008 - Feast of the Presentation [Candlemas]

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