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The Lady in Blue

That book could be the final blow to Marian Apparitions

[El 28 de Julio de 2009 se añadió una Nota muy importante al final del siguiente texto]

The Lady in Blue - The Trap


The purpose of this document is to share, on a worldwide scale, a communication that we sent to our extended Mailing List. Just as the title indicates, what we are reporting has to be the final blow to Marian apparitions – all of them, Fatima included.

The original communication...

From: Miguel de Portugal
To: Our List Members
Date: February 1st, 2009
Subject: What could be the final blow to Marian Apparitions

A book has been published which must be the most damaging book against Marian Apparitions ever published. We have never come across something that could be so devastating to what is left of the Faith. The book is The Lady in Blue by Javier Sierra.

We do not believe that Mr. Sierra’s intentions were to deceive or to harm the Catholic Faith. Actually, Mr. Sierra seems to have been on a journey to regain his lost faith. But as we all know: The way to hell is paved with good intentions. With that said...

This book falls onto M de P’s list of those “acquired and read by a very obvious Divine Command”. It also falls onto the much shorter list where the Divine Command was independently confirmed very soon after he started reading it. (Divine Commands, which never transgress Divine or Civil Laws, are obeyed, not evaluated.)

When he acquired it, M de P had no idea who was “the star” of the book, The Lady in Blue (Sr. María de Jesús de Ágreda of The Mystical City of God fame), nor what the subject matter was.

At the end of this communication you will find an excerpt from Wikipedia about Mr. Sierra’s trajectory, with some of our comments added. The Lady in Blue is presented as an investigative novel and it could be taken —at first— as another DaVinci Code. Tragically for the Faith, it is not. The only truth that the DaVinci Code had was the symbolization of the spirit of the Opus Dei; all else was fiction. In The Lady in Blue, the fiction component is very minor when compared with the facts it presents (names, events, faces and documentation), making the book deadly to the Faith.

What that book does is to essentially prove (remember – we are talking facts and figures carefully utilized for the effect desired) that all Marian Apparitions, with one exception, were the result of nuns bilocating (i.e. they are present in two distant places at the same time) – a project controlled by The Vatican since time immemorial and where the angels were key players.

As presented above, it sounds sophomoric and so unbelievable that you may rightfully say: “A High School kid who had basic catechism could see through such an allegation.”

If that were true, we would then ask you: Would Miguel de Portugal be spending time that he does not have in warning the Faithful about this?

As part of the story, Mr. Sierra covers the fallen angels and their mating with the daughters of men. His statements —fueled by Ágreda’s alleged writings— are error-ridden. These errors are mixed with facts, figures and documents in such a convincing manner that many of Sierra’s readers would accept his errors as logical truth. He even dragged St. Teresa de Jesús (de Ávila) into this charade, an individual whom we know well and can personally vouch for. We have covered the issue of the fallen angels in a separate document (1).

Thus – in a nutshell: A very well known, well intentioned and informed investigative author “proves” that the Marian Apparitions were concocted by The Vatican, and that the angels of God are helping to unmask such falsified Marian Apparitions. Thus, the eight lane highway-landing strip has been prepared for the arrival of the False Christ. Sierra has even provided a subtle hint that could justify bringing aliens into the picture – were it necessary.

As we have said: Because of all the facts (supposedly true for the most part) which have gone into this book, readers are imbued with a sense of certainty that will psychologically transfer to the fantastic theory of the "teleporting nuns".

Precisely because of this way of proceeding, we cannot think of anything that could be more devastating to whatever is left of the Catholic Faith. The Lady in Blue could be more damaging to the Faithful than the well-publicized claims of having found Jesus’ tomb and bones, or the story that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married, or all the sexual scandals of the Church combined.

The fact that the Vatican ignored the Fatima Messages, thus allowing World War II (2), could be easily be taken as “proof” that Marian Apparitions were Vatican induced and thus, not minded by the Church Administration. We wonder how long it would take for them to try that.

As He would do, God placed Mr. Sierra’s book in our hands after we had published the last of a series of Seven Documents —The History of Creation— and before we wrote the section that still is missing from the Seventh Document, which deals with new information about the Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ. The timing was, as all that is of God, perfect.

To fully understand the magnitude and depth of this deception, we recommend that The Lady in Blue be read by the Faithful. To increase Mr. Sierra’s royalty checks is a small price to pay for the Faithful to fully comprehend the magnitude of this deception which even escapes our ability to properly illustrate it with words.

Amazon (3) even has second hand copies at a very reduced price.

Now... meet Mr. Javier Sierra:

From Wikipedia (4)

Javier Sierra Albert (Born 11 August 1971 in Teruel, Aragón, Spain) is a journalist, writer and researcher who studied journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. At the moment he is editor consultant of the monthly magazine Más Allá de la Ciencia (Beyond Science) distributed in Spain and Latin America and he participates in several radio and television programs. During the last years, he has concentrated main part of his efforts in traveling and investigating the enigmas of the past and historical mysteries, which never were clarified by the most orthodox studies. His novels have as common purpose to solve historical mysteries based on real documentation and extensive field research.

For years, Sierra has been working with people like Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval studying the existence of a Golden Age of the Humanity, dated in our most remote past. His hypothesis holds that this Golden Age was extinguished about 10,500 years ago, and it was the origin of all the known civilizations.

From an early age he was fascinated by the world of communications, conducting his first radio program in Radio Heraldo at the age of twelve. By the time he was sixteen, he was writing articles for the press, and at eighteen he was one of the founders of the international magazine Año Cero (Year Zero). At the age of twenty-seven, he became editor of the well-known Spanish monthly magazine Más Allá de la Ciencia.

His latest novel The Secret Supper has been published in 42 countries becoming one of the greatest international successes of Spanish literature .

Javier Sierra is the first contemporary Spanish writer who has entered in the top ten of the The New York Times Best Seller list on 9 April 2006 with his last novel The Secret Supper.

We comment further:

Considering his young age, his field of work (everyone, it seems, is in it), the scope and reach of his work and his immense popularity it is obvious that he has “godparents” helping him promote the agenda at hand. We are very familiar with those two magazines “Más Allá de la Ciencia” a and “Año Cero”. Although they have some relatively good articles on science and the paranormal, if we were to classify the magazines it would be under New Age, pro-Alien and anti-Christian – although in a very subtle, yet powerful way.

Más Allá de la Ciencia recently published a special issue where the underlying purpose was to demystify Jesus and/or negate His historical existence while appearing to be a collection of serious articles prepared by “experts” in their respective fields. Some appeared downright silly to us but very believable to the unsuspecting reader. [Más Allá Monográfico – No. 55/ Año XX]

Mr. Sierra is very pro-Mary of Ágreda; to the point that he was invited to the ceremonies, led by Governor Richardson of New Mexico, making all of the state of New Mexico the “twin” of the Spanish town (Ágreda) where María de Jesús (de Ágreda) lived and died. The claim is that she evangelized the American Indian tribes of New Mexico, not to mention Juan Diego and his native brothers in (Old) Mexico, etc. Remember: with this story line, now the Virgin of Guadalupe was really María de Jesús de Ágreda, or another “programmed nun”, bilocating to Tepayec in cahoots with the Vatican!

The reader should note that, according to Wikipedia, Mr. Sierra has also worked with Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, whom we credited in our document, “The History of Creation” (5), for their Archeo-Astronomical work (in particular, their work as reported in the “Keeper of Genesis”). (Messrs. Hancock and Bauval’s fallen angels / alien “theology” should not be accepted – unlike their Archeo-Astronomical work, which is credible and based on fact (6).)

NOTE added on July 28, 2009

As if what we have reported above were not enough to demolish the little faith left in Marian Apparitions, we read in the Spanish magazine “Más Allá de la Ciencia” (Beyond Science) [No. 245, Year XXI] that now, after having been made adoptive son of the U.S. state on New Mexico, Mr. Javier Sierra has also been made an adoptive son of Ágreda, the little Spanish town where the Ágreda myth was launched from. The local, provincial and national officials were present to honor Mr. Sierra for having placed the town of Ágreda (and its illustrious former resident, María de Jesús de Ágreda) in the global limelight.

As we have pointed out in the original communication, Mr. Sierra’s book, already published in 23 languages, by default, explains that essentially all Marian Apparitions —starting with the one of Guadalupe— were nothing more that nuns bilocating all over the world. satan, once again, is trying to steal “God’s Thunder” and placing it in the hands of a mere human.

Tragically, the under Evangelized and marginally educated Faithful-by-default are more inclined to believe the story of flying nuns than to believe that the Holy Mother of God (in the person of Jesus) intervened in Time to assist the disoriented and under-Evangelized Faithful.

(1) About the fallen angels mating with women
(2) The Roman Catholic Church Administration is to blame for World War II
(3) The Lady in Blue at Amazon and the Official Site of The Lady in Blue
(4) Javier Sierra according to Wikipedia and Mr. Sierra's personal page
(5) The History of Creation – A Time Line From its Beginning to its End.
(6) We are, to the extent necessary and possible within our means, confirming their Archeo-Astronomical data.

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