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Has Bergoglio ever been at San Nicolás?

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolás, Argentina

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013
To: The M+G+R Foundation
From: A collaborator

May the peace of God be with you M. de P.:

Apparitions began on 1983. For that time, Bergoglio was de General of the Jesuit order of Argentina. There is silence about Bergoglio for that period on the web (since 1980 to 1992 -different than the situation of the Jesuits priests during the dictatorship) as well on his biography. His work with the University El Salvador and the participation in the "Guardia de Hierro" movement is previous (from 1966 to 1974, year when supposedly the movement was dissolved, I personally believe that there are facts that points against that dissolution on that year). In 1976 was the commencement of the military dictatorship which lasted until 1983 and in 1979 Bergoglio was asked to transfer the administration of the San Salvador University. This is the year when he began as General of the Jesuits.

Bergoglio was named bishop on 1992. Since then, Bergoglio appears frequently in the media.

I found more than one link where people asked themselves if Bergoglio visited the Sanctuary of María del Rosario of San Nicola:
Here (Source) is commented that Bergoglio should knew about María del Rosario apparitions because he worked with Monsignor Castagna in the Episcopal Conference since 2002. This fact was confirmed through the following two links recounting the events related to the vote and the candidates vying positions:

a) Source

b) Source

It is also commented that Bergoglio allowed the presentation of the visionaries of Medugorge in Buenos Aires a little before his election as Pope. This fact was also confirmed in the following link:

1) In this site it is stated (Source)

It's also reported that on at least three occasions he approved the visits to parishes or a stadium in his archdiocese of two priests and a visionary, Ivan Dragicevic, from the currently-under-Vatican-study site of Medjugorje; the seer's visit came on March 4, just two weeks before Francis's election as Pope.

It was Pope Francis who, as a bishop, initiated much of the devotion in South America to "Our Lady, Undoer Of Knots" -- a mystical novena.

There is no information as yet on whether he did visit, however, and if so, what his discernment was. (talking about the apparitions of San Nicola).

Was Cardinal Bergoglio -- not yet a bishop -- aware of San Nicolás?

On September 28, 2008, some 200,000 people participated in the Eucharistic celebration near the Sanctuary of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolás, for the 25th Anniversary of the appearances of Our Lady in Argentina. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by the new bishop of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Héctor Cardelli, who in his homily stressed that "when Mary calls us together, the family is reinforced, because the Mother is bringing her children together." It is difficult to think that Cardinal Bergoglio -- now in that conference of bishops -- was unaware of this.  2) In the next link (Source) the following is mentioned (google translated):

The first comment on the blog reads:

"Monsignor Domingo Salvador Castagna, bishop of St. Nicholas, appointed a commission of six priests who have examined spiritual phenomena and messages, as well as a team of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists from the University of Salvador, which issued its findings, positive in 1985-1986. They found no doctrinal error in messages, or hallucinations or pathological phenomena in Gladys".

The first blog response to this comment is:


3) Source

One of the components of "la Guardia de Hierro" was a group that, today, is classified as a sect.

They initially were devoted to María del Rosario and recognized themselves as members of the Catholic Church and shared the line of thinking of Peron. After his death, the ideology of the group was transformed and began to believe that the Virgin Mary' messages were directed to the ending of the temporal government of Argentina.

The Bishop of San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Monsignor Hector Cardelli (photo), issued a statement noting that, as pastor of the Catholic Church and due to the broadcasts messages called 'Pedro Segundo, Servant of the servants loyal to the King Christ Jesus', I made know that this person, as well as their followers, are not agents of the Catholic Church."

It is reported that the leader of this sect is Segundo Rolon, who was deputy of the province of Buenos Aires by "Guardia de Hierro" in the period 83/87 at Herminio Iglesias's hand."

He added that "in 1988, Rolon laity formed the Order of Maria del Rosario de San Nicolas. At first, the worship team to the appearance of the Virgin was formed with members or sympathizers of the Iron Guard nationwide. In the beginning the group was presented as part of the Church and with a strong Peronist content, but by the end of the millennium, Rolon and other members began to argue that they received messages from the Virgin and Jesus, which will begin to increase tension with Catholic authorities in the city of Saint Nicholas, "said Saddle.

They recruited people on the 25th of September when the pilgrims went to the anniversary of the Virgin's apparition at San Nicola.

As a side note: To the eyes of the priest of the following news, preparation for a sacrament was not necessary to Bergoglio!:


"Bergoglio, says Father 'Pepe' - has always believed deeply in the power of grace, the grace that is donated through the sacraments. And always believed more in the power of grace than in the importance of proper preparation prior catechetical educational paths. The Church should encourage and facilitate people's faith. " Abundant Blessings!


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