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Houston, Texas

Week of July 20, 1997

NOTE Added on December 4, 2002:

Now that Cardinal Ratzinger has been appointed Dean of the College of Cardinals, the well founded scandals swirling around the leadership of the Roman Church seem to multiply as the Damage (to the Church, of course) Control up machinery swings into high speed and an unprecedented and well televised pedophilia scandal rocks Portugal, this warning issued to Cardinal Ratzinger and the Roman Curia FIVE years ago must be publicized.

Why? Because God wants all His children to know that the Roman Church has been amply warned and when the full fury of satan is allowed by God to descend upon the Church - that was the only choice He had left to bring it to its knees before Him so that it may then be regenerated to what He intended it to be.

The Roman Curia by Mediation of:

H.E. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Piazza del Santo Uffizio, 11
00193 Rome

Peace be with you, Cardinal Ratzinger!

When I left Salamanca, Spain, the population of the whole Province was undergoing the trauma of another pedophilia scandal. This time involving an Agustino Recoleto, who taught in their school.

There were well-publicized public demonstrations in the city of Salamanca against child sexual abuse.

I arrive in Houston, Texas, and stumble upon an even greater and more scandalous case of child sexual abuse and cover-up involving the Roman Catholic Church in the City of Dallas, Texas. (1)

Cardinal Ratzinger, In the Name of God I admonish the Roman Curia through you: This has to stop at any cost.

The Church can dispense of half of its clergy and hierarchy if that is what is going to take to stop this massive destruction of souls and the little Faith that is left; precisely, the souls and the Faith that the Roman Catholic Church was entrusted with by Jesus Christ Himself.

You and the Roman Curia are, once again, encouraged to carefully meditate on the wisdom of Gamaliel as exemplified in the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter V, verses 34-39.

At His Service, thus at yours, I remain simply...

miguel de Portugal
+ by the Grace of God

Copy to the Episcopal Conference of the United States

(1) Houston Chronicle (Sunday July 20, 1997 issue) report enclosed.

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