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NOTES Associated With Our Planet "X" Document


Restating the purpose of the original Planet "X" Document:

To shed some relevant light on the multitude of claims and counterclaims, information and disinformation surrounding the alleged passage of Planet "X" by Earth's proximity, originally announced for the Spring of 2003 but now, on the new doomsday year in vogue - 2012 How do we propose to do this without having to write up an evaluation for each claim and counter claim? As we always do - Standing back and taking (and sharing) an overall view of the situation and how it matches with what m de Portugal is aware of regarding the End of These Times.

NOTES Added to our Planet "X" Document from Spring/Summer 2002 through November 21st, 2009

NOTE Added on October 4th, 2005 and updated on March 10th, 2010

Xena, the most possible candidate for the 10th planet (1) (Planet "X") in our solar system (2), has its own moon, a dim little satellite called Gabrielle (3).

It is interesting to note that the one which could "go down in history" as the famous and elusive Planet "X" was temporarily named Planet Xena - with an "X" - and its only moon was temporarily named Gabrielle. The name Gabrielle, of course, brings to mind the Archangel Gabriel who God always uses for very important messages to humanity - like the First Coming of Christ.

However, after a careful review by the appropriate astronomical authorities, different names were assigned. Now, Xena, which was initially labeled 2003 UB313 (4), has a new name: Eris and its satellite, formerly Gabrielle, has now been renamed Dysnomia.

With great emotional trepidation we have just learned that in Greek mythology: Eris is the goddess of warfare and strife and Dysnomia, Eri's daughter in Greek mythology, represents the demon spirit of lawlessness. (3)

The names were officially suggested on 6 September 2006, and accepted and announced on 13 September 2006.

We could not have possibly woven such sordid trajectory for the names associated with the much sought after Planet "X" - names which could not possibly better reflect the times that humanity is living through.

Perhaps all the attention for years focused on the mythical Planet "X" had a very real and immediate purpose chosen by God for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. (5)

(1) Before Pluto was downgraded leaving the solar system with eight planets.
(2) Xena confirmed by Hubble
(3) About Gabrielle
(4) The original discovery
(5) Who has Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

NOTE Added on November 21st, 2009 and updated on March 10th, 2010

On August 21st, 2009 we made an Addendum to the Main Document (1) wherein we revealed that: (a) there has been a confirmation of the significant increase of seismic activity in the first nine years of the new century (2); and that (b) much historic earthquake data has been removed from on-line by the responsible authorities. (3)

We have noted other anomalies with the earthquake data, an example of which was shared with our List (4) . On October 27 we pointed out the relationship between a comet exploding over Indonesia and a significant and abnormal earthquake activity in that area on the same day. (5)

The most interesting part of all of this is that, contrary to past experience, we are now only receiving very few of the automatic notices sent out by USG ENS at the National Earthquake Information Center. We have checked with their daily listing of earthquakes around the world and, whereas in the past we received notifications about most if not all significant earthquakes posted, we only receive a smattering of them now. (6)

Accustomed as we are to this "action" by us - "reaction" by them we could not help but notice it. Thus, we take this opportunity to thank "them" for, by their actions, all they have confirmed what we have been announcing on these pages.

(1) Main Document
(2) The Updated Correlation
(3) National Earthquake Information Center
(4) Strange but frequent anomalies
(5) The Correlation
(6) As of March 2010 that is no longer the case.

NOTE Added on April 1st, 2008

A new and quite scientific (as opposed to Science Fiction) article about the real possibility of the existence of Planet X has been published in New Scientist (1) . The article was authored by Govert Schilling and published in the January 11, 2008, issue of the magazine.

From the article we quote:

TWO years ago the solar system lost a planet. Pluto was deemed too insignificant to rank alongside Mars, Jupiter and the rest, and was demoted to dwarf planet status. Pluto's fall from favour left us with only eight bona fide planets. But what the solar system has lost, Patryk Lykawka (2) now hopes to replace.

Lykawka, an astronomer at Kobe University in Japan, suspects a ninth planet as large as Earth is hiding beyond Pluto. So far, this frigid "super-Pluto" has escaped detection. But not for much longer, Lykawka hopes. "Within five years or so, we will know for sure if it exists."

We have had the opportunity to read the Spanish version of the full article (3) and we can assure the reader that it is not Science Fiction.

(1) New Scientist article
(2) About Patryk Lykawka
(3) QUO - Abril 2008 - No. 151

NOTE Added on December 9th, 2004

There are so many geo-physical and astronomical related events of "unusual" nature and of apocalyptic potential that we do not have the time to be continually updating this document. Therefore, we encourage the reader to keep an eye open for such events through the regular Media PLUS on direct from official sources.

Some of these official sources have a notifying-by-e-mail service whereby the faithful may have nearly immediate information regarding earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and space related events.

Below is a brief list of these sources should the reader wish to keep abreast of those events, even before the information reaches the regular media, as well as how to be ready for them.


Worldwide Earthquake Activity - [Link does not work as of Mach 10th, 2010 - it has become classified information]

National Hurricane Center

National Ocean Service

Space Weather

Science at NASA

Current Volcanic Activity

Space War - Worldwide War Updates and News Service

How to best prepare onself

How to Pray the Rosary more effectively

How to Pray the Viacrucis more effectively

NOTE Added on June 26th, 2004

A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica, the National Science Foundation said. The volcano stands 2,300 feet above the sea floor and extends to within roughly 900 feet above the ocean surface. The volcano is in an area known as Antarctic Sound, at the northernmost tip of Antarctica. There is no previous scientific record of active volcanoes in the region where the new peak was discovered.

It does not take a Ph.D. in Geophysics and Oceanography to know that if such newly discovered volcano suddenly and violently erupts, billions of tons of ice in Antarctica would melt. This would make the events portrayed in the just release movie -"The Day After Tomorrow" - look like a Sunday outing.

This is another case to illustrate the fragility of our world, as we know it, and remind one and all that our future lays squarely in the hands of God since man has proven himself incapable of properly managing the Creation as God intended him to do. This is not a reason to panic, this is another reason to strengthen our Faith and return to God as soon as possible. Even the organization that God established to shepherd His people back to Him failed miserably when needed the most.

For details on such news CLICK HERE.

NOTES Added on May 21, 2004

A former NASA scientist, Richard C Hoagland, has assembled some data about changes in the solar system:

"The entire solar system - not just our one small planet -- is currently undergoing profound, never-before-seen physical changes. This paper will address and scientifically document a wide variety of significant examples, drawing from a host of published mainstream sources.

We will also outline a new scientific model that, for the first time, coherently explains these simultaneous interplanetary changes via a fundamental new Physics - a Physics that predicts even greater anomalies to come."

Here are some highlights:

Sun: More activity since 1940 than in previous 1150 years, combined Mercury: Unexpected polar ice discovered, along with a surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field for a supposedly dead planet

Venus: 2500% increase in auroral brightness, and substantive global atmospheric changes in less than 30 years

Earth: Substantial and obvious world-wide weather and geophysical changes

Mars: Global Warming? huge storms, disappearance of polar ice caps

Jupiter: Over 200% increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds

Saturn: Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only ~20 years, accompanied by surprising surge of X-rays from equator

Uranus: Really big, big changes in brightness, increased global cloud activity

Neptune: 40% increase in atmospheric brightness

Pluto: 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun

None of these statistics seem to be from fringe scientists; they are all very, very real, and what you have just read is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. This Report's scientific data, from a variety of highly credible institutions (including NASA itself), reveals that startling climate change phenomena are occurring, not just here on Earth, but, in fact -- throughout the entire solar system. This material has been publicly available for nearly a decade in some cases, but it was simply never assembled into a coherent picture of a System in significant transition until this writing.

For a Bibliography of the original report Click Here.

NOTE Added on February 26, 2004

(a) A listing of Major Earthquakes Around the World for last 80 years. A true eye opener.

(b) A Catastrophic Weather Forecast by the Pentagon. A nightmarish scenario.

Various NOTES Added on January 6, 2004

** Much official talk is "in the air" about the reversal of the magnetic poles in our planet. Even more unofficial talk is "in the air" with the usual sales pitch for the proverbial "snake oil" to protect oneself from such event. We just wish to bring to the attention of our readership some of the official commentaries about such an event plus a comment from miguel de Portugal on the subject.

"Not to be taken as prophecy but commenting on what is seen with 'good light': It appears that the reversal of the magnetic poles of our planet seem to be the perfect event that God would use for the manifestation of the Warning, which, notwithstanding of Garabandal detractors, will take place; and that is Prophecy." m de P

** As the Yellowstone Super Volcano talk continues to fill the e-waves we decided to take a look at the recent U.S. earthquake history. This is what we found:

Total Earthquakes in the US - excluding those which do not register on the Richter scale, but are felt, plus those which only register 0.1 -1.9 (done to take out the "noise" in the data) follow:

1980 »»» 1989 13,550 Earthquakes
1990 »»» 1999 23,644 Earthquakes
2000 »»» 2009 30,300 Earthquakes (Estimated using past trends and actual 2000, 2001 and 2002 data) (*)

If we want to believe: "Well... we now are able to detect more earthquakes than before because of more sensitive instruments, thus the increase." No, no. That is why we did not take into account the low end earthquakes. There is enough sophisticated equipment in the US to accurately detect Earthquakes from 2.0 on up.

But just in case... We also tallied ONLY Earthquakes from 6.0 to 9.9 and this is the way that looks.

1970 »»» 1979 66 Earthquakes
1980 »»» 1989 66 Earthquakes
1990 »»» 1999 68 Earthquakes
2000 »»» 2009 79 Earthquakes (Estimated using past trends and actual 2000, 2001 and 2002 data) (1)

(1) This information has been updated with actual data through 2009 and may be found at Our Planet "X" Document

For the "do-it-yourselves crowd"... the Data came from:

** In Fact & Comment by Steve Forbes, FORBES Magazine Edition 10.06.03, 12:00 AM ET - we read:

Where is the largest active super volcano in the world today? Yellowstone National Park. Some 600,000 years ago, it erupted and left an ash layer 3 meters deep as far as 1,600 kilometers away. Geologists figure it's due for another big explosion; those steaming waters and Old Faithful-like geysers so beloved by tourists are anything but benign. The Park has had as many as 1,260 minor earthquakes in a year.

** In Online Journal By Ian Gurney - Contributing Writer - we read:

Part of America's Yellowstone National Park was closed to visitors on July 23 this year and remains closed today due to high ground temperatures and increased thermal activity in the park. National Park Superintendent Suzanne Lewis said that "A portion of the Norris Geyser Basin on the west side of the park has been closed."

On August 7, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that scientists were planning to set up a temporary network of seismographs, Global Positioning System receivers and thermometers to monitor increasing hydrothermal activity in the Norris Geyser Basin and gauge the risk of a hydrothermal explosion.

On August 10, the Denver Post reported that Liz Morgan, a U.S. Geological Survey research geologist had discovered a huge bulge underneath Yellowstone Lake that had risen 100 feet from the lake floor. The bulge is two thousand feet long and has the potential to explode at any time. Morgan was quoted as saying that "The inflated plain is a potential and serious hazard and possible precursor to a large hydrothermal explosion event." Mirror of Original Article

In February 3, 2000, Professor McGuire of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Center at University College, London, was already alerting the world on the Yellowstone threat.

If the reader wishes to visit the U.S. Government Official Earthquake Log and review the frequency and magnitude of the earthquakes for the two weeks starting on September 23rd, 2003, you will see how seismic activity has greatly increased worldwide. Thus, as we stated in the main document: It really doesn't matter if there is a Planet "X" or not - the effects and consequences will be just as devastating.

As anyone may clearly see, God is keeping all His options open: Comet Strike, Devastating Super Volcano or Nuclear War. Thus, dear brothers and sisters, the best option still is to get one's life in order with God.

** On September 27th, 2003, we have received a Press Release from Princeton University entitled Princeton paleontologist produces evidence for new theory on dinosaur extinction.

Providentially the new and well substantiated theory proposes that a massive volcanic activity is more likely to have been the cause for the extinction of the dinosaurs which populated our planet millions of years ago.

If you wish to access said Press Release Click Here.

** On August 27th, 2003, the planet Mars will be the closest [56 million kilometers] it has been to the planet Earth in 60,000 years. On August 23, 1924 and August 18, 1845, it was almost this close but not quite. It was 50,000 kilometers further away (a mere 0.1% further away). Details from NASA [Added on August 26, 2003]

** An interesting and informative NASA Update

** The Planet X rumors are reaching fever pitch as the May/June, 2003, period rapidly approaches. Therefore, we wish to remind our readership of two key factors:

[a] If the celestial object in question is so huge as many continue to announce and is going to "fly by" Earth within 30-60 days, it would have to be visible with the naked eye by now.

[b] Given the insistence and persistence of the doom and gloom related to this allegedly huge celestial object, we are more concerned about some man made staged event which the general public would be led to believe to be associated with the much announced Planet X.

We want to remind our readership of the scam perpetrated by the Portuguese Daily O PUBLICO. Even the scientific community fell for it! They never gave the real reason for doing what they did. Was it an experiment to see if it would work? It did! Are we about to witness the "real act"?

Let us not forget either that the Masters of the Vatican were given some dates by visionaries regarding Miracle like events.

We still stand behind our statement regarding the increase of seismic activity, general timing, etc. but we cannot support what is being fed to the general public through a variety of alarmist sites.

** Several sensationalistic reports are circulating in reference to Comet C/2002 v1 NEAT.

Although "there is a comet/asteroid in our future", the faithful must remain calm and trust in the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

For professional reports and photographs on C/2002 v1, please visit Gary W. Kronk's Cometography as well as NASA's SOHO Photographs

Regarding the sensationalistic reports:

(a) C/2002 v1 came the closest to the Earth on December 24th, 2002, and we are still here...

(b) If C72002 v1 was as enormous as some report and was heading in our direction, the Earth would be totally obliterated. That is not on the Divine Schedule right now...

(c) In the best and worst case scenarios dealing with C/2002 v1 - The only action that the faithful must be concerned about in taking is to get his/her accounts settled with God because, trust us, North Korea may get us before a comet does!

We must be specially attentive to the events around us these days, however, that is always secondary to remaining "tuned in" to the Holy Spirit of God 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

** The United Kingdom's INDEPENDENT has just published an article in which we read:

A scientific adviser to the United States government has suggested that secrecy might be the best option if scientists were ever to discover that a giant asteroid was on course to collide with Earth.

In certain circumstances, nothing could be done to avoid such a collision and ensuing destruction, and it would be best not to tell the public anything, said Geoffrey Sommer, of the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California.

As we were saying....

For a mirror of said article Click Here

** Reuters, through Yahoo!, announced on Friday, January 24, at 9:15 PM ET that...

The State Department sent a cable to embassies around the world on Friday telling Americans abroad to be ready to leave their resident country quickly in an emergency, its first such blanket warning....

The message to U.S. citizens advises them to have a supply of prescription medicines on hand, keep their passports up to date and maintain adequate stocks of food in the event of political unrest, natural disasters or "terrorist" attacks.

Please remember what we have already published regarding unforeseen emergencies and what we have stated on Note 10, above.

The above indicated news report was promptly taken off circulation and not even mentioned in European news services. For your convenience we have reproduced all of it.

To "add insult to injury", as the saying goes, the State Department published in their official site a less urgent version. For your convenience we have also reproduced it.

** We must be fair and just with the recognized scientific and governmental authorities. To do so we asked ourselves:

If we were a recognized (by world standards) authority and knew about Planet X and its possible impending catastrophic effect upon our planet, would we issue an official Press Release warning the world about it?

The answer : Of course not!

Why? : Because the politically and religiously confused world population would go into a destructive panic mode and nothing would be gained.

However, when those who speak in the Name of God, but, without world credentials, do so, only those who "have ears to hear, will hear, and eyes to see, will see". Such gifts of "ears" and "eyes" come from God, thus, ultimately it will be His choice as to who should be warned and when.

The same applies to the manifestation of the Antichrist, first, and then the FalseChrist, before the Glorious Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray to God that we have made ourselves crystal clear.

** Why couldn't planet x return in 2003? Another Scientific Perspective

** A study conducted by Mario D. Melita of the Astronomy Unit, Queen Mary University of London and published in Icarus, 160, 1, 32-43 adds reality and perspective to the existence of Planet "X".

Among various highly technical issues the report informs the reader that:

Regarding detectability. I believe that there is a chance that it has escaped the optical surveys if it is in a fairly inclined orbit and far from the node. IRAF may have missed it if its albedo is not too high or it is in the galactic plane.

Since the discovery of 1992 QB1 the Kuiper Belt has been full of surprises. We do not know yet if this is another of them.

Finally, it should be noticed that we are discussing about an object which is quite smaller and more distant than those required by the 'Planet X theories'.

** The Guardian Unlimited Observer - International Edition - published on their November 10th, 2002, issue, an article entitled: Sun's rays to roast Earth as poles flip by Robin McKie. In it we read:

'Earth's magnetic field has disappeared many times before - as a prelude to our magnetic poles flipping over, when north becomes south and vice versa,' said Dr Alan Thomson of the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh.

'Reversals happen every 250,000 years or so, and as there has not been one for almost a million years, we are due one soon.' Gauthier Hulot of the Paris Geophysical Institute has discovered Earth's magnetic field seems to be disappearing most alarmingly near the poles, a clear sign that a (pole) flip may soon take place.

Using satellite measurements of field variations over the past 20 years, Hulot plotted the currents of molten iron that generate Earth's magnetism deep underground and spotted huge whorls near the poles.

Hulot believes these vortices rotate in a direction that reinforces a reverse magnetic field, and as they grow and proliferate these eddies will weaken the dominant field: the first steps toward a new polarity, he says.

The above mentioned currents of molten iron would be greatly affected by variations in the gravity pull exerted on the Earth by other heavenly bodies.

To access the full article Click Here

** The announcement of the discovery of a "Mystery Heavenly Body", possibly as large as Jupiter, ..."in the direction of the Constellation Orion..." has been found in the bowels of the Washington Post. The article by Thomas O'Toole was published on December 30, 1983, Page A1, First Section and with a Word Count of 851.

We have mirrored the article in our host computers in case the original article vanishes from the Washington Post Archives into thin air as many recent space related articles seem to do.

We have also read that another, but smaller, article, actually naming it Planet X, which appeared on the US News World Report [September 10, 1984 - "Planet X - Is It Really Out There?"] We did not feel it necessary to go to the original source on this one since we had it confirmed through the Washington Post article.

Those who are feverishly trying to desinform the world about the very real existence of Planet X, are going to have to work a bit harder.

** Lowell Observatory has issued a Press Release announcing significant and unexpected changes on Pluto's atmosphere and surface. We are certain that those who mock and dismiss the tremendous changes in our own planet's atmosphere, surface and seismic activity will soon lobby for a reduction in the speed limit in Pluto's highways and a ban on the use of gas guzzling SUV's.

Yes, we are being sarcastic but, how could we not be with the trash that the authorities in charge are dispensing and which the willing public believes with a head-in-the-sand attitude.

** One of the alleged experts on the Sumerian culture, Zecharia Sitchin, utilizes his dubious credentials and know-how to weave UFO's into the Holy Scriptures; in essence, replacing God with Space Aliens. Through the Grace of God, Mr. Michael S. Heiser, a PhD candidate in the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has, in a level headed and scientific manner has torpedoed, once and for all, such claims. Although Mr. Heiser document is a scientific text, we encourage one and all to try to read it and understand it.

This UFO-Divinity "merger" must be stopped and exposed for what it is - an attack on the Monotheistic Faith. We wish to remind our Catholic readership that in certain circles the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal) of 1917 have already been explained away as an Alien intervention. Please - Do Not be deceived.

** On the February issue of National Geographic, in an article featuring Mt. Etna's eruption that started on July 17, 2001, we read that:

+ "....Etna has been increasingly active in the past 50 years."

+ "I have never seen so many things happening at the same time on this volcano," said Carsten Peter, a veteran Etna watcher.

+ "Also an analysis of the flank lava revealed a mineral called amphibole, present in Etna's ancient lava flows but not seen in large amounts in the past 15,000 years."

May the reader draw his/her own conclusion in accordance with the illumination of the Holy Spirit of God.

** On page 45 of March 1995 issue of ASTRONOMY magazine there is an article by Robert Zimmerman entitled: POLARIS, the Code-Blue Star: The North Star's variable heart pulsed regularly for over a century, until it mysteriously stopped beating last year

This is the famous North Star which "...since the beginning of written history..." has remained in the same position as viewed from "...the Northern Hemisphere and so has come to represent faithfulness, dependability, and constancy in most cultures."

Another "mystery" which is full of symbolism to mankind. The one "unchangeable" astronomic land mark to all mankind has "mysteriously" changed.... Like a Beating Heart which has stopped Beating....

** On a NASA Public Release dated 1-Aug-2002 we read: Satellites reveal a mystery of large change in earth's gravity field. After a page of scientific speculation the conclusion is that they really do not know (or do not want to acknowledge) what the real source is.

We have mirrored the Press Release in our host computers in case the original News Release vanishes into thin air as many recent space related articles seem to do.

...but do not forget that, although "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear", He has placed in our hands the volume control....

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