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The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court

And Their Faith

Originally published on February 10th, 2010


The purpose of this note is to bring to the attention of those who need to know what we consider a very serious functional anomaly that has crept in, unnoticed, in the government of the United States of America.

Considering the reality of the Opus Dei phenomena (1), which makes the Dan Brown's allegations look like child's play, every level headed citizen of this great Nation should take careful note of this and do what is within their legitimate and lawful means to neutralize, as much as possible, what, in effect is, the takeover of the most powerful branch of the US government. Let us face the reality that, when compared to the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch, both of which are answerable to the voters, the Supreme Court of the U.S. only answers to God.

The problem we now seem to face is - Which god?

Anyone who may think that this document is anti-Catholic propaganda should take good note of our position about the Catholic Faith (2) before passing a failed judgment.


Part 1

After a fairly thorough literature search we have found that the following Justices are Catholic and conservative, however, rumors of their active Opus Dei membership cannot be confirmed. There are some family and parish associations with Opus Dei, but nothing else can be ascertained through what is published in what is accepted as legitimate publications.

Samuel Anthony Alito

No immediate or remote OD tie found.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy

Of this group, he is the most centrist; he has voted in both “liberal” and “conservative” directions. No immediate or remote OD tie found.

John Glover Roberts

Roberts’ “children reportedly attend an Opus Dei school in Maryland.” (3)

Antonin Gregory Scalia

John Allen, author of a friendly book on Opus Dei, was told that Scalia is not a member, despite rumors to the contrary. (4) Scalia “attends St. Catherine of Siena Church in Falls Church, Virginia, St. Catherine's has a strong Opus Dei presence, complete with Sunday morning Latin Mass. It is the Washington, DC parish for many Opus Dei members and cooperators, such as former Senator Rick Santorum. In addition, his son Paul has been reported to be a priest in the Order of the Holy Cross, Opus Dei's priestly order, as well as being affiliated with Fr. Frank Pavone's Priests for Life. (3)

Clarence Thomas

Allen was also told that Thomas is not a member, despite rumors to the contrary. (4) Thomas’ conversion/return to the Roman Catholic Church was handled by the Opus Dei "priest to the political stars" John McCloskey, with the assistance from Paul Scalia (another OD priest, and son of Justice Scalia). (3)

Other high profile Catholic Republicans, not on the Supreme Court:

John Allen says:

“The old joke about the Church of England dubbed it the ‘Tory Party at prayer.’ From an external point of view, it would be easy enough to draw a similar conclusion about Opus Dei in various parts of the world. In the United States, links between the Republican Party and certain members of Opus Dei are well documented. A number of American conservatives, such as Robert Bork, Robert Novak, and US Senator Sam Brownback, none of whom are members of Opus Dei, nevertheless were brought into the Catholic Church through the efforts of Father C. John McCloskey. In the American press, Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are frequently identified as Opus Dei members. Though neither man is a member, the fact that it's the most conservative justices of the Court who attract such speculation says something. The Opus Dei-affiliated Catholic Information Center on K Street in Washington DC has become a crossroads for conservative Catholics involved in lobbying and public policy on the Hill; the daily noon Mass sometimes collects a ‘Who's Who’ of that world.” (5)

Part 2

We must now consider the following statistics:

+ Out of a total of nine US Supreme Court Justices, five are conservative Catholics - that is 55.6 % of the membership.

+ Out of those five, two have "too close for comfort" ties with the Opus Dei - that is 22.2 % of the membership.

+ According to a 2007 survey (6) there are only 23.9 % Catholics (of every stripe - but mostly center and liberal) among the adult population in the US

With the clearly established record of infiltration by conservative Catholics - mostly "closet Opus Dei cases" - in the US security establishment [CIA and FBI] (7) it should be easy to see the serious impact the Opus Dei cult has had, and currently has, on the day-to-day lives of Americans and the long term impact on national and global affairs.

Imagine the hue and cry that would be raised by Main Street America if those five gentlemen in the Supreme Court were Muslims, Jews or Mormons, faith groups which do not have an agenda that comes even close to that of Opus Dei. (8)

A review of world public servants who have acknowledged being part of the Opus Dei cult (9) - a number which, because of their "discretion", must be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg - should be enough to raise a few red flags of warning.


Considering that we firmly believe that:

(a) The Catholic Faith is the most complete Faith available to man [but not an absolute requirement for Salvation (10)];

(b) We live it - not just talk about it; and

(c) We wish that everyone would benefit from the richness of its many spiritual fruits

...we find that the most troubling issue in today's world is what we have brought to light in this document.


Let us pray...

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