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The Prelature of the Opus Dei – In Conclusion

Regarding The Prelature of The Opus Dei

Beyond this Document...

...There is Nothing Else we can do to further alert the Faithful


Miguel de Portugal through The M+G+R Foundation has issued a great number of Documents (1) addressing the inconsistencies and contradictions found in the theology (2), behavior and all activities of the Prelature of the Opus Dei and its members – laity and clerical alike.

From the response we know that this has helped thousands to avoid being ensnared by them. Unfortunately, many thousands more are marching to the proverbial slaughter house like so many innocent lambs, spellbound by the Opus Dei propaganda machinery.

The function of Miguel de Portugal (3) is not to convince anyone about anything. His function is to call to the attention of the faithful the snares set in their way. This he has amply done regarding the Opus Dei and, according to the teachings of God through Ezechiel 3:17-21, with this last document Miguel de Portugal intends to close the Opus Dei Case.

If with the additional information which we are now publishing, the faithful wishes to ignore the warnings, there is nothing else that we can do, nor there is anything else God expects Miguel de Portugal to do regarding this matter [Ezechiel 3:17-21].


God placed in our hands the conclusive proof that the Opus Dei is only serving its purposes and agenda and to achieve that it will ally itself with whomever it takes.

In the quotations (4) of Chapter 9 of a book by Spanish Historian and Professor, D. Ricardo de la Cierva, a Roman Catholic and endorser (5) of the Opus Dei, we read:

It is a fact that, after 1950, Opus Dei university branches in certain occasions committed notable injustices; at times in iniquitous alliances with Marxist professors and against Catholic professors.

These are the same people who were part of the Blue Division (6) to fight shoulder to shoulder with Hitler’s soldiers against the Soviets.

Many Opus Dei defenders would deny or discredit Dr. de la Cierva’s quotation reproduced above, but God placed in our hands the irrefutable proof of their duplicity. This we will use to conclude our exposé of what really is the Work of Satan, not of God!

In an article (7) republished in the official Opus Dei page we read:

An article published in “Faith Magazine” about Oscar Romero’s close relationship with St. Josemaría and the spirituality of Opus Dei.


When Archbishop Oscar Romero is canonised on Sunday, it will not be because he is the “Liberation Theology” hero some have tried to make of him.


At a time when Marxist guerrillas were pitted against an authoritarian military regime, Romero sought a peaceful solution. And though his opposition to the junta finally caused his death and he was outspoken in the face of social injustice and political oppression...

What many people do not know is how much spiritual support Archbishop Romero received from Opus Dei. Indeed, the day he was assassinated, he spent the morning at a recollection for priests organised by Opus Dei.


Opus Dei’s founder, Saint Josemaría Escrivá, and Archbishop Romero had known each other since 1955. In 1974 Romero came to Rome and had several conversations with the future saint.

After Escrivá’s death, Romero was one of the first bishops to write a letter to the Holy See asking for his canonisation... And he continued: “Personally, I owe deep gratitude to the priests involved with the Work [Opus Dei], to whom I have entrusted with much satisfaction the spiritual direction of my own life and that of other priests.”

In spite of the Opus Dei trying to disconnect Romero from the Liberation Theology movement, the following quote (8) by Michael Lee, a theology professor at Fordham University, that may be found in the Liberation Theology Home Page, is a perfect reflection of the Oscar Romero reality:

“The greatest works of liberation theology are not written, they’re lived in people such as Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador,”

...a reality which is no secret even to those who are mildly familiar with Latin American politics.

The scandalous reality is that the Opus Dei tentacles were —and are— behind the same authoritarian regimes in Latin America which were the target of the Liberation Theology movement.

Poor Oscar Romero, we are sure that he only found out about the double face of the Opus Dei after he crossed the veil.

As a matter of record we have downloaded all articles cited in the footnotes and stored them in our files just in case they vanish from the internet or are modified after we publish this conclusive exposé.


Those who have to be alerted about the Opus Dei have more than enough information on hand to steer away from them. If they do not, it is no longer our responsibility. Our hands are well washed of said responsibility with all the qualified warnings that we have issued since 1998 (1).

We feel sorry for them but there is nothing else we can do.

EPILOGUE  [Added on January 15th, 2019]

It seems that the Opus Dei is on its way out and perhaps that is why God moved us to prepare and issue this document.

For details visit This Document (9) just published today.

(1) Index of Documents Regarding the Opus Dei Sect
(2) No one can simultaneously serve Mammon and also God - Exposing the Fallacy of the Opus Dei and others
(3) Who is Miguel de Portugal
(4) Opus Dei by D. Ricardo de la Cierva Hoces
(5) So that my [de la Cierva’s] evaluation be better understood we will summarize it by quoting him: “Opus Dei was invented, and invented well; however, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented with great urgency. Many things, especially within the Church, depend on it.”
(6) Wikipedia: Blue Division
(7) The article in the Opus Dei official site and as published in Faith Magazine
(8) Liberation Theology Org
(9) The Illuminati Group have discarded Opus Dei as a key player in their plan

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Published on January 6th, 2019. The Epiphany of Our Lord

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