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Divine Encouragement and Inspiration (1)


September 23rd, 2023

Observance of the Conception of John the Baptist

God Willing, a new message of Divine Encouragement will be published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Show us Thy way, O Lord, and let us walk in Thy Paths.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is now responding to us thus...

You are doing so. This is the way.

The way of uncertain future and faltering steps.

It is My Way…

Put all fear of the future aside. Know that you will be led.

Know that you will be shown. I have promised so!

miguel de Portugal commented then:

All that is needed for placing '...all fear of the future asideis our firm faith - just as He has instructed us.

We should all stop and think about His recent insistence and persistence on this particular matter - the need for faith.

Faith should be of utmost importance right now as we learn about what is really taking place in the world and what the final stretch of this journey has in store for us.

- - - o O o - - -

Update Board - Updated on September 22nd, 2023

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Those of you who have not extended a hand to assist The M+G+R Foundation in fulfilling the Will of God, and are financially able to do so and are benefiting from it, are now being encouraged to do so.

(1) Although Miguel de Portugal was not the original transmission instrument for the above, he assures the faithful, from first hand personal knowledge, that what is read above is true and from Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God will confirm the validity of our statement to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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