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Divine Encouragement (1)

Our Lord Jesus Christ is instructing us thus....

Give Me the gift of a brave and thankful heart.

Man proves his greatness by his power to see causes for thankfulness in his life.

When life seems hard, and troubles crowd, then very definitely look for causes for thankfuness.

The sacrifice, the offering of thanksgiving, is indeed a sweet incense going up to Me through the busy day.

Seek diligently for the something to be glad and thankful about in every happening, and soon no search will be required.

The causes for joy and gratitude will spring to greet your loving hearts.

miguel de Portugal comments:
Such act - the offering of thanksgiving to God even in the midst of suffering -  yields what probably is amongst the greatest pleasures a human can experience - yet I cannot explain it.

It is as unexplainable as finding consolation in having to endure some suffering that God needs us to endure - not for us - but for others.

From personal experience all I can explain is that: The physical suffering is there - maybe even the source can be seen - yet the feeling inside is not of suffering but of joy.

This does not apply to self inflicted bodily suffering; any form of masochism is not of God. We are referring to suffering that God assigns us and to which we have availed ourselves as willing cooperators to His Plan of Redemption.


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