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Miguel de Portugal

USA - European Union

11 July 1999

Copies to:

Mr. Javier Solana, Secretary General, NATO
Mr. Romano Prodi, President-Designate, E.C.
Angelo Cardinal Sodano, Secretary of State, The Vatican

H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General
United Nations
New York, N.Y.

Subject :
Future of the United Nations

Reference: Timorense and Other Issues - Past and Present

May the Peace of God be with you, Mr. Secretary General!

If it were not such a grave matter, we would have been amused when we read in the news today: Stung by international criticism and concerned by the impact... would have on its international standing, Jakarta is sending the high-level team to look into the violence,... ...of... ...loyalist militias.

What truly caught our attention was Stung... and... concerned by the impact... Jakarta stung? Concerned? Just as concerned as Hussein, Milosevic, a multitude of African Chieftains, Afghanistan's Taliban, North Korea, ad nauseum.

Mr. Secretary, as it is, the United Nations is no longer a viable organization. Unfortunately, and as a result of the poor Evangelizing effort of those appointed by Our Lord Jesus Christ to do so, the new political leaders of Second and Third World countries can only comprehend the language used by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to communicate with Mr. Milosevic, i.e., firm and charitable diplomacy, laced with the certainty of military follow up should it become necessary.

The language that the United Nations has spoken to those pseudo-leaders in the last ten years has only resulted in more deaths, destruction and no permanent solution. In addition, the language that The Vatican speaks cannot be heard by the ears who were not Evangelized as commanded by God, thus, they are a wasted effort.

It is time that the United Nations leadership take an introspective journey into its recesses and either dissolve itself or transform itself into a viable organization. As it is, the United Nations cannot be considered a serious and effective organization. It is, in effect, blocking the avenues that need to be traveled to lead the world to a balanced state.

Either man, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, does it or the self-compensating laws that God established at the time of Creation will do it. We would not recommend the latter alternative.

In His Name

miguel de Portugal

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