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The trajectory that we are proposing

Is it ‘a fantasy’ or ‘a reality’?

Only those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear will know


“Amen, amen, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to dress yourself and go where you wanted; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hand, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go [John 21:18]


The purpose of this document is to bring to light a few conjectures regarding the making of H.H. John Paul II and why the late Marcel Maciel Degollado, the founder of the mythical Legionnaires of Christ, may have been temporarily exonerated from all well substantiated accusations of his sexual aberrations, only to be summarily condemned later on.

It may be a fantasy or not – those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear will know for sure.

Since Miguel de Portugal has no official standing, position and/or recognition by the Wise Ones of this world —thanks be to God!— he is free to use the equivalent of poetic license as he weaves the way from the Cardinal’s residence in Krakow, Poland, to the Papal Apartments in Vatican City.


Part 1

There was once a small town Spanish priest who had the notion that God had called him to save the Church (Russia’s Rasputin also had the notion that he was to save Russia).

To save the Church and, of course, the World, this small town priest, Jose Maria Escriva, had to become “someone”, i.e., Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Marquise de Peralta.

Unfortunately for him, although many fell for his flawed theology (1), through the Grace of God, neither H.H. John XXIII nor H.H. Paul VI were very impressed with Escriva’s “elitist theology”. Both Popes, knowledgeable of what they thought (2) was the full third part of the Secret of Fatima, were preoccupied with trying to shore up the Church AND humanity so that the damages that were coming upon the Church and world would be minimized... and Vatican II came to be for that particular purpose. (3)(4)

Actually, H.H. Pius XII was probably not too impressed either with Escriva’s theology. After all, Escriva died a Monsignor – never making it to the rank of Bishop, a Roman Catholic Church rank which only the Pope could have bestowed upon him. This in itself said much about what H.H. Pius XII really thought of Escriva.

No, it was not humility (5) as the Escrivites would rush to use as a justification... after all, Escriva purchased the title of Marquise of Peralta in his quest of becoming “bigger than life”. Humility was that of Don Bosco – a man who had the Papal door open at any time and yet personally refused titles/positions, up to and including that of Cardinal, from the three Popes under whom he served God.

What to do, the Escrivites wondered? Quite simple: “Make” a Pope that would make Escriva’s dream rise like the foam – higher than Heaven... if at all possible. (6)

Providence had it that Cardinal Karol Wojtyla had the psychological make up and background so that he would be an easy target to fulfill the Words of Jesus through John 21:18. Therefore, by the time H.H. John Paul I had an untimely death which “providentially” prevented him from continuing the path set by his two predecessors, Cardinal Wojtyla —unbeknownst to him— was ready to make his debut in the Sistine Chapel and be manipulated to launch Escriva’s dream – a dream which will eventually turn into a nightmare. (7)

Part 2

On October 16, 1978, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla became H.H. John Paul II. On Nov. 28, 1982, and a bullet later, Pope John Paul II established Opus Dei as a personal prelature with the full title of Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. The parallel Church was born.

But let us get back to the aforementioned bullet.

John Paul escaped an assassination attempt on May 13, 1981. Pious chatter had it that the Virgin Mary saved his life. That is all that was talked about. There was actually another way of looking at the situation but it was either glossed over or no one had the eyes to really notice – maybe not even him!

H.H. John Paul II was very devout to Mary as represented in the icon of Our Lady of Czestechowa at the Monastery of Jasna Gora, Poland. While his four predecessors were quite conversant with Fatima, John Paul II knew little of it – something which suited the Escrivites quite well. Since the assassination attempt took place on May 13 —a very special day for Fatima— he decided, for whatever reasons, to devote part of his convalescing time at the hospital to read the official documents about Fatima in the ample Vatican files.

As we have explained before – Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear (8). In this case, it was not that John Paul II was deaf to Fatima – it was that he was ignorant of the significance of such key Marian Apparition and message.

After learning the details about Fatima and having survived (Heaven had that well programmed) the attempt against his life, his devotion to Mary increased considerably and he became a true Fatima devotee.

That devotion to Our Lady of Fatima was not to the best interests of the Opus Dei. It seems that they had their version of Marian “Heavenly Communications” with the Marian Movement of Priests (9) which allegedly was born in Fatima in 1972-1973, although, amazingly enough, the Rector of the Sanctuary of Fatima knew little (10) about such organization even as late as in 1995. A point to ponder...

In any case, the Fatima issue became a thorn on the side of the Opus Dei Administration. After all, they were going to save the Church and bring the world into a Golden Era. This did not quite mesh well with what still needed to be played out for the fulfillment of all the Fatima secrets [and clarifications by Bl. Jacinta and early (prior reprogramming) clarifications by Sr. Lucía]. This would be handled at a later time with the usual disinformation campaign Opus Dei is so well equipped for (11).

Part 3

By this time, the Opus Dei was essentially in control of the Papacy. They had the Pope in their pocket and soon he was manipulated into Beatifying and Canonizing Escriva – the man who insisted in being called/referred to as The Father and who was the author of a much publicized booklet called The Way. So much for God the Father; so much for God the Son, Jesus, – the True and Only Way.

Arrogance being what it is – all of that was not going to be enough. They had to publicize and mediatize John Paul II to the level of being called The Great and a saint while his body was still warm after his death. Why? Quite simple. Ecclesiastical history could have it that Escriva was not canonized by just “any run-of-the-mill Pope”; Escriva had to have been canonized by a Living Saint – a Pope worthy of being called The Great.

So, a Spanish psychiatrist fascinated in media manipulation [by his own account] (11), Dr. Joaquín Navarro-Valls, was called to be the Director of the Press Office in the Vatican as well as the official spokesman for H.H. John Paul II. The die was cast and the frequent Worldwide Papal Jamborees were born. These Papal Jamborees served two main purposes, ensure that John Paul II would be mediatized to the maximum possible level and, of course, raise funds!

At this point we must then ask ourselves: How was the world after 26 years of an Opus Dei guided Pontificate? (12) How is the Church, for that matter? Splintered into fundamental fanatical sects and flaming liberals – while the true, good and solid Catholics (laity and clergy) get caught in the middle while recoiling in horror at the sexual escapades of the priesthood covered up by the alleged Princes of the Church. (13)

John Paul, The Great? Hardly! Nonetheless, this poor man, manipulated as he had been, indeed had good intentions and great plans and if he had been able to freely execute them. He would have then been John Paul The Great indeed!, but, unfortunately, those plans —Union of the Churches of the East and West, true Ecumenism and Inter religious Dialogue— did not quite fit very well with the Savior Complex of the Opus Dei, the architects and masters of the Papacy of John Paul II.

Part 4

Of course – satan has his back up plan just in case something did not go quite right with the main plan. In his arrogance he fails to see that he is just putty, at best, in the Holy Hands of Almighty God... thus the End Time Chess Game goes on until finally Our Lord will say to satan: Check Mate!

As part of the back up plan, satan had other fanatical sects within the Roman Catholic Church preparing themselves to also save the Church and the world. Second to the Opus Dei is the Legionnaires of Christ (14) —the brainchild of another egocentric priest, this time form Mexico, with a napoleonic complex and an appetite for boys— Marcel Maciel.

Maciel built an ecclesiastical empire that could only be rivaled by that of Escriva.

H.H. John Paul II openly, and frequently, lauded Maciel and his work with youth and for the Church. The problem was that Maciel had a closet full of pedophilia complaints against him – including from a former priest and former head of the Legionnaires of Christ in the US, Mr. Juan Vaca, currently an adjunct professor of psychology and sociology at Mercy College, N.Y.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then headed by Cardinal Ratzinger, had started a formal investigation of the allegations against Maciel. Then the investigation stalled; then it picked up steam again and, as Cardinal Ratzinger was being phased into Benedict XVI, it appeared that the investigation began moving at full speed ahead only to be suspended (15).

Logically it would be to the advantage of the Opus Dei to get the Legionnaires of Christ out of the way – by simply neutralizing their influence (and probably absorb their already mentally programmed members into their own system.) One could almost see that as the reason for the sudden push to expose Maciel. Then, the unexpected happened: The case against Maciel was summarily terminated and he was exonerated of any wrong doing.

But why? Obviously, the investigation would provide so much sordid information about an obviously perverted Maciel that it would stain the memory of John Paul II, who had been his enthusiastic supporter.

Blessedly, the filth that was coming out from the proverbial woodwork was so great, the behind the scenes activity was so frantic and the reason for cover up was so obvious that they had no other choice but to proceed with the investigation.


As the case against Maciel proceeded, many more victims came forth weaving a most sordid tapestry of decadence and blasphemy. The real Maciel was exposed and there you would have it: the man who H.H. John Paul II could not laud and praise enough belonged in the sewers.

Logically, that exposed the true level of Divine Illumination H.H. John Paul II had which, would, of course, explain how he could beatify and canonize a man like Escriva – a man who is to the False Christ what St. John Bosco is to Jesus Christ.

So there you have it, brethren: They had to chose the least of two evils and whichever glorified the Opus Dei the most and harmed it the least, and, as usual... let the faithful be damned!

But then again... it may all be a fantasy... only those who have eyes to see (16) will truly know although God continues to give hints to one and all. By the way, Maciel’s full name is Marcel Maciel Degollado. “Degollado” in Spanish means “to have been decapitated”.

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Originally Published on June 29, 2005 • Updated on November 7, 2012

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