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Is Francis consciously deceiving people for the
Great Reset and the One World Religion?

An analysis by Ricardo de Valencia

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We will try to answer to the question formulated in the title. We will do so in the form of a response to a reader's letter.

By knowing the details, the faithful will know that we are not talking about a fantasy. The case of "Pope" Francis illustrates how the alleged or apparent "World Masters" can be deceived by satan into believing that they are working "for the benefit of mankind".

They are really not working for the benefit of mankind if they insist in putting God aside in their "solutions" for the world, since the Holy Spirit of God is the Only Light that could enlighten them out the trap of being used by the prince of lies.


From DL:

I have just read an article by Breitbart News (1) written about an interview with the Pope and an Italian newspaper concerning the Pope’s desire for the “healing” of the earth and his belief that all the world needs to “change course”, and that politics and economies need to be “rethought “. Considering he has also supported the Great Reset (2)(3), my question is, do you think he knows what he’s saying and doing so with the purpose of achieving the One World Religion (4)?

He must know what this leads to and what the final outcome will be, as anyone who actually reads the Bible knows. I just cannot understand how someone who supposedly “leads” an entire religious people can expect to fool those same people. I have also never read about the Vatican’s plans to change their ways to heal the earth (much the same as current politicians who tout change only for others). Is there something I’m missing?

I’m hoping you can give me some insight into your idea how he expects to pull off what he seems believe will help him usher in the OWR and the Great Reset. I know he’s not in this alone (if only it were that easy). Even the most basic read and understanding of the Bible would make this question moot. What am I missing?


Thank you for asking!

Those are very valid questions! We will try to elaborate about Francis's context and logic that explain much of how he thinks and acts.

It is a common mistake to see this anti-Pope (5) as a "World Master" in the sense of a wise and all-powerful planner. He is not so. Bergoglio is, in relative terms (compared to the sharks and wolves who are really in control), a fool —a very simple person with no depth of mind— who, like many other world leaders, is being manipulated for the accomplishment of the overall plan. But, at the same time, he is not exempt from accountability.

According to his background (5), he has more faith in, say, Marxism (6), or any purely human enterprise to "heal" humanity than in the power of prayer and the power of the Sacraments, since his faith in God and the Christian Faith is severely limited (7)(8)(9). Those who are planning for a One World Order (10), religious theocratic version (11), propitiated him to reach the top chair at Vatican (12), knowing that he would align himself with the One World Order, political/atheistic version (13). Although it may seem contradictory, this situation is aimed to fulfill some temporal goals in their (of both sides) agendas.

Because of his simple mind —and because he will not be enlightened by the Spirit of God, since he is rejecting Him by turning to the World powers instead of to the Real God to heal a sick humanity (2)(3)(14)—, he is being dragged, like millions of unsuspecting human beings, into the brainwashing traps set up by the World Masters (15) (who, in turn, are being dragged by satan, even if they are unaware of it). The difference is that he, unlike an ordinary citizen, exerts influence over millions.

As you know, one prominent trap is the "healing of the planet" (regarding overpopulation, ecology, global warming, etc.): to lead the world into a sense of panic in order to implement political and social changes that are really aimed at achieving the One World Government / New International Order and not at a real "healing of the planet" (no matter whether the ecologic problems are authentic, invented, distorted or overstated) (16). As it seems, Bergoglio has fallen for it (17).

The Attempt for a One World Religion and a New International Order

Another trap, more ominous and which Miguel de Portugal (18), through The M+G+R Foundation, has been warning about for decades, is the intended union of Religions (4). For the political/atheist branch of World Masters (you can call them the "Illuminati" group (19)), such a "Universal Religion" would serve as a "a soul" capable of uniting the peoples of the world "in solidarity" because the "economic union of the world", per se, is unappealing to the emotions of most and does not have enough drag. That is, they are willing to use a One World Religion as a dress to make their new lady Babylon more attractive (20).

In turn, for the religious fanatic branch of World Masters (including the real controllers of the Vatican) (21), the "union" of Religions is only a stepping stone to their desired dictatorial theocratic World Order (their own version of the new Babylon, surrendering the world at the feet of a One Idol that they think they would control (22)), being Bergoglio/Francis a disposable, temporary piece in this.

Please keep in mind that, as Miguel de Portugal announced, (23)

However, know that the full establishment of a New World Order and One World Religion will never come to pass, even though the architects of such political-religious structures continue their futile efforts in achieving them.

Bergoglio seems to be mostly unaware of how he is being used and manipulated by/from both "branches" of the New International Order planners. He is very useful for them all just by being the predictable Bergoglio that they expected him to be, while he is watched over by the old Ratzinger —who knows more— so that he does not get out of line (24).

The predictable Bergoglio whom they knew from the beginning

For Bergoglio, as his faith is in the power of mankind and not in the power of God (14), it must be the most natural for him to think that Christianity is not really "the best religion", but "just another way" of uniting mankind to act together "in solidarity" (25). So, again, because of his weak faith in God and almost null faith in Christ (7)(8), he is being led (unsuspectingly, by satan) towards a sort of union of Religions — forgetting the inescapable need to accept Christ as the One and Only Way of Salvation (26)(27).

Bergoglio/Francis really thinks that mankind can heal itself by means of a "universal fraternity". He has not placed God in a central place in that "universal fraternity" (14). So, as we were saying at the beginning, he is a fool but, at the same time, he is not exempt from accountability. He is renting the power of convocation and the apparent moral prestige of an institution —the Roman Catholic Church— to the bidders of the One World Order — while providing them, in the way, a "politically correct" watered-down faith (14) to be used as a glue (that, in spite of their expectations, would be only temporary and ineffective) to unite the peoples of the world. Symbolically, he is selling the Church for thirty pieces of silver (28).

Therefore, answering your doubt: He is not fully aware of what he is doing (leading the world to a deception). He is being used and manipulated from both sides — by the political/atheist side of the One World Order attempt and by the religious fanatic side that has put him in office — while the two sides, in turn, are being used by satan. Bergoglio is not thinking "I am going to lead the world to perdition". But his thinking and doing amounts to a "I will lead the world to its salvation without God and I will do it in alliance with the powers of the world". In other words, he thinks he is acting "in good faith". But we ask, faith in whom? In man, not in God!

His personal accountability

As we have said elsewhere, there is no such thing as a vacuum in the spiritual realm (29). When a soul excludes God from her life or from her "solutions" for the world, she (the soul) is enabling dark spiritual influences —thus satan— to exert power over her (30). Even if the soul is unaware of these influences, her responsibility is, in the first place, for neglecting God and, in the most serious cases, for the arrogance of trying to solve the sickness of the world without God. This principle applies for everyone, no matter the position. The real exercise of responsibility for Bergoglio, given his very weak faith, would have been not accepting to be a priest in the first place. Because, in such a sick condition (insufficient faith in God), his career, necessarily, would not be driven by God — so by whom?

Maybe it is easy for you to digest if you imagine Bergoglio/Francis as it were a trade unionist, a Marxist activist (31) or a populist politician (32) who, by chance but not out of true conviction, enters the priesthood taking it as a convenient profession — instead of a true act of faith and a response to an authentic call from God (9). He has a very poor concept of how God acts through the Spiritual Domain to heal the world (29)(33)(34) and, therefore, he relies completely on pure human action (3)  — on mechanisms such as "solidarity", "the power to act together", "our common goals", "good economics and politics", etc. That attitude is very wrong (35) and totally the opposite of what is expected from a true Christian believer. In such a condition, he is not an instrument at God's service, but has become a tool in the hands of others.


Can a religious leader bring Justice and Peace to the World instead of God? It is only God who can bring true Justice to the World! And only when there is true Justice, there will be true Peace.

As Miguel de Portugal said in more graphics words:  (36)

All of the events and plans that claim to be leading mankind to some sort of utopia (37) are purely of human nature without any illumination from the Holy Spirit of God.

When the God "component" is missing
(38), man is incomplete and drops to the bottom of the zoological scale as he has repeatedly proven for over 6,000 years. What other member of the zoological scale (mis) behaves as man has for those years? None!

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Published on September 25th, 2022

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