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January 2020


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January 31st

From Mrs. Randy Engel @ US

The Five Eras of the Abuse Crisis in the Church - By Dr. Jesse Russell

Let Catholic writer Dr. Jesse Russell take you briefly through the intergenerational network of homosexual and pederast cardinals and bishops in AmChurch over the last 100 years beginning with Cardinals Francis Spellman of NY and William O'Connell of Boston. It's certainly worth ten minutes of your time. [Video no longer publicly available; It now requires you to sign in to youtube; Sept. 2021]

It’s a pleasure serving you and Christ,

Randy Engel

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January 28th

From EK @ US

I have just finished your article on co-dependancy. (1)

Would you have any insight into the phenomenon what is called Gender Identity Disorder?

I have a brother who is in his early sixties who has announced to us (by letter) that he suffers from this condition and is going to start taking hormones with an eye towards sex reassignment surgery. He has left his wife and has 2 teen aged children. I know this is wrong on so many levels.

I want to respond in a charitable but truthful way. I will probably be labeled as an archaic and intolerant person. I would appreciate any spiritual insight you could give me on this issue.



You may find most of what we would have to say about this situation in two documents (2) which deal with homosexuality at length.

In addition - we do not believe that God makes mistakes such as slipping a "female" soul in a "male" body.  However, this explanation would be considered archaic by your brother.

Beyond what you will find in the above mentioned documents and the fact that God does not make mistakes, your brother should be gently reminded that he is a role model for his children - regardless of their gender - and what he is about to do could irretrievably harm the souls of his children.

One thing is to discreetly cross dress in an effort to work out "man-made" psychological (3) issues but another is to place his children in the position of introducing their father as: This is my dad, Mrs. Mary Jones.

(1) About Co-Dependency
(2) Regarding homosexuality - Part 1 and Part 2
(3) Psychological Dysfunction is mostly a Spiritual Dysfunction

From Mrs. IW @ US

It was foolish of me to think that some of the updates that you published after my communications to you were subtle corrections to what I had written, since I know that you don't operate by making "under the radar" comments.

I should have realized that I was responding to my own insecurities and imagination, rather than to reality.
Having said that, you can use the letter however you wish or not.
May God Bless you with extra patience for all that I have used up!


You are right..., but you may also be wrong - and it is understandable.

You are right indeed in that we do not operate with "under the radar" subtleties - anyone can ask the Vatican, the White House, the European Union leadership, the United Nations and others for third party confirmations.

However, you may have been wrong in thinking that the communications were not "subtle corrections" directed at you; they may have very well been, but from God - not miguel.

As we often say in all honesty : "miguel only works here".  What is published, when and where - as well as the comments that may accompany the postings are dictated by God. miguel only assumes the responsibility for any error in the manner he may have expressed and/or presented what God intended to be published.

It may sound like "spiritual science fiction" but miguel also receives Spiritual Direction from the postings he is the mechanical instrument in publishing.

In complete and sincere humility we can say that there is much Spiritual Direction in the pages we regularly update and encourage one and all to take advantage of that. The beauty of this system set up by God is that the Direction given to each reader is modulated by the Holy Spirit of God to fit the particular need of each individual reading it.

Think of it as a modified version of the miracle of the fishes and the bread.  The difference is that each "bread and fish" handed out to an individual may be a pizza to some, a hamburger to another, lobster thermidor to a third, a bowl of rice and so on for all is truly possible with  God.

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January 21st

Do you ever wonder... why people choose to deny the undeniable?

Because "Knowledge" is not only "Power" but it is also "Responsibility". Unfortunately for many, "looking the other way" or "hoping that it goes away" will not, we repeat, will not be acceptable by God as a reason for inaction and/or disobedience to the entreats of God, through the Virgin Mary, to come back to the Gospel.

From Mr. CB @ N.Y. - US

Many years ago I had the following dream. Oddly, it occurred the day prior to an appointment I had at the church in the dream - a church whose school I had briefly attended as a child. Here is the dream as I recall it:

I was walking in New York City. Everything was devastated. It looked worse than Dresden or Berlin after W.W.II: block after block strewn with rubble. No buildings left; only mountains of scattered bricks, and the occasional part of a wall.

I had to climb over these vast mounds of rubble, which took great physical effort. I was alone, yet I think I was searching for something, traveling over what seemed to be great distances. No sounds were heard. Then a church I had known in my childhood came into view, after climbing over the crest of a mound of rubble. Somehow it was still standing, largely intact. Yet there was a gaping hole in the wall on the level of the choir loft. I could see the pipe organ therein - perfectly intact.

So I climbed up a hill of rubble to enter the half ruined church via the choir loft. Inexplicably, the power to the organ (supplying the wind) was still connected; I was able to turn it on.
This puzzled me, as everything else was destroyed. I do not recall anything else in the church being intact.

Then I sat down and played the organ, still puzzled that it was unscathed - and that there was power to run it. I played a hymn: "Holy God We Praise Thy Name". Then the dream ended.

You can only imagine my thoughts the next day when I visited the church to examine the pipe organ - which played. I could not shake the memory of the dream from my mind that day.

I do not totally understand it, and had mostly forgotten it... until now. It is like one of the apocalyptic episodes of the Twilight Zone. Yet, as a portent of 'things to come' it is quite clear to me.


Thank you for sharing this very poignant and truly symbolic dream with us. Normally we would not publish dreams on this page except for the important dual message it contains.

(a) The state of the allegedly civilized world once God allows the full brunt of the chastisement upon humanity. Indeed, Berlin and Dresden would have looked just fine by comparison.

(b) Just as He has assured us, His children will Praise His Name under any circumstances and He will see to it that it will be possible in spite of all!

We do not mind sharing with you and all that, every time miguel has read your letter and clearly seen the dual message, the response has been the same: copious tears. Not of sadness nor joy - simply in awe of the goodness of God and the enduring power and fidelity of His Words and Promises.

Do you ever wonder... why the people flock to get close to Francis as well as any Cardinal that may casually wander into unprotected areas of The Vatican, all the while the Tabernacles - whether in The Vatican, the city of Rome or any other city in the world remain almost alone?

Possible Answer No. 1: Precious few really believe in the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus although they "go through the motions" in Mass just to be "seen" and to be "in".

Possible Answer No. 2:  They are like those Moses left in charge of Aaron - Golden Calf adorers.... [Exodus 32: 1-28] which, of course, reverts right back to Possible Answer No. 1 as being the correct one.

If the true Foundation of the Faith was God, we would not see what we see - everywhere! - nor the world would be in the condition it is in today.

satan's roaring laughter could almost be heard if it were not for the roar of the flames and the scream of the souls that fill hell.

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January 19th

From Mr. CB @ US  [Posthumously]

God be with you!

This news item (1) reminds me of a combo of several pseudo-science/occult areas which agencies and contractors of the US government have been allegedly researching for decades. The related topics include: astral projection, remote viewing, and similar - which also have reference to the concept of bi-location and shape-shifting.

That is what came to mind when I read this.......


(1) News Quote

Researchers using closed-circuit televisions to create an illusion have made volunteers virtually swap bodies, even making women believe they were in a man's body and vice-versa.

The experiment, reported in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE on Tuesday, shows it is possible to manipulate the human mind to create the perception of having another body, the Swedish researchers said.

"This effect is so robust that, while experiencing being in another person's body, a participant can face his or her biological body and shake hands with it without breaking the illusion," they wrote.

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January 15th

From Mrs. IW - Retired Charge Nurse from Intensive Care and Geriatrics Depts. @ US health care institutions

I truly believe the Lord wanted for you to forward to us the full blown pdf article about the New Order of Barbarians, and not only the condensed version. I believe He wanted to jolt us by reminding us, through your efforts, of the absolute reality of how far evil is reigning in this day, and who is doing the behind-the-scenes controlling.

I have just read the entire article and am still reeling from the shock of realizing how everything that was revealed by Dr. Day back in 1969, has been rampant for many years.  It also continues to brazenly take place in this day with no end in sight.

What I found to be of particular interest to me personally, concerned what was revealed about the control of medicine.  In my 40+ years of nursing, I witnessed this rapidly-increasing transitioning with great concern. And as much as I tried to alert my colleagues  to what was happening, I could never get them to face that reality.  I was always considered to be over-reacting or a “drama queen’. I, in turn, considered them to be deaf, dumb, blind and in denial (and at times, stupid, too). I finally gave up trying to convince them of these awful realities.

Things are so bad in hospitals that I have been actively praying for a long time now, for the Lord to not allow me to become hospitalized for any reason.  I’m not joking or exaggerating. I KNOW what goes on in that environment! And now that I’ve also become an “old” person (retired age bracket) and have recently been a victim of the lack of individualized care that I deserved and needed, my personal experience has simply confirmed for me what I have long known existed in these so-called medical centers.  Discrimination against providing the elderly population with the care we are entitled to and are in need of, is alive and well, and very rampant, in this day.

Wake up , people!  WAKE UP  to the reality of what is REALLY going on in the world!


Thank you for your crystal clear views - from actual experience - which we hope others will be able to see and indeed wake up and smell the coffee, as the saying goes, before there is no coffee left to smell!

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January 10th

From miguel de Portugal

Roman Catholics are led to believe that Masses are offered in the same manner on a worldwide scale every day. The only variation would be the language and the honoring of a local saint for whom there would be a special Mass.  That is, the official Roman Missal, being in latin, would be translated to the local vernaculars for use world wide.... or so I thought!

I use the Roman Missal (the official Missal) for the daily and Sunday Masses. I have used four different versions: English (US), Portuguese (Portugal not Brazil) and two different Spanish (Spain) official editions, depending on the inspiration of the day. As time went by I realized that there were some striking differences where there should not be.

Some time ago, with the assistance of a collaborator, we checked to see if the differences "felt" were real or imagined. To my confirming astonishment, the only thing that they had in common were the indications (book, chapter and verses) of the daily readings because even the readings used were not accurately translated!

We even checked the Opus Dei (Opus Dei Jaime Socias, editor ) edited official US English version and, at times, not even the translation of the prayers and invocations from latin had much in common with the vernacular

As most of you may know - the term "Catholic" means "Universal". Well, dear brethren, not even the official Roman Missal is Universal!!

Should you be curious about what else we concluded.... The Spanish (Spain) version has the most meaningful and correct prayers and invocations. The US English version has the best organization and format (not surprising from an Opus Dei editor) while the prayers and invocations in it are just dead.

The readings used? We use the New Testament by Straubinger (1) and Old Testament by the Paulists (in Spanish too) since what we found in the official Missals was not always acceptable.

What have these people been doing for the last 1,600 years? Just a rhetorical question. We know well what they have been doing.... everything except what Jesus entrusted them to do!

Note: The above finding does not change in any way our position regarding the Catholic Faith although it confirms our position regarding the Catholic Church Administration.

(1) "El Nuevo Testamento", translated and with commentaries by Mons. Dr. Juan Straubinger, Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Muenster, Germany.

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January 7th

From LP @ US

When I wrote False Dawn (1) I asked the Lucis Trust (2) people whether they endorsed Share International's vision of the imminent appearance of Maitreya. They were diplomatically noncommittal.

So ... the Lucis Trust (Alice Bailey's followers) are not officially on board with Share International's soon-to-appear spook.

Not even the devoted followers of Lucifer can unite....


(1) False Dawn
(2) Lucis Trust

From miguel de Portugal

Who is Maitreya? In a nut shell - Maitreya is claimed to be an individual waited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He is claimed to be the World Teacher for all, religious or not, an educator in the broadest sense. In miguel de Portugal's language: The False Christ or a False Christ stand-in

The reader is invited to review an article (1) - released through his front organization - Share International - which is quite disturbing.

After we have amply shown how the Creation Theory and Evolution Theory come together; actually, depend on each other for their validity (2), now Maitreya, as reflected in the article they have released, has picked up on that and is taking possession of that knowledge given to miguel de Portugal by God.

The timing for us to find out about this situation could not be better since God has revealed to miguel additional information which encompasses even greater - were that possible - details of humanity's history with concrete physical proofs. Information which we were getting ready to publish in our Domains; something that we will not do now. Most likely such information will be dispensed to those in our exclusive Mailing List sometime in the future.

(1) Article in question
(2) Creation Vs. Evolution through miguel de Portugal - Part 1 and Part 2

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January 1st

From Mr. CMS @ US

I watched Video 1 (the Trump girl) and Video 2 (the dragon in ball park) presented to me by you, and recognized them instantly. I am aware of the dangers of such technology and very concerned of it. Things like this are the reason I worry for the future.

Are you familiar with something know as Project Blue Beam (1)? It parallels with much you warn of. It is the "theory" that states that NASA/Government devised a plan with which to instill the fabled "New World Order" via a system that involves:

1. Artificial Earthquakes revealing religious "artifacts"  

2. Massive holographic displays of religious entities and symbolism in the skies, artificially created by a system of satellites. This would be viewed by the people as some major religious event. (2)

3. Mind control. Smart devices such a cell phones would emit brain waves to people making them to believe that their god is speaking to them. This would be enabled by the massive swaths of knowledge on man and its tendencies gathered by the internet. (3)

4. Society would be told that a rapture/alien invasion has taken place, causing people to more readily accept this New World Order.

This will involve the end of physical currencies in exchange for crypto currencies, and a total police state. The terrifying thing about this is that you can see precursors to this event happening now.

My apologies for such a lengthy email, I just thought you'd find this information interesting.

My mind sometimes moves at speeds hard for me to physically keep up with. I'm currently reading your book "The Creation Story" and it has been very enlightening so far, adding onto and solidifying ideas I've already found myself aware of.

I'm not sure why but for one reason or another I've been made aware of much that your average person would view as a crazy. There is so much that I know and am trying to learn, and at my age - 14 years old - that is difficult. Well I suppose it'd be hard for anybody regardless of age.

I suppose that the best thing I can do at this stage is try to find my place within Christ and connect to God.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views with us.

It was expected that the readers recognized the deception in both videos. Our point was to show how perfectly well videos and other transmitted images could be modified and be unrecognized as such, should the deceivers wish to do so. That is why....

We are glad to see that you have very clear what the number one priority is: "Try to find my place within Christ and connect to God."

With that ongoing effort from your part, all else will fall in place and the gifts that God is granting you ("...adding onto and solidifying ideas I've already found myself aware of." and "I've been made aware of much that your average person would view as a crazy") will produce much good fruit.

Yes, we are aware of the items 1-4 you listed above and have covered them before somewhere in our pages over the last 21 years. As a matter of fact, we amply covered item 3 very recently (here and here) . Nonetheless, is good to bring them up again using other and fresher links (1)(2)(3). It is obvious that satan has all options on the table, as the saying goes, since there is more than one group trying to falsify the Second Coming of Christ.

You also state "The terrifying thing about this is that you can see precursors to this event happening now". Actually, there is something that used to gravely concern us even more - the fact that most cannot see that as clear as you do, even being only 14 years old.

It no longer gravely concern us once the reality that Jesus told us sunk in:

"How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!" [Matthew 7:14]

You are certainly on the right track. Hold on to Jesus' Hand tight and He will walk all the way with you.

If we can be of help - let us know.... that is what we are here for - for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. As for the rest.... satan will take care of them.

(1)  Source
(2)  Source
(3)  Source

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