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Teaser Questions

Here are some questions that False Dawn answers — answers that may be of interest whatever your ideology or beliefs.

 1. Concerning the United Religions Initiative (URI):

• Does the interfaith movement support creation of a new world order? (See pp. 42-43)

• Does Bishop Swing, the founder of the URI, see himself as a global bishop? (See p. 44)

• Which corporations, foundations, tycoons, and Theosophists have donated to the URI? (See pp. 58-62, 101)

• Have Wiccans been active in the URI? (See pp. 48-50, 127-128)

• What do Wiccans teach – and do – at their annual West Coast convention? Why does the convention staff feel the need to warn that “nudity is an affirmation, not an invitation”? (See pp. 129-131)

• Bishop Swing joined an invocation of two pagan deities at the end of the URI global summit in 2000. Which gods were these? (See pp. 49-50)

• Who is the convicted multiple rapist that has been publicly affiliated with the URI? Why was he arrested at a URI meeting in Salt Lake City – months before the 9/11 crackdown on Muslim visitors to the US? (See pp. 79-82)

• Have the followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon been active in the URI? (See pp. 124-126)

• When, and how, did Moon get crowned as “humanity’s Savior”? Which U. S. Senators and Representatives were involved in this ceremony at a Senate office building? (See pp. 117-120)

• Has Bishop Swing been a supporter of George W. Bush? (See p. 18)

• When did President George W. Bush state his support for the URI? In what other ways are the URI and the Federal Government associated? Was there similar cooperation during the Clinton Administration? (See pp. 99-101)

• Which URI supporters promote population control? Who said, “all through the middle of the earth, we are drowning in people”? Who said that “the white western world should be acutely interested” in population control? (See pp. 217-220)

• Which Anglican bishops, in the US and overseas, support the URI? (See pp. 140-143)

• What has the Vatican’s position been on the URI? (See pp. 158-160)

• Nevertheless, which Roman Catholic bishops, dioceses, priests, religious orders, and theologians support the URI? (See pp. 160-174)

• How – despite their denials – have URI leaders and allies fostered religious syncretism and the creation of a New Religion? (See pp. 189-203)

2. Concerning the New Age movement:

• Which Theosophists and New Age authors are supporting the URI? (See pp. 131-136)

• Can the URI separate itself from its New Age, occult, and cultic adherents? (See p. 139)

• Which New Age teachers have divided mankind into “god-informed men” and “lower human creatures”? Which ethnic groups failed to make the grade? (See pp. 252-253, 264-265, 296-299)

• What New Age teacher said of the Jews that they are “under the domination of the separative, selfish, lower concrete mind” and that they were, under the law of Karma, responsible for their own persecution? Did this writer continue to say the same after the Holocaust? Has this writer thereby earned the censure that is usually given to anti-Semites? (See pp. 265-269)

• Have New Age teachers praised war as a means of social progress? (See pp. 276-277, 285, 299-300, 342)

• Teilhard de Chardin has been a hero for many progressive and New Age believers. Which country’s invasion by a right-wing dictator did he support? (See pp. 297-298)

• Which New Age teacher wants to be canonized, and to be remembered as “Father of the World”? (See p. 313)

• How have New Age writers and liberal Christians re-worded the Lord’s Prayer? (See pp. 155-156, 163, 317-318)

• Which New Age teacher says “Hitler went to heaven,” and interprets his actions – including the Holocaust – as “mistakes”? (See pp. 330-331)

3. Concerning utopian, reformist globalism:

• Is Mikhail Gorbachev still devoted to socialism? (See pp. 359-360)

• What is Gorbachev’s god? (See p. 361)

• What is the nature of the “New World Order” proposed by globalist politicians and movements? (See pp. 359-360, 363-364, 365-366, 370-372, 381-382, 386-388, 393-394)

• How is Gorbachev responsible for the ongoing risk that smallpox could be used in biological warfare? (See pp. 361-362)

• In Gorbachev’s view, which American leader – Bill Clinton or George W. Bush – has done more to bring about a “new world order”? (See p. 363)

• According to Ted Turner, how many billion excess people are there on earth now? (See p. 373)

• Are the New Age and globalist movements a conspiracy? (See pp. 396-398)

4. Concerning the New World Order:

• Why is the world vulnerable now to destabilization, and to the establishment of a “progressive” New World Order? (See pp. 404-408, 410, 413)

• Why could an extreme-right, “religious” New World Order follow a “progressive” leftist New World Order? (See pp. 413-421, 430-438)

• What should we do to oppose the emerging New World Order(s)? (See pp. 27, 438-439)

The answers to those questions are only the beginning. There’s more, for those who wish to delve deeper.

5. About the United Religions Initiative (URI):

• What are the stated goals of the URI? (See pp. 35-37, 69-73, 449-451)

• How fast is the URI growing? How broad is its support, and how diverse is its membership and leadership? (See pp. 15, 35-36, 43-44, 53-57, 452-454)

• Why is the URI a significant movement, even though it is (as yet) not widely known? (See pp. 6-7)

• In what ways is the URI right in what it proposes, and right in what it condemns? (See pp. 11-12, 404)

• What is the difference between the interfaith movement and the ecumenical movement? (See pp. 10-11)

• When did the interfaith movement begin? What supporters has it had? How did the interfaith movement give birth to the URI? (See pp. 39-42)

• How closely does the URI work with the rest of the interfaith movement now? (See pp. 110-114)

• Have Freemasons been active in the URI? (See p. 48)

• Have Scientologists been active in the URI? (See p. 126)

• What does the Rev. Moon teach, regarding the Constitution, democracy, separation of church and state, homosexuals, Jews and the Holocaust, and defense of chastity? (See pp. 120-121)

• How has the URI’s strategy changed since it was founded? (See pp. 66-68)

• What praiseworthy activities have URI chapters undertaken? (See pp. 73-76)

• How has the URI equivocated with respect to radical Islam, and associated itself with radical Islamic regimes? (See pp. 77-79)

• Has the URI advanced the “gay agenda”? (See pp. 83-84)

• What prominent interfaith scholar and URI supporter favors “entheogens” – better religion through chemistry? How did Bishop Swing respond to inroads into his Diocese by supporters of “entheogens”? (See pp. 84-87)

• What interfaith curriculum does the URI offer for children aged 8-12? (See pp. 87-89)

• What shamanistic ritual from the “deep ecology” movement has been used by a URI chapter? (See pp. 90-91)

• How closely does the URI work with the UN and its agencies? (See pp. 93-99)

• Have any Anglican bishops in communion with Canterbury – other than those now retired – publicly opposed the URI? (See p. 146)

• What is the labyrinth movement, and why is it accurate to call it “New Age”? How is this movement associated with the URI? (See pp. 146-150)

• What pagan deities were invoked during a Eucharist in 1993 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine? (See p. 151)

• What does Matthew Fox, the New Age Episcopal priest in Swing’s diocese, say about the URI? How has Fox influenced George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury? (See pp. 152-154)

• Which real-life character from the Doonesbury comic strip has donated to the URI? (See p. 157)

• Are any mainstream Eastern Orthodox leaders involved in the URI? (See p. 158)

• Why would Christians support the URI? (See p. 174)

• What are the fourteen reasons to oppose the URI? (See pp. 175-234)

• Why should those who are not Christian, or conservative in any way, oppose the URI? (See pp. 8-9)

• What does Bishop Swing say about Christian evangelization? (See pp. 176-179)

• Which prominent Asian religious leader, a URI supporter, condemns religious conversion? (See pp. 180-181)

• How do URI leaders view “fundamentalism”? (See pp. 182-186)

• What are the parallels between present-day religious syncretism and the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire? (See p. 204)

• Why does a Sufi Muslim liken religious syncretism to wife-swapping? (See p. 205)

• Does a new world order call for a new world ethic? What are the problems with the “Global Ethic” that has been circulating since 1993? (See pp. 206-210)

• How has the URI fostered utopianism and millenarianism? Why are these beliefs wrong, from a Christian perspective? (See pp. 211-214)

• How has the URI fostered the idea that any one religion is as good as, or as true as, any other? (See pp. 215-217)

• During his 2003 ecumenical pilgrimage to Europe, Bishop Swing called for “respectful education” about members of other religions. How did Swing’s writings at the time manifest “respect” for Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox? (See pp. 226-227)

• Is support for the URI mandated by the teachings of Vatican II, or the Christian call for unity among believers? (See pp. 229-234)

• If we ignore the URI, will it disappear of its own accord? (See pp. 235-236)

6. About the New Age movement:

• What are the eight sinister teachings of the New Age movement? (See pp. 246-247)

• Who was the founder of the modern New Age movement? (See p. 20)

• Did Helena Blavatsky praise Satan? (See pp. 249-250)

• What are the two parallels between the teachings of Blavatsky and Jack Spong, the best-selling author and gadfly Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Newark? (See p. 251)

• Which ancient religious tradition referred to the Holy Spirit as “a female principle”? (See pp. 251-252)

• Which New Age teachers proposed worldwide population control – at a time when the population was still below 3 billion? (See pp. 252, 263-264, 295)

• What ancient mystical symbol is used by both the Nazis and the Theosophists? (See pp. 253-255 – including the footnotes)

• How was the Theosophical movement in Germany related to the emergence of Nazism? (See pp. 253-254)

• What has been the influence of Blavatsky and the Theosophical movement since 1875? (See pp. 256-258)

• Did Alice Bailey, a follower of Blavatsky, praise the fallen angels? (See pp. 260-261)

• Why did Bailey believe that mankind is now returning to the spiritual situation that last existed before the fall of Atlantis? (See pp. 261-262)

• What are the similarities in the teachings of Alice Bailey and the Rev. Sun Myung Moon on the symbol of the Cross? (See pp. 123-124, 263)

• How did Bailey propose to deal with the Vatican if it did not “leave politics alone”? (See p. 269)

• What are the three tasks that “the Christ” has in setting up the New World Religion proposed by Alice Bailey? (See pp. 270-271)

• What do New Age teachers believe should – or will – happen to “reactionary” opponents? (See pp. 274, 285, 301-302, 312-313, 320-323, 342)

• In what way did Bailey praise Hitler, Stalin, Franco, and Mussolini? (See p. 275)

• What was the response of New Age teachers to the nuclear explosions of 1945? (See pp. 278-279, 300-301, 323-324)

• How have New Age teachers responded to communism, in theory and in practice? (See pp. 279-282, 292-294, 342-346)

• What is the social and political nature of the global regime proposed by New Age authors? (See pp. 274-276, 279-282, 293-294, 308-312, 324, 342-346)

• With the coming of the New Age, what did Bailey expect to happen to human civilization? (See 282-283)

• What did Bailey tell her followers to expect as they progressed on the New Age spiritual path? (See p. 283)

• How are the New Age teachers associated with the URI? (See pp. 131-136, 284-285)

• Which present-day New Age writers claim Teilhard de Chardin as a mentor? (See p. 286)

• Did Teilhard consider himself to be a Theosophist? (See p. 287)

• What is the parallel between the teachings of Teilhard and of Neale Donald Walsch? (See pp. 287-288)

• When and how did Teilhard praise – or make excuses for – the totalitarian movements of the 20th Century? (See pp. 289-294)

• Which New Age and globalist authors have supported euthanasia? (See pp. 294-295, 320, 336, 391)

• Which New Age authors have supported eugenics? Is support for eugenics just a “right-wing” cause? (See pp. 263-264, 295-296)

• Which New Age authors allude to the “plan” of the “spiritual hierarchy” for humanity? (See pp. 281-282, 284-285, 307, 324-326)

• Which New Age authors reinterpret the Fall of man in Eden as an ascent into wisdom and consciousness for humanity? (See pp. 250, 306, 318-319, 332)

• Which New Age authors interpret Christ as a wise “emissary” from outer space? (See pp. 307, 328)

• Which New Age teachers say that humanity is divine? (See pp. 249, 262, 316, 326)

• How do New Age teachers re-interpret the Second Coming of Christ and the end of the age? (See pp. 263, 284, 288, 308, 318, 412)

• What fraction of the human race did Barbara Marx Hubbard say might be destroyed in the coming “selection”? (See pp. 320-321)

• What do New Age teachers propose as the religion of the future? (See pp. 255, 270-274, 287-288, 307-308, 318-319, 339-340)

• What is the spiritual end of the New Age movement? (See pp. 348-351)

• What should be done in response to the New Age movement? (See p. 352)

7. About the globalist movement:

• What does Gorbachev think his political future is? (See pp. 362-364)

• Which billionaire proclaimed himself a “socialist at heart” when visiting China in 1999? (See p. 366)

• What stance do the State of the World Forum and their allies take toward traditional religions? (See pp. 366-369, 389-391, 394-395)

• Who supports the State of the World Forum and similar globalist movements? (See pp. 378-379, 383, 389, 393, 394)

• Which political and business leaders – and UN supporters – favor population control, and even population reduction? (See pp. 220-221, 372-373, 390)

• What religious codes and symbols do the leaders of the Earth Charter movement use to describe their goals? (See pp. 380-381)

• According to Gorbachev’s Green Cross International, would “protection of the Biosphere” under the Earth Charter supersede “individual rights”? (See p. 387)

• Do the leaders of the Earth Charter movement believe that democracy is moving fast enough to implementing the Charter’s vision? (See p. 388)

• How are George H. W. Bush (“41”) and George W. Bush (“43”) supporting the movements for political and religious globalism? (See pp. 13, 18, 24, 25, 99-100, 116, 363-364, 392, 406-408)

8. About the “progressive” New World Order:

• How do the goals and results of Communism presage a similarly gruesome outcome for a New World Order? (See pp. 397-398)

• Does Bishop Swing praise chaos, and link it to a coming “new creation”? (See p. 405)

• What are the three components of the New World Order? (See pp. 406-407)

• What competing interest groups are promoting a New World Order? (See p. 408)

• Which Popes have warned against the development of a New World Order and a “one-world Church”? (See pp. 174, 408, 410-412)

9. About a right-wing New World Order:

• Is the hope among traditionalist Catholics of a future “Great King” and “Holy Pope” well-founded? (See pp. 419-421)

• What are the present-day activities of right-wing sects and cults within the Catholic Church? (See pp. 421-430)

• How could the spiritual mind-set of the sects and cults within the Catholic Church pave the way for a extreme-right global order? (See pp. 431-432)

• What did Nietzsche, the atheistic nihilist, foresee as the socio-political trends of the 20th century? Were these intuitions accurate? What did he expect to occur afterward? (See pp. 432-436)

• How did the Sufi metaphysician, René Guénon, explain the coming lurch from the materialist anti-tradition to the “spiritual” counter-tradition? (See pp. 420-421, 436-438)

10. What should we do – and refrain from doing – about this?

• Why are extreme Zionism and pre-millennial Dispensationalism (the ideology of the Left Behind novels) wrong responses to the threat of the New World Order? (See pp. 440-441)

• Why is anti-Semitism a wrong response to the threat of the New World Order? (See pp. 441-443)

• Why are survivalism and the organization of a “patriot” militia wrong responses to the threat of the New World Order? (See pp. 443-445)

• Why is the establishment of a traditional Catholic confessional state a wrong response to the threat of the New World Order? (See pp. 445-447)

• Why is rhetorical escalation of the “culture war” a wrong response to the threat of the New World Order? (See pp. 447-448)

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