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The Terrible Symbolism of

The Constellation DRACO

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Originally published on Pentecost Day, 2011

INTRODUCTION by The M+G+R Foundation

This document is a complex one, since it deals with Astronomy. We publish it because it is a chilling reminder/confirmation of who the Prince of this World is: the dragon - satan.

Of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ overcame satan, the dragon, by offering Himself as a Supreme Sacrifice, giving us the opportunity (not the right but the opportunity), by joining Him, to have confidence and assurance while in the world: In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world. [John 16:33]; and to have protection: I pray not that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from evil. [John 17:15]

After digesting what the author of the document has graciously prepared for us, our readers will have no further doubt about who controls this World, although this control is subject to the conditions set above, in John 16:33 and John 17:15.

As a reminder: The first step in defeating one's enemy is to acknowledge its reality; then, the second step, which is as important as the first, is to ensure one's positioning for safety: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [Psalm 91]

The Document

I would like to make a few observations related to the constellation Draco (the Dragon) cited on the September 7th, 2010 FYI&R page (1), which I quote below:

One must wonder if.... there is any relation between the - obviously requested by God - Novena to St. Michael the Archangel (see the FYI & R posting for September 6th (1)) and the fact that the constellation Draco the Dragon was highlighted as one of the "Top 10 Summer Sky Objects to See Before Fall"? (2)

While most folks are familiar with the Big and Little Dipper, in the same region of the sky is a long, winding group of stars which portrays the mythological creature of a dragon named Draco, which during late evening hours is riding high above Polaris, the North Star.

Draco is a very ancient star grouping. The earliest Sumerians considered these stars to represent the dragon Tiamat. Later it became one of the creatures that Hercules killed. One of Draco's tasks was to guard the garden of Hesperides and its golden apples that Hercules was supposed to retrieve.

The Dragon's head is the most conspicuous part of Draco.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: We presume that when they say "Top 10 Summer Sky Objects to See Before Fall", "Fall" means Autumn....

The relative position of Draco (3), the Sun and the Zodiac constellations may be seen as a drama in the theater of the sky, representing the position of God in charge of all things and the arrogant attitude of His opponent ("the dragon") wanting to be the center instead of God - and more, wanting to be above God:

Draco Sphere - Image Copyright 2023 The M+G+R Foundation

(a) As seen from the Solar System, the Zodiac constellations form a great circle around the Sun (the circle for which astronomers give the name "ecliptic"). All the other stars are also around the Sun, forming a sphere - without forgetting that the movements of the planets are the more natural if we leave the Sun in the center. The Sun is the true center of the scene. (4)

Draco Wheel - Image Copyright 2023 The M+G+R Foundation

(b) The plane determined by the Zodiac circle cuts the celestial sphere in two halves - two hemispheres. As a convention, we refer to a "north" and a "south" hemisphere. (5) If we project / represent said "north" hemisphere on a plane, what we obtain is a star chart taking the form of a circle. The contour of the circle matches with the Zodiac constellations, while the interior is filled with other stars/constellations and in the center of the circle we find Draco - as if all the stars were "dancing" around Draco. (6)

(c) When considered in a three-dimensional volume, if we take the Zodiac circle as an "equator" of the celestial sphere, then the "north pole" is found to be just in the middle of the constellation Draco. If we follow the usual convention that the "north" is understood as "up", then Draco is on the top of the celestial sphere, just on the top of a vertical line over the Sun. (7)

The symbolic reading may be that the real center (three-dimensional) of the Zodiac constellations (the Creation participated in by mankind) and of all the stars (souls) is the Sun (God). Meanwhile, the apparent center (the result of a plane projection) is Draco (the dragon). Furthermore, whether north is "upper" or not, depends on a human agreement. Whether certain stars that are seen together represent a "dragon" or something else, depends on a human agreement. Which means: humans themselves are the ones who decide in which position they want to place (or see) the dragon.

And there is more when we consider the Circle of Precession...

(d) The Earth's Axis of Rotation is changing smoothly in a movement we know as the Cycle of Precession (26,000 years long approx.), making the North Pole to draw a circle whose center lies... one more time... in the middle of Draco. To put it in other words for clarity: The (North) Circle of Precession is parallel to the Ecliptic Circle. If we draw both in a plane, we may see both as concentric circles - the Ecliptic Circle being the perimeter and the Circle of Precession delimiting a central area. Inside both circles, the central area is Draco. (8)

(e) The astronomers have observed that the Circle of Precession is not really a circle, but seems to be more like an spiral curve... inspiring the thought that the Earth's Axis tends to point, along the ages, more and more towards matching with the center of Draco.


The symbolism may be summarized as follows: While we - Mankind - are spinning and spinning in the belief that we have our own axis (centered in man and not in God), we do not realize that our axis is turning around Draco - the dragon.

Once again the score is: satan (the dragon) 1 ; man (humanity) 0.

He duped the "wise men" of humanity to name the constellation about which our axis turns after himself: "Draco".

(1) For Your Information and Reference Posts For September 2010 (see September 7th)
(2) News Source
(3) Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon.
(4) The Sun is the natural center of the celestial sphere and the center of the Zodiac constellations as well
(5) We are referring here to the ecliptic north and south, not the usual north and south relative to the celestial equator and celestial poles. In technical terms, we are talking about the ecliptic system of coordinates.
(6) Star chart with Draco in the center (Note that the Ecliptic Pole (EP) lays in the middle of Draco, and that the Zodiac constellations are on the external circle).
(7) Please remember that we are referring to the North Ecliptic Pole, not to the North Celestial Pole. The North Ecliptic Pole is the point vertically over the Sun and the North Ecliptic Pole lies in Draco
(8) Draco surrounded by the North Circle of Precession. The dance around Draco (in this image, the number at bottom left is the year and the point labeled 'zenith' is really the North Pole)

Published on Pentecost Day, 2011 • Images added on August 10, 2023

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