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The Demise of the Faith

Its Greatest Contributor Is...

The Administration of the Roman Catholic Church Itself

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." [Luke 23:34]

A very pertinent NOTE has been added to this document on April 15, 2005. It may be found at then end of the document.


The purpose of this document is to help the Faithful to clearly see that, as it has been customary throughout history, every great empire finds its worst enemy - the enemy which will bring it down - within its own ranks. The Roman Catholic Church, a temporal empire which has only been rivaled by the Pharaonic Empires of Egypt, in longevity and power, is not an exception to this rule.

Thus, by understanding this, the children of God should never doubt the Infinite Mercy and Power of God; Divine attributes which only become "inoperative" when man tries to take his own future in his fallen hands, thus rejecting the infinite Wisdom and Power of God- thus, rejecting Eternal Joy.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many (*) shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." [Matthew 24: 4-5]

Please note: Our Lord said "many", NOT "all".


Following is a very typical example on how the Roman Catholic Church Administration is at the head of the list when it comes to identifying the enemies of the Roman Catholic Faith:

We read in the news:

Vatican Cardinal Sees "New Inquisition" - Pressure Groups Impede Church's Voice

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 19, 2004 ( If John Paul II and the Church is little heard today (1), it is partly due to "powerful cultural, economic and political pressure groups," says Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

According to the cardinal, there are today "new holy inquisitions full of money and arrogance" that are motivated "by prejudice" against everything that is Christian.

...for these "new holy inquisitions every method is licit if it serves to silence her voice: from intimidation to public contempt, from cultural discrimination to marginalization," the cardinal added.

"We should not be surprised by cases such as those that have happened in Europe," he said.

We also frequently read in the Catholic and regular press about the very strong movement to raise Queen Isabella of Spain to the altars of the Roman Catholic Church. [Queen Isabella funded Christopher Columbus' voyage to America and openly supported the Inquisition.]

Fr. Hardon, a Jesuit priest much beloved by the orthodox "defenders of the Faith" is one of the stronger promoters of her "sainthood". From Fr. Hardon Archives - we read in the Transcript of Talk on Christopher Columbus - #1

"Isabella was a deeply religious woman. Her strong character joined with an ardent faith has made her the object of violent criticism for her role in the Spanish Inquisition. The Inquisition was not a mistake, but whatever mistakes Isabella made, and she made mistakes, no one could possibly question her strong heroic devotion to Catholic truth."


It appears that it was excusable - "not a mistake" - for Church and State to unite in order to torture, kill and exile thousands of people (muslims and jews alike) throughout the much denied and historically watered down Inquisition ....(2) but if someone criticizes or ridicules the Church and Hierarchy, that is a "new inquisition."

Should we be surprised that most Europeans do not even want to mention Christianity in its Constitution? Should we be surprised that the youth, which has not yet been captured and brainwashed by sects operating within the Catholic Church, with the apparent blessing of H.H. John Paul II, not only reject the Church but mock, as a tragic result, the Pristine Catholic Faith (3)?

Thus, we should not be surprised as to what God will allow to be unleashed upon the Church - "as is" - whose trajectory matches that of Israel - as recounted by the Prophet Ezekiel throughout Chapter 16 of his Book.

Will man ever learn? Yes, we assure you, he will, but only when the "volume of the megaphone" is brought up to an almost ear drum splitting level.

In the meantime, we recommend to His Eminence (?) Renato Cardinal Martino to prayerfully read and meditate upon the life of St. John Bosco who, in the midst of a vitriolic anticlerical Italy, was able to be heard and form the souls and minds of the youth of his country without interference from the anticlerical government and society - which, in many cases actually helped him carry on his work for God (and not Mammon!). May those who have ears, "Hear", and those who have eyes, "See".

Could it be that he was Evangelizing the way that Jesus taught by words and deeds? After all, Jesus never ran afoul with the Roman Empire authorities either.

Kyrie Eleison!

(1) Another lie since H.H. John Paul II and his activities have been the most mediatized in the history of the Papacy. But we know them - they like to "cry wolf" so that the Faithful do not recognize who the true wolves are.
(2) Should we be surprised? After all, José María Escrivá (his before-grandeour real name) has been raised to the altars of the Roman Catholic Church as a symbolic prelude of Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14
(3) Just like so many did throughout the history of Christianity as the result of the abominable example given by the Roman Church representatives - where mammon had become its god.

NOTE Added on April 15, 2005

On April 12th, The National Catholic Reporter interviewed an unnamed European Cardinal regarding his general philosophy about the type of man to be elected in the next Conclave. His answer was:

A new St. Francis would change Europe in a few years,” he said. “We need a church that's transparent, evangelical, close to the gospel. Europeans are actually very open to a ‘pure’ Christ, without power, without riches. A Christ who is a winner will not convert Europe, but a Christ who is a loser has a chance.”

If we were to have a legitimate Successor of Peter, wiser advise could not be had. Europe knows Catholicism very well and also knows that it has precious little to do with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We must remember that Europe lived through the fabled Donation of Constantine plus many other props invented by Rome because they had already lost the true Faith - just as Our Lady of La Salette announced in 1846. The most convincing proof of this is that they had to resort to tricks to "kindle the faith" in the people. The true Faith comes only for God, upon prayerful request, and no amount of trickery will make it spring in a soul.

They resorted to "miraculous" statues of Mary just appearing here and there throughout Europe - there is a whole book, well researched, listing all those "miraculous" statues. As if they were not enough, they produced a few objects of cult to achieve the same result.

From Spain alone - as reported by TIEMPO DE HOY - a Spanish weekly magazine - Issue of 28/03/05, page 81. we have...

In Coria - The tablecloth used in the Last Supper
In Sevilla - The table they used in the Last Supper [incidentally, tables as we know them now were not used then...]
In Valencia - The towel Jesus used to dry the Apostles feet
In Sangüesa - A Holy Shroud, hairs from the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene
In Ovieda - Five thorns of the crown of thorns
In Sevilla - Four thorns of the crown of thorns
In Various Places - FOUR Church approved foreskins (of the existing fourteen!) from Jesus circumcision
In Oviedo - Milk from the Virgin Mary
In Lira - Feathers from the Archangels Michael and Gabriel

What individual, with just a basic education, would believe that the above listed "Relics" are real? This is precisely what H.H. John XXIII and H.H. Paul VI tried to get away from through some of the changes incorporated in the Vatican II Council . They, being truly modern men, but of the true Faith, knew that modern and educated man would see through such trickery and would assume that the True and Pristine Catholic Faith also was mostly a fabrication and just walk away from it.

This is just one an example of why the European's Faith went into a deep freeze state. Therefore, if the man profiled by the above quoted European Cardinal would be elected, Europe's Faith would be rekindled into a strong raging fire. These people have a very strong flicker of Faith in their souls but they do not see any shepherds around that they can believe and trust.

How many times have we heard a European say: "Thank God I am an atheist!" and say it, not in jest, but seriously. What they are really saying is: "I truly believe in God but not on these jokers who are peddling the Faith." (Note: We are toning down their statements for publication by using the word "jokers" in place of the variety of unprintable adjectives that we have really heard.)

Unfortunately, the desire of this European Cardinal will not come to pass. God has given up on "His" Church, thus, before it may be of real service to Him, as it was originally intended, it has to undergo its Passion, Death and, finally, its Glorious Resurrection.


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