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A Defamation Campaign

A Gift From Heaven?


Members, associates and/or collaborators of The M+G+R Foundation have become the object of a ferocious and well financed defamation campaign.

A type of campaign which others, who have exposed the truth and motives well hidden under mantles of false piety, have been the target of.

We have also been advised that there seems to be a relation between the Vatican and such campaign. At least in the name of the organization associated with it. [This possible relationship is being explored by our Legal Department.]

Thus... we must Praise God because such antichristian behavior leads more credence to, and confirms, the truths which we are bringing to light through our Domain.

Our response to such campaign may be found in the following poem which God placed in our hands may years ago through a now long forgotten publication.

We pray for our enemies and persecutors as Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to do, and ask our visitors and supporters to do likewise. At the same time, we wish to remind our enemies of the very wise counsel Gamaliel imparted on the Sanhedrin [Acts of the Apostles 5: 34-39]. It is never too late to make the appropriate amends so long it is before Divine Justice is dispensed.

We take the following poem as from the Mouth of God...


The Lord has given to every man his work. It is his business to do it, and the devil's business to hinder him if he can. So sure as God has given you a work to do, satan will try to hinder you.

He may present other things more promising. He may allure you by worldly prospects, he may assault you with slander, torment you with false accusations, set you to work defending your character, employ pious persons to lie about you, editors to assail you, and excellent men to slander you.

You may have Pilate and Herod, Ananias and Caiaphas all combined against you, and Judas standing by you ready to sell you for thirty pieces of silver; and you may wonder why all those things come upon you.

Can you not see that the whole thing is brought about through the craft of the devil? To draw you off from your work and hinder your obedience to God?

Keep about your work. Do not flinch because the lion roars; do not stop to stone the devil's dogs; do not fool away your time chasing the devil's rabbits. Do your work!

Let liars lie, let sectarians quarrel, let corporations resolve, let editors publish, let the devil do his worst; but see to it that nothing hinders you from fulfilling the work God has given you.

He has not sent you to make money. He has not commanded you to get rich. He has never bidden you to defend your character, He has not set you at work to contradict falsehood which satan and his servants may start to peddle. If you do these things, you will do nothing else; you will be at work for yourself and not for the Lord.

Keep about your work. Let your aim be as steady as a star. Let the world brawl and bubble. You may be assaulted, wronged, insulted, slandered, wounded and rejected; you may be abused by foes, forsaken by friends and despised and rejected of men, but see to it, with steadfast determination, with unfaltering zeal, that you pursue the great purpose of your life and object of your being, until at last you can say: "I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do".

The Seal of St. Michael the Archangel © Copyright 2003 - 2024 by The M+G+R Foundation. All rights reserved. However, you may freely reproduce and distribute this document as long as: (1) Appropriate credit is given as to its source; (2) No changes are made in the text without prior written consent; and (3) No charge is made for it.

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