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How the Holy Word of God

Is Rewritten by Man

The Faithful Should Be Aware of It


We have covered this subject matter from different angles in three prior documents (1)(2)(3) but, this time, we have the "confession" of Henry Wansbrough - the General Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible, dated on November 1984 and presented as the Foreword of the just then released New Jerusalem Bible - to confirm it all.

Summing up his "confession": The Holy Texts are as good as, and dependent on, the latest archeological, social, and linguistic discoveries and their scientific interpretation.


The prior three documents that we have issued on the Holy Texts are:

Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? It Just Depends on the Circumstances - Part I (1) and Part II (2)

The purpose of this two-part sequence of documents is to dismount another technique that is often used to disfigure people's faith - whichever the faith of their choice may be.

We have touched on one facet of this danger in earlier documents; now we will identify the other, and far more dangerous, facet: the technique used by those who, quoting the Holy Scriptures: (a) justify just about any criminal act "in the Name of God"; and (b) "can show" that there are key contradictions in them thus "proving" the inherent "unreliability" of Scriptures.

Why is this so important? Unfortunately men have been erroneously taught to place their faith in either an institution or in a book instead of placing their faith and entire trust in God. The institution and book are the instruments to develop, and help place and strengthen our faith in God; they are not to become the object of our faith. When the faith is not based on God, all the unbelievers have to do is to discredit the "institution" and prove the "book" wrong . Once that is done, the little faith man has will simply vanish away.


The Official Version of the Bible Accepted by the Roman Catholic Church Continues to be Altered (3)

The purpose of this brief document is to show how the original latin text of the Douay-Rheims Bible - the Official Version of the Bible Accepted by the Roman Catholic Church - continues to be changed.


Now, for the Grand Finale....

The original "confession" of Henry Wansbrough, the General Editor of the New Jerusalem Bible in PDF Format.

(1) Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? - Part I
(2) Biblical Literalism or Symbolism? - Part II
(3) The Evolution of the Original Latin Text of the Douay-Rheims Bible

Published on March 9th, 2019

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