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A reminder of the reality of the Opus Dei Sect

Excerpts from Maria del Carmen Tapia's book

From miguel de Portugal

As we approach the manifestation of the False Christ - the ultimate goal on the Opus Dei agenda - we wish to remind our readers of the reality of said sect - the real smoke of satan which entered the Roman Catholic Church. To our document, quoting the first chapter of the book written by Maria del Carmen Tapia, former Head of the Women's Branch of Opus Dei, we have added another telling excerpt. It follows below.

Warning: The text that you will read below is verbally violent.

Excerpts from from Maria del Carmen Tapia’s book,

Beyond the Threshold, A Life in Opus Dei

Continuum Publishing Co., 1999, pp.269-77

PLEASE NOTE: The formatting and the highlighting utilizing Italics Print, and CAPITAL LETTERS was done to call to the attention of the reader to Opus Dei traits about which we have been writing for some years now.


[Carmen speaking] Toward the middle of May of that year, the earth seemed to shake beneath my feet. I was summoned on the run, as always, to the sessions chamber of the central advisory. Monsignor Escrivá was seated at the head of the table, with Father Francisco Vives and Father Javier Echevarría on his left, Don Alvaro del Portillo was absent. At Father’s right were the central directress, Mercedes Morado, and Marlies Kucking, in her new capacity as secretary of the central advisory. I was told to sit between Mercedes Morado and Marlies Kucking.

Shouting, puffing and beside himself, Monsignor Escrivá said, “Look, Carmen, this has to end. You are not going to laugh up your sleeve at us.”

Complaining that she had opened up a post office box to receive mail from the outside, Escrivá said:

“What is this, you great hypocrite, you deceiver, wicked woman? And that procuress, Gladys, that sow, let her come in!”

Speaking to Gladys, Escrivá screamed, “Do you take letters to the post office for her, for this wicked woman? Do you comprehend the gravity of what you have done…Answer, ANSWER.”

…Gladys said, “Yes, Father.”

Monsignor Escrivá breathed deeply before going on. [Addressing to Gladys] “You will no longer work for the central advisory. You will not set foot upstairs on the advisory office floor. Let them find you some other job in the house. And now, go to your room and don’t leave it for any reason? Do you hear? For any reason!”

When Gladys left the sessions chamber, Monsignor Escrivá told the central directress and Marlies Kucking, in the presence of the priests already mentioned, “After this, take that one,” —he said, referring to Gladys,— “lift up her skirt, take down her panties, and whack her on the behind until she talks. MAKE HER TALK.”

Addressing me, Monsignor Escrivá shouted, “I give you the second admonition, hypocrite. You write me a letter on my saint’s day, telling me you want to begin again, and this is what you do to me! Tell these people everything, everything. You’re a bad piece of work. I warn you that I’m waiting for some affidavits from Venezuela, and you will find out what’s trouble. You’re a wicked woman, sleazy, scum. That’s what you are!”


…He (Escrivá) went on: “And don’t return to Venezuela! Don’t even think of writing to anybody there. Because if you even think of going to Venezuela, I will assume the responsibility of telling the Cardinal what you are. And it would dishonor you!” Pacing the room, he continued, shouting at me: “I was thinking all night about whether to tell you this or not, but I believe it is better that I should tell you.” Looking directly at me with a dreadful rage, moving his arms toward me as if he was going to hit me, he added at the top of his voice,…

…“You are a wicked woman. A lost woman! Mary Magdalene was a sinner, but you? You are a seductress with your immorality and indecency! You are a seductress. I know everything. EVERYTHING! EVEN ABOUT THE VENEZUELAN NEGRO! YOU ARE ABOMINABLE. YOU HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR BLACKS. First one and then the other! LEAVE MY PRIESTS ALONE! DO YOU HEAR? LEAVE THEM ALONE! You’re wicked, Wicked! Indecent! Come on, look at the business of the Negro! And don’t ask me for my blessing because I don’t intend to give it to you!”

…he turned around to shout a final insult. “Hear me well! WHORE, SOW…” While Monsignor Escrivá shouted his insults, I had only two thoughts: One, that Christ remained silent in the face of accusations; the other, that God had liberated me…

[End of the excerpts]

Note from The M+G+R Foundation: Are these the words of a "saint?" A "saint" adored by power seekers in the U.S. and worldwide? The world should consider itself amply warned about them and remember...

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. [Luke 12:48]

© Copyright FOR THE EXCERPTS 1997 Maria del Carmen Tapia All rights reserved. ISBN: 0-8264-0937-7

This article was posted in For Your Information and Reference on March 30th, 2017

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